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    I totally respect the views of anyone who wants England to lose but while not mad, passionate about it I want them to win it. My view on it is that while there are plenty of cunts in this country there's also plenty in every team's fanbase including ours and the national sides from elsewhere. I hate the government, the media, the empire and the war references and I'm a republican so won't sing God Save The Queen but I've travelled about enough to know most people are decent and won't spend their days singing about German bombers or looking down their nose at others. I've also spent time abroad which focuses my mind on it a little too. I'm from England and while not exactly full of pride in that I also have more staked here than any other place.
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    "No, that's German for 'The The Nicky Nicky The'"
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    It's also been a place for people to call each other cunts, I just don't see the point in complaining about the content when contributing to it. Its up to anybody if they want to carry on an arguement or not bother with it.
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    Its what a transfer thread is and always has been. If you don't like it don't contribute if it annoys you then avoid the thread until a transfer is made and there's something new to draw you in. While nothing happens this is a traditional transfer thread. There's plenty of threads on the GF I don't like or don't interest me so I don't use them I won't contribute in them just to say I don't like this shit. A lot of threads especially match threads are just venting spaces, better you bitch on here with like minded people than annoy people who you genuinely care about. I like the knee jerk nature of TLW far better than the North Korean state of Rawk.
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    1) Again, not particularly adult fashion to say "they started it, miss" 2) I agree, but you're telling people that they shouldn't think the way they do. I have the most sympathy for the paragraph but here's the thing; a lot of people use forums just to let off steam and let out frustrations, because the alternative is walking through town in our slippers issuing a sandwich board fatwa against FSG. I hate to break it to you, but people aren't going to change just because you challenge them, just like you won't change on the back of this post, nor i because of any reply you may write. It's no coincidence that our money is going into things like bricks and mortar that will give them the biggest returns, and even supporters of FSG must notice the patterns of every January window, when we're told we're saving up for a big one in the summer, then we're told in summers that we're skint, as they announce 5 new sponsorships. Obviously some of that is purposefully hyperbolic, but these frustrations exist. It's been a long way back to the top and to watch us potentially squander this golden opportunity is heartbreaking No other team in Europe that can claim on it's day, to be the best in Europe, is working with the same constraints as us, and we're only where we are because of Jurgen. It shows this is built on a house of sand as we run our own players into the ground and ages where their sell on values won't fund a new team and then what happens? We're not signing the best young players in Europe to keep this approach going, we're taking gambles and punts, so no doubt some will mature into good or potential great players for the club, but most won't. Then we leak our transfer domination all over the press - Thiago only cost an initial down payment of 5 million. Jota was £4m (but we're still skint) This year, new contracts and stadium capacity will be used to shut the fans up. David Moores' ownership getting a loan for the stadium back in 05-06 would have us in exactly the same place we are now. FSG were never saviours, but I never expected our fans to be so on board with them focussing on their profits over our team.
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    1) Couldn't you include yourself in that? 2) Be the change you want to see. Pretty sure it's not particularly adult fashion to use your full post quota to just tell people what you think they should post. 3) As above.
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    Can’t beat going down a Maradona YouTube rabbit hole.
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    Finished a full rewatch I’ve been doing on and off for the last few months today. It’s still brilliant.
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    Many years ago I had the displeasure of working in Slough. There was a big fat woman who managed the building. We'd had visitors in to the office, and as a result there was a lot of fancy food left over from a working meeting and she had placed it in the kitchen. She said something like 'first come first served' in her email. I sent a sniggering reply to a few mates saying something like 'there'll be fuck all left once that heffalump has battered her way through it all". Unfortunately I replied to the whole company, including her, her husband who worked there, the MD, everyone. I was dragged into the MDs office, who sat there with his head in his hands saying "Why? Why did you do that?" I was told in no uncertain terms to apologise and to buy her some flowers. She made a great play of slamming the flowers into the bin. I'm cringing while typing this, and it was 15 years ago.
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    1) One mans pointless or needless, is another mans getting shit off their chests, and we're all responsible for what we do, not what others do. 2) Maybe mockery isn't really the way to get people on board if there is a genuine desire to get people to see things from a different perspective? From a personal PoV, there are definitely patterns in our transfer windows that we see repeated, and this one is definitely following the pattern. However, i do think we'll sign a Gini replacement, and I think we're looking at a back up for Bobby, when we should be looking at a replacement, but with a budget of £15p and some belly button fluff, it's not even possible. We don't get midfielders forward, so having a forward going backwards is a killer at times. We don't get round the back, and our forwards can be isolated. We need a ball carrier to break lines and commit defenders, because we're increasingly happy to just play in front of a teams defence and hope our 1 or 2 guaranteed good chances per game are put away. Even back up players are out of our price range. We struck gold with the crop we have at the moment, but relying on panhandling every window isn't a way to maintain a position at the top. Even united, by virtue of signing good players are getting better and better, and I wouldn't be entirely surprised by the end of the window, to see them cement 2nd place over us. When the local paper is all about FSG over the football club, then that also is an initiator of this kind of grievance, because absolutely no one is holding their feet to the fire. They throw out an apology every time they fuck up, and call it quits, and we all go back to "well, we can't compete." So if FSG won't help us when they can easily afford to, should it be up to the same fans that hold up the man that said "directors are there to sign the cheques" as a god, to just go "well that's that then, lads". Maybe you think there's no point, and that FSG are good owners, but lets see how people feel once this team has been fully run into the ground without replacements, and acting smugly as though we know we're great no longer seems accurate. The campaigns against G&H started in places like this.
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    there is a small section of posters on this forum who want no debate, they just want positive vibes all the time and if you don't bring them, they moan and cry about it. this thread should be about different views on here. we should be able to debate if the club is spending enough. if the club is shifting enough or too much deadwood. if the players we're linked with are right for us. if the players going could still offer some value. there will be people on both sides of that debate and it is pretty likely anyone who has decided FSG are tight arsed cunts won't be swayed while we don't spend much. equally anyone who is still defending FSG after January probably would defend them even if they were carrying millions out of the club in sacks with "swag" on. if mbappe was to turn up, it might change the tone of the debate from people on my side of the debate. but that small minority who just want positive vibes don't care for all that and just want an echo chamber where everyone agrees with them and if you don't bring the happy pills they want you to shut up. as you say, RAWK might be a better home for them. this forum has always been about having people with opposing points of view.
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    Sexual Deviance and Waiting to Die for me.
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    Absolutely incredible that people are expressing different opinions on the owners on an internet forum. Someone needs to make it stop.
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    Dublin is another word for Blackpool. Which is another non-Viking word for, erm, Emlyn Hughes. And @deiseach , just as in nice and timely fashion I parted with $190 for a yearly subscription to GAAGO.ie, Tipp of course get a dodgy pen to dislodge Clare. Fuck. It.
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    If you think we're fucked you're a hysterical fanny, if you think we should not complain till the transfer window slams shut then you're an FSG shill. New transfer window, same old shit.
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    The majority of that post I’m in full agreement with. In fact I agree with everything you’ve written aside from the last sentence mate. Those chants are so tired and mindless now, they hardly even register with me. I’ve not been to many games over the last 10 years - 1,2 or 3 a season, so not sure if it still happens, but used to just sing back that “yous are original” and roll the eyes. The meaning and spite behind the songs are not factual or even current. They’ve just become easy chanting for 2 Bob teams with 2 Bob fans. The type of brain dead fans who will steal an entire song and just replace the name with their player’s name. Fucking Wolves and the Si señor song - criminal that. The other bit to that is that it’s our blue brothers and sisters joining in with a lot of them too. Not the sign on bit or Liverpool slums, but anything they can use they will, which completely makes it nothing about fans from other regions - it’s just fucking brain dead football fans. The null and void piece was again led by our blue neighbours, so that is the same as above. Johnson is a fucking cunt who talks fucking shite and his opinion is absolutely irrelevant to me. He’s a fucking rat and has utilised the lack of unity in the country to establish this weird fucking stronghold and “Boris” brand. If you ever hear or see me call him Boris, put a fucking pillow over my face. Cunts who don’t like him call it, as was pointed out in the thread on him in the gf - “Boris” with a chuckle and a shrug. Cunt. And although I hate him for those comments, it’s nothing to do with the England football team. The fucking rag I’m not even going to grace with any effort or time - but the people buying it don’t feel the hurt from what went on, they are just chasing the gossip in the most basic language they can find. Anyone not from the area buying that, aside from how shit it is, I couldn’t give a fuck - it’s not their fight. That said I’m massively appreciative and in awe of football fans from other areas who support the campaign and recognise the issue. All the papers are rags - that one just stands out as the fucking worst and the whole thing was propagated by Thatcher and her cronies. As angry as this makes me, it hasn’t got any bearing on my support for the England football team. As I’ve mentioned, I’m enjoying the event and watching the games with friends and family, but it has zero impact on my day or life if they go out or win the thing, I’m just grabbing hold of the togetherness which has been so desperately missing for so long. 90% of footballers do my head in, irrelevant of club or nationality now. Even Liverpool hasn’t evaded that, but I love football, so will take the enjoyment and entertainment out of it where I can. Maybe that what I’ve just mentioned has something to do with the tribalism and slurs not really arsing me anymore, or enough to impact my feeling towards them or anything - because I just don’t fucking care any more. Perhaps I’ve lost my way a bit and need to revisit what’s important and what’s not because I’m on the wrong path at the moment with it? Who knows. Yeah, the cunts who actually think the things of us they sing about can fuck off - I wish no enjoyment or happiness for them, but the mates and family from different areas of the country I have who are buzzing off this at the moment make up my opinion of the social compass of England as a nation and the national team fans, not the fucking gobshites like were mentioned earlier by Sir Roger I think, who are there to be cunts in the name of the country. They’ve got empty lives, that’s all I can think. And they’re thick, or haven’t actually stepped back and thought about what they’re doing or singing. So yeah, I completely agree with everything you wrote, but the happiness and unity I’ve enjoyed during this tournament I’m not prepared to hand over to those cunts you’ve mentioned, and it’s a minority I’m letting myself believe. People like Johnson, Thatcher, Murdoch and the like are fucking rats, but there’s pretty much the same ratio of rats in every walk of life, in every country and in every time period. I’ll hold onto the disdain and contempt I have for them and their comments, but where possible I’ll join up with and enjoy the unity and positivity things like this will spread. There’s more good than bad in this country - I 100% believe that. Fuck, that was nothing like the original post I was writing and about 3 pages longer - sorry!
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    I have been to two live England games, both at Wembley. 1971 with the old fella, England beat Scotland 3-1, Chivers got two of them. 1974 v Czechoslovakia. 3-0, Bell got two. The latter was when I had got my first season ticket for the Kop. I was fucking terrified. Behind me were all the supporters of the various cockney clubs squaring up to each other with the jouyous sound of 'you're gonna get your fucking heads kicked in' drowning out everything. No attention to the match at all which was actually pretty decent. How the fuck could I have felt any thing but contempt? Don''t get me going on Brenda and all that bollocks. I said way back then then that absolutely no way could I support those cunts. It may have mellowed now but fuck the lot of them. I don't deny for a moment that other teams have their dickhead followers (including LFC) but fuck England to hell. Living down sarf and seeing the George Cross is pissing me off beyond belief. Sported by most who have never actually paid, travelled to go and watch a match in their fucking miserable lives. Despite 'their' clubs are 20 minutes on the train away. Hendo's been knackered for most of the seaon which possibly could have cost us the Title again. Plays for that lot, best player on the park but the'll all hate him next season. Pickford, Kane, Stirling, Slabhead, Walker? Fuck England to hell.
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    Her voice would be a great sleep aid. As insightful as a pile of shite. Jabbering boring obvious rubbish to let us know how knowledgable she is. Cunt.
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    Father-in-law is an England fan, old enough to remember 66 (which he insists was West Ham winning the World Cup) and he's terminally ill. This is the last tournament he'll ever see, so it would be nice for him to go out on a win. Also, this is the England squad that takes the knee against racism and has players who win awards for being LGBTQ allies, supporting the NHS, forcing the Tories to backtrack on their plans to starve children, etc. Anything that pisses off the gammons is fine by me.
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    This is actually true. A lady I was living with had cooked Sunday lunch for her mum and her kids. Earlier in the week a friend of hers had been round and left a box with us. I didn't know what was in it, and my other half at the time thought it was a hand food processor. So, we're all in the kitchen preparing lunch, the phone goes, and as the other half is up to her neck in pots and pans, she puts it on the speaker. It's the woman who left the box. They were waffling on, then the woman says "Have you tried it out yet?" My other half says "What? No, not yet". Then this woman booms out "if you're sensitive down there, just but a bit of silk on your clit". You've never seen a phone picked up so quickly. I thought I'd imagined it, but when I saw that all the colour had drained out of the other half's face, I thought perhaps I hadn't imagined it. All was well until I opened the wine, at which point the other half's mother said "why did she want you to put silk on your clit?" That was one long lunch.