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  1. Mook

    Neil Young

  2. Agree with the first parts there but there is some amazing avant garde jazz out there too. This was certainly considered avant garde when it was released...
  3. I'm 42 & would rather have a cup of tea these days if that helps.
  4. I think that's probably fair although they never made an album that could touch Forever Changes.
  5. Miles Davies sounds like someone in middle management who likes to give the impression that he's the life & soul of the party but in reality, he still lives with his Mum & has acute foot odour issues.
  6. I'm not overly familiar with them but Liege & Lief is a very good album.
  7. Mook

    Portland Bill Acoustic

    Heavy Davy Graham/Bert Jansch influence going on in that theme tune.
  8. Nah, I'm Scottish & voted The La's. That album is ridiculously good & one of the very few I still play from that era.
  9. I would've put my mortgage on the album with Wayne Shorter, Steve Gadd & Bernard Purdie going out without a whimper in the first round and the LP that your Mum listens to in her car on the way to knitting class strolling through.
  10. Easy choice here for me, Love & The La's.
  11. The songs were/are played non-stop on the radio too, which always helps sell records. Does absolutely nothing for me I have to say.
  12. Deja Vu all the way here for me. Don't care for the other albums at all.
  13. Mook


    I can't rep that enough. Bravo.
  14. Mook

    Worst stand-up comedian ever

    'People 100 years ago were racist bastards shocker.' I wouldn't consider myself a Marxist or a Communist, nowhere near it. What I am concerned with though is what's going on in this country at the moment & it's not fucking great.
  15. Mook

    Worst stand-up comedian ever

    What I am talking about is people living & dying in poverty in this country at this very moment due to government policies. The figures are certainly up for debate but the fact that it is happening is not. What you are doing is blaming a political philosophy for the deaths of 100 million people through the last century or so. If you're so sure of yourself, why don't you show us all exactly where in Marx's writings he advocated tens of millions of deaths?
  16. Mook

    Worst stand-up comedian ever

    Much like being associated with the tories in light of the tens of thousands of people they have killed through their austerity program over the last decade then
  17. Mook

    Frank Zappa

  18. Mook

    Worst stand-up comedian ever

    He's another one who wasn't funny. He got up on stage & told a load of home truths. Quite why he's even classed as a comedian is beyond me, I like what he's saying but it's not funny.
  19. Voted Marvin & Cream although Disreali Gears is my least favourite album of theirs. What's Going On should be a contender to win the whole thing so will probably go out to Pulp here.
  20. Let's not mince our words here, Dire Straits are cheesy, MOR shite for people who watch Top Gear, wear quilted jackets & can often be found staring into the middle distance whilst soiling their chinos.
  21. Stones all the way here. Dylan gets my second vote because REM & Dire Straits are crap.