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    He has the look of a man with a lot of gravytas.
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    I will be pleased for Jordan Henderson if England win the Euros, but I won’t lose any sleep when, inevitably, they get knocked out the first time they face decent opposition. I’ve not been arsed about England since Italia ‘90. Mostly because I haven’t been able to take to various players who’ve played for club sides that I’m not keen on. I’ve been known to have a little chuckle when England have had their arses handed to them, enjoying the fact that the dick-heads who follow them will have been absolutely gutted.
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    Wearing my Maradona Argentina shirt around Liverpool always gets some good responses. Mostly positive, but wound up some England fans with it yesterday. I’m looking at getting the Germany 1990 WC shirt this weekend, just in time for the Euros.
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    More approaches than Heathrow so far.
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    All great films, but Lebowski and Goodfellas are the ones that bear the most repeated viewing.
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    I've gone with the Scorsese double here.
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    And after a few months managing the bloos.
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    Gnashers night out. Out for a few sherbets tonight in a popular wine & dine run of the mill establishment where I noted a sign asking for staff, sat outside, place three quarters busy got chatting to the waitress, asked how she found business after lockdown/brexit etc and the ad for staff. She explained furlough and Brexit has deffo effected workforce and she's basically rushed off her feet and in demand. I asked if see thought Brexit has been good for her in its reduced competition in the workplace and she said no she'd have still been in work anyway and us leaving the EU will damage the economy and so also her long term career prospects. She said she voted remain and would do so again. Lovely nice natured kid she was. Its nice to get a well balanced veiw of the world from a younger person's perspective. The service was excellent. I might fucking boycott that place in future.
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    KidD's school has an award for 100% attendance. The kids get taken to the cinema and given a big fuss in front of the whole school. She's devastated to miss out this year because we had to keep her off when waiting the result of a covid test; protecting the school community as they requested. What an awful message to send. Children who've missed out in her class include a girl who had an asthma attack, and one hospitalised with sepsis. We're going to keep her off that day and treat her to a fun day out to reward her to putting up with a horrendous 18 months.
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    How do I bet against Alvaro Morata?
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    Rik Mayall died 7 years ago yesterday. When people wrote to him asking for autographs, pictures, quotes etc he would often send a hand written letter
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    That new Dominos group ordering advert with the blokes yodelling. Go fuck yourself. Annoying fuckers. Distinctly average pizza.
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    Had to call in the vet for the final time for my two old dogs today. They'd both been in poor health, and it would've upset one to be alone for their final weeks, so they went together. The house feels empty. Give your dogs a pat from me.
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    Fuck me, people are still voting for Dinosaurs.
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    If the 2 thicker lines are overlapping = onside. If the attackers line is ahead of the defenders line with no overlap = offside.
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    I was saying this exact line in the stadium just before he scored. Turns out his brother was sitting behind us. Looks just like him, as well. He did give me a big (and slightly sarcy) thumbs up after the celebrations died down. True story.
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    There’s a man with a mullet going mad with a mallet in Millets