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  1. kemskem

    Sancho for Salah/Mane

    I don't think we'd be in for him at that price and I don't think Pulisic was even considered at £60m. City and Chelsea will do it but we won't.
  2. kemskem

    Ballon D'or

    I was looking at the previous winners and I was surprised to see that Kevin Keegan won it twice when he was at Hamburg. I didn't know he did that well there.
  3. Hamann. He'd been mediocre/average and I've always wondered if he'd seen Ian Rush's column in the Daily Post, where he said it was time to step it up before the Roma game because it seemed to be a turning point.
  4. We're the 4th game on Amazon. Burnley vs Man City is the first, so we should know if it's going to work by then.
  5. Totally. Firmino's perfectly good early equalizer was disallowed against Villa but our late goals in that game have been used as an example of how everything is going our way. It's funny really.
  6. Just like when Alisson got a long term injury, as well as the penalties and offsides that went against us, everything is going Liverpool's way.
  7. kemskem

    Napoli (H) Champions League 27/11/19 - 8pm

    That's what Naby Keita can do.
  8. kemskem

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I remember they used to say Gerrard was dirty, just a thug, etc, whilst proudly having avatars like this of Big Dunc...
  9. kemskem

    Naby Keita

    I think he'll feel pressure every time he comes into the team and he knows he's got to try and break into a Champions League winning midfield now. I imagine it's worse for big signings when you're in and out of the team. He's probably looking at someone else getting injured before he gets a run of games.
  10. kemskem

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    My football withdrawal symptoms led me to start watching Troopz's coverage of us vs City ... Ya get me fam? https://youtu.be/Yb7WYuh0j9A
  11. kemskem

    FIFA Club World Cup 2019

    The first home game after is on Sky Sports. I'm sure George can find a good slot for it.
  12. kemskem

    Sterling / Gomez - 'clash'

    They probably had to stop themselves from making monkey noises at him before booing him. The inbred cunts.
  13. kemskem

    Fixture Pile up

    The ideal scenario would be that we have a big lead come February and we can take a chance resting one or two players in the league. I think it'll be the B-team all the way in the domestic Cups.
  14. kemskem

    Jurgen Norbert Klopp

    It would give the FA Cup more worth as well. There's no room for both these days. Playing the academy in the semis would say a lot.