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    Universal health care has to remain exactly that, universal. No matter how much of a moron someone is.
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    We had this backing singer in our band who was a model as well. One night in my local she thought it would be funny to pretend we were going out so we we walked in arm in arm & spent an hour or so talking and looking like a couple. Everybody was going "How the fuck have you pulled this off, Mook?", it was funny as fuck. Not as funny a couple of days later when my bird heard about it though & I got the frying pan treatment.
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    10 years ago I created this thread and my head is still shaking, Shaking so much it fell off.
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    We absolutely didn't do enough. I know there's loads of revisionism on here with all the pro-fsg fellas changing their tune as the reality of another summer let down hit home, but I don't remember 1 poster on here not agreeing we needed at least 3 players this summer (centre back, midfielder and forward) when last season finished. Many were saying more was required - I certainly had a view 3+ like for like going out of the squad except for Gini as I'd counted his cover in the 3. We all know we do the absolute bare minimum every window.
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    And we have regressed from our 2018/19, 2019/20 peak when we were an absolute machine. Its natural to do so and it isn't a criticism, sides all have peaks and this teams peak was fucking high...very high, but the big question for me is did we do enough to consolidate and strengthen even more from that peak....? For me the answer is no and that is why we are just that bit short now.
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    @Creator Supreme the bit to always hold on to, no matter how bad you feel, is that it's just temporary. It's medically impossible for your mind to keep feeling this way and it will recover, anxiety especially is a temporary state that we perpetuate ourselves with rumination, when animals get it it lasts about 45 minutes! But there are things we can do to recover faster, such as talking to someone and medication. The thing that always starts me down the road to recovery is admitting to myself that I've got those feelings. When you try to ignore them or soldier on, they stick around or get more intense. Don't forget, your brain isn't doing this to be cruel, it thinks it's helping you, so the more you ignore it the louder it will shout. It's perceived, either consciously or subconsciously, situations which are causing you distress and it's trying to help you notice them so you can take measures to reduce that stress. I have to just admit those feelings are there, at my side, for now. I can't fight these feelings with brute force, I have to invite them in for a brew, then eventually they realise they're no longer needed and leave politely. The second part of that recovery is accepting that it's not my fault. I don't deserve to feel bad, I can't help it, and it's just one of those things but it won't last. I recognise the cycle you're going through. It's hard when the source of stress is both inside and outside the house. This is compounded by the fact that you'll feel guilty when you've shouted or something. But you have to forgive yourself. You've no more control over getting it than you do over getting the flu. I would definitely talk to your GP but also contact talk liverpool and refer yourself to their advice services. https://www.talkliverpool.nhs.uk/ I think medication should be seriously considered too, when you're in the 'shock' phase of anxiety it's hard to concentrate on talking therapy, you need some form of stress reduction, either environmental - say going out on your bike or for walks, or medication, or both. Hang in there son, things will get better.
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    League winning season aside, this is the best start we've ever made to a season since 1990 - coincidentally the last time we won the league. If you take into account a cup semi final and a perfect CL record, it's probably one of the best starts we've EVER made. People really need to get a grip.
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    He wasn't bothered about a Leicester player being a foot inside the box when Mo took the pen either. Fiona does most of her talking on twitter! He was pretty hot until the last month or so. He looked like he was back to being himself again until the goals dried up recently. His performances have been quite good though overall, but it's skewed by him missing chances when we need him to bury them.
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    I have her in 2021 Deathpool, sometime today would be preferable, GMT if possible to avoid confusion.
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    Netflix - frustrating as fuck and their original content is consistently shite (give or take the very odd thing). The kids watch it a lot though. Prime - bit like the above but less annoying because we have it for the free delivery and so it’s just an added bonus. Apple - limited offering but all original and some of it is good. We have this as part of a package with other Apple services so again, it feels like a bonus. Disney - easily the best original content. We all love Star Wars & the MCU here so it’s a no brainer.
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    If that fucking super league hadn't had a rule where the original 12 were guaranteed entry, it would've fucked City and the other state and gangster backed clubs from pouring in their ill gotten wealth. It would've been a gross,but level playing field. As it stands,they operate with immunity from any consequence of their spending.
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    Do you mean Newcastle, any given Saturday night in 2021 ?
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    It’s been a shit year so might as well go out on a low
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    Download Vanced app. It's a hooky of version of YouTube Premium, it keeps all your bookmarks and channels which you follow but no adverts. Been using it for months and it's an absolute godsend.
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    We’re talking about two completely different leagues, fully agree on that. The PL is at a far higher level now than the Bundesliga, and also probably more physical. I haven’t seen that much of Bellingham, but he seems to be both strong, mobile and able to stand his ground in challenges. He played regularly for Birmingham at a very young age, which also should mean he’s capable of handling the physical side. I have no idea if PSG/the club are able and willing to pay what is required to get him, but if, and there’s definately an if there, he’s a priority target I suspect they could be. Edit: What I was trying to say is I reckon it boils down to whether they see him as a priority target or not. A transformational player if you like, as stated by 3Stacks above. If they do they may well pay what it takes. And I think he could be that kind of a player, but I definately dont know enough of him to be sure. For example I have no idea what so ever about his character and mental strength. Klopp emphasizes character and personality highly, so that will clearly be part of the assessment.
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    I’ve seen homeless orphans less miserable than that Holocaust on your plate. The tsunami of cunt beans bring back memories of 2004 but far far worse. I hope your 2022 is as shit as your breakfast.
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    Agreed. And the only reason they got away without punishment was because they successfully hid the evidence until the limitation period on the offence had expired.
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    Yeah, the overreaction yesterday was embarrasing. Problem is, we know how good our team is, and how good City are. Many of us are desperately wanting that 20th title now that our duck has been broken. We know that to get over the line we can't compare ourselves with title winning teams of 10 or 20 years ago. It just makes watching a league campaign a bit of a slog. Only in the games against City and West Ham have I not been sure we were going to win before the game started. Many are probably the same. We've gotten so spoilt with the results over the last few years that not winning is now a disaster, and we go into games not only expecting to score the first goal, but steamroller the opponents the first 25-30 mins. When that doesn't happen, we get impatient (maybe even the players do, I don't know), as we know there's no margin for error. Add in the inevitable time-wasting from 95 pct of the teams we face, and referees not bothering to do anything about it, watching us isn't nearly as fun as it should be with the kind of football we are producing week in, week out. As others, I blame the PL and Sky more than anyone else for this, as where there's money there's always going to be crooks like the Saudi's and City's owners. You can just look at the level of hypocrisy around the Super League to show you just how corrupt and money-driven the entire sport is. Unfortunately as long as football keeps rolling, and at least as long as Pep is there (he's a great coach, no matter how stacked the deck is in his favour), we're facing an uphill battle. They have a way of playing that just drains confidence from the other teams. I still think our best chance is in the CL rather than the league this year, as on our day (and with the Anfield factor) I think we're even better suited to that comptetition (plus we're not getting shafted by Riley's bunch every week). I have not given up on the league yet, though, as I believe we can go on a winning run ourselves. We need to improve on our finishing, and getting the first goal on Sunday is absolutely key. Losing there would drain quite a bit of my optimism.
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    The black pudding was comfortably the best but and it comes on triangle shape, though I’m unsure why she then cut that into further smaller triangles. this is the bad boy I got from the butchers xmas Eve.
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    These cunts have the gall to beg people to pay for this at the end of every article. "Oh hi there, could you spare £6 a month so 23 year old Poppy can continue writing articles about how farting in the bath is helping to balance her chakras?"