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  1. The way we're playing, I wouldn't be celebrating that just yet.
  2. Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.
  3. Pairs I've bought this decade... Training '76 Spezials Blue Overdubs Navy Overdubs Navy Super Sambas White/Black Kicks
  4. I like the navy/light blue & the tan Bermudas & a couple of pairs of the Samba OG. I can't afford any though so it's just window shopping.
  5. There's a few pairs I like at the moment but they're not one of them Still not as bad as the pig's arse they've made of the Scotland strip for the Euros.
  6. Not at all, Nunez has been absolutely brutal the last few weeks & needs to sort his finishing out. I've said as much on here several times in the last few days. I don't need xG stats to see that though, I just watch the game.
  7. I'm not a stat person at all but you can certainly take objective things like goals, set pieces & possession quite seriously. This new & subjective stuff does not interest me in the slightest.
  8. My point had nothing to do with Nunez. What constitutes a 'big chance' is subjective, regardless of who is playing or whether they score.
  9. Who decides what a 'big chance' is? My money is on some complete & utter bellend.
  10. I said that about 6 posts ago ya bastard* *intended in good humour
  11. There was nobody at the back though. Van Dijk could have easily come across and helped out IMO. He was only about 6yds away from the Palace boy who was standing on his own.
  12. So their striker is standing in yards of space in the box when the cut back was made, both our centre backs are standing about like spare pricks at a whore's wedding & it's nothing to do with one of them? I'm not having that.
  13. I think the whole defence haa gone to shit since the international break & he's the one who holds things together. I thought he was poor at Old Trafford, really poor on Thursday night & was (partly) at fault for Palace's goal. I think he looks very shaky at the moment unfortunately. Clearly he's not alone by any means & I agree, he's probably our 0player of the season regardless.
  14. We'll have to agree to disagree on that.
  15. Why did he let it take hold in early 2021, when the likes of Burnley & Everton were beating us at home during a wretched spell?
  16. We were the better side in the two league games. We didn't need anyone to take anything personally, we just needed someone to stick the ball in the net. We are now at the potential crisis stage though & need players to stand up although we had one or two full blown crisis when Mane was playing for us so I'm not absolutely certain he would have solved it on his own.
  17. Mane used to miss fucking loads of sitters. If we're pining for forner players, Rush or Fowler would have been a better bet.
  18. No but I do expect people to mention his massive drop in form on a Liverpool forum when results go tits up.
  19. This. He's been absolutely shite the last 2/3 weeks & is being called out alongside pretty much every other player. Up until that point, he was imperious.
  20. If we were coming back to Anfield 3-0 down to them, I wouldn't bet against it but I think this tie is done. I think they'll beat us by a goal or two over there. I don't actually see where any sort of win is coming from at the moment, all very depressing given where we were two weeks back...
  21. Mook

    The 97

    Always a dark day in the year & certainly puts the Football into perspective.
  22. I've only listened to the two singles and the Jonathan Ross/Jimmy Fallon telly performances. Fuck listening to a whole LP of him singing.
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