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    New series is on BBC2 on Sunday night apparently.
  2. Mook

    Nike deal

    The players will certainly justify their ludicrous wages next season because you would have to pay me £100k a week to wear that bollocks in public.
  3. Mook

    Three times where LFC won against all odds

    People like TLW Content make me fucking sick.
  4. Actually, if you took all his money & spread it around the World, that would around $28 for each human & that's a fair bit of cash for someone with fuck all. You could split it between the poorest 10% and it would go a lot further. Daft hypothetical nonsense but still pretty fucking mental.
  5. Not sure if this is correct but interesting...
  6. I don't think they did either, it simply happens to be a very convenient result of their rioting & sets a dangerous precedent.
  7. It's not their business now though, they've brought Liverpool into it. There is absolutely no way this game should be rescheduled. We should be given the three points to show that supporters can't just get games postponed whenever they feel like it. There's no conflict about this in my mind, Man Utd are cunts & I hope the Glazers put them out of business.
  8. We could always just invade the stadium, slash a copper's face & get it postponed again.
  9. Mook

    Man Utd Fans

  10. They're called bairns on this side of the country.
  11. No need to apologise, a dart in the face will be sufficient.
  12. Mook

    Lads' holidays

    I knew my days of going to nightclubs were over the night I was dancing about like a fanny & bumped into my mate's Son. I've had good nights in the nightclubs but have always been a pub person.
  13. She sold a buggy on Facebook, gave me the money & I transferred it into her account because I go to the shop more so easier for me to get rid of it. Nothing very exciting unfortunately. Edit - I should've made something up.
  14. Aye, it does seem pointless when they're still taking cash. I've not used cash for over a year tbh apart from £50 my missus gave me the other week.
  15. Will the taxi not take a card payment?
  16. Mook

    Record player/Vinyl

    *considers smashing one off
  17. Mook

    Lads' holidays

    That blonde in the Eric Prydz video told Blobbie Williams to get fucked & I will always love her for that* *amongst other things
  18. Mook

    Record player/Vinyl

    The comparison with Season & Series doesn't stand up because that's an Americanism. Calling a record or an album a vinyl is just wrong.
  19. Mook

    Record player/Vinyl

    Aye but you don't get 50% off every vinyl. You get 50% off every record. They are called records, not vinyls. The websites listing them under 'vinyl' is fine. But referring to a record as 'a vinyl' is not.