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    My boy William is on his way out. 18 years old he’s been my buddy for 17 of them, and it’s hitting to see the boy coming to his end. He’s had about 4 trips to the vets over the last 2 years that we’ve thought could’ve been his last but he’s come back strong from all of them. Friday we made the trip pretty sure it would be his last, but he’s still just about with us. The vet was surprised to see he had a temperature that could mean a virus underlying it all, so he’s got the weekend to see if the antibiotic shot does the trick. he’s not in pain or suffering, so he deserves this chance. First photo was over a decade ago, the second was just last Monday. What a boy.
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    The roses are just about to start properly kicking in. C'mon fellas.
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    Alisson when sees a new South American at the club
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    Sympathy for the Devil’s Club.
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    This might be one transfer window they don't win. I fear for them, I really do.
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    Liam Gallagher last Friday at Knebworth. Paolo Nutini and Kasabian support. I’m not gonna lie and I know most on here hate Oasis etc but it was one of the best days of my life. Up there with the Stone Roses at Heaton Park. Better actually. I needed it, I listened to Knebworth in 96 on the radio in my bedroom. 11 sunshiiiiiiiines out of 5
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    Simple Simon was a much better keeper than Karius. Karius used to put his own goal kicks out for corners.
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    Daily mail going full propaganda against the unions. Why do so many people hate workers coming together and fighting for better pay and conditions. Every luxury, comfort and right we have today was fought for by someone. The fucking conservative party and the aristocracy never gave shit freely in their fantasies we'd all still be serfs and only they would vote amongst each other what's best for themselves.
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    Upside in side out, Liverpool’s Darwin Nunez
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    It has not been mentioned much but certainly it had to affect the team and its performance. The place should have been absolutely bouncing full of reds - imagine the mindset of the players coming out to warm up, then finding out what was going on. Fucked by the French and Madrid - doesn't get any worse.
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    I saw one episode of this at a mates, and similarly one episode of made in Chelsea. I don't get how people can enjoy it. It's like people eating dog shit and going "what? it's just a bit of fun, don't take it so seriously". Live and let live of course, but if you enjoy this I categorically think you're a gimp and won't invite you round to mine for fish fingers and asda smart price potato waffles.
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    The Boo Radleys stole their biggest hit from an Evertonian's daily schedule. 1. Wake up 2. Boo
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    City players need to understand... few people respect them and their sportwashing exercise. Be glad a corrupt league allows you to keep your honours. Stolen valour fucks.
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    I remember years ago putting my mates number up on Portsmouth Gumtree saying 'she's' down for the weekend if anyone wants to hook up etc etc By 2pm on the Friday he'd been sent dick pics, had about 100 missed calls. It was amazing watching it unfold from across the office.
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    I'm utterly heart broken today. My best buddy Furnando died in my arms after a heart attack. He had been under the weather of late, but wasn't expecting that. It's devastating. He was such a big part of my life the last six years since we brought him to Vancouver from Mexico. Slept with my every day, on my lap every day, napped with me every day. Such a beautiful, gentle cat. Now he's gone. Absolute shit.