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  1. They definitely rivalled The Beatles in the mid 60s before falling away a bit after Good Vibrations. I think whether they rival The Beatles in terms of general influence is debatable, but probably not. They certainly have a huge influence though, I mean you're a Queen fan if I remember correctly & their harmony stuff is a direct descendant of The Beach Boys vocal parts.
  2. They were a massive influence on... Miles Davis Jimi Hendrix Funkadelic Prince Motown Santana Stax A lot of late 60s rock Pretty much anything associated with funk They were also well ahead of the curve in terms of equal opportunities, not many bands in the mid 60s had white, black, men & women playing. Sly & The Family Stone completely broke the mould in many ways.
  3. This place is a complete fucking pisstake. CCR are sound if you're a fucking hillbilly or something. Sly & The Family Stone changed music forever in a very, very good way.
  4. Never cheesy in a million years that, one of my favourite McCartney songs.
  5. Bearing in mind that Barbara Ann is a Regents song.
  6. Ladies & Gentlemen, some 'cheesy shite'...
  7. He was for a while until he had him kicked out his house & threatened to boot fuck out of him.
  8. Couldn't find a dedicated Led Zeppelin thread so apologies if there is one. Just seen Jimmy Page's photographic biography is £26 on Amazon, the original edition was about £150 I think so might invest in this, the reviews are great... http://www.amazon.co.uk/Jimmy-Page/dp/1905662327/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1413560873&sr=1-1&keywords=jimmy+page Also the deluxe editions of Led Zeppelin IV & Houses of the Holy are out on Monday 27th October, complete with outtakes & alternate mixes.
  9. *rams entire CCR back catalogue up arse
  10. Those greatest album polls are a load of bollocks. I absolutely adore Pet Sounds so I'm certainly not going to debate how good it is, I just prefer some of their later LPs & listen to them more. I fucking hate music purists btw, they kill any sort of progression.
  11. The Beach Boys made better albums than Pet Sounds. Beach Boys all the way for me, from their early surf stuff right up to 1973 they were making amazing music that was often in a genre all of its own. CCR were ok, I'll probably get slated for this but I think they're a bit overrated on this forum. My ex used to listen to them non-stop which probably put me off them a bit to be fair.
  12. Mook

    Led Zeppelin Thread

    40 years ago, Led Zeppelin ceased to exist.
  13. I was born in 1979 & generally speaking, only really listen to music made pre-1976.
  14. Fuck me, I could listen to Sweetheart of The Rodeo in the time it takes for that cunt to slaver on. For anyone interested, The Byrds wrote Eight Miles High after some heavy rotation of this...
  15. How are you compiling your data for this Stig?
  16. Poundland stadium rock for people who can't hear.
  17. Mook

    What Country Would You Move To?

    I'd move to Montana & become a dental floss tycoon.
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    Superb, had a wee chuckle at that.
  19. Very true, two blokes & a load of star guests by that point.