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    It might sound counterintuitive, but the fact that FSG said that they were hitting the pause button on the Anny Road extension, to see what the impact of Covid is, gives me more confidence that they are serious about building it. The way these nobheads are ploughing on at the same speed (i.e. no sign of building plans, just press releases every few months) just convinces me that BMD is not happening in the real world.
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    Crazily enough Bolton are now in the 4th division ( I vaguely remember they had a points deduction last year which probably didnt help) ** apologies to any younger viewers baffled by '4th division ' but I have no intention of changing the habits of a lifetime.
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    A friend of the family (he is English but married a girl from my neck of the woods) by the name of Robin Turner played one of the German team in that. He played for Ipswich in the late 70's early 80's. I was only a kid at the time but there was huge excitement in our village at the time when we heard. He showed me a football he got signed by all the cast.
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    Newspaper stories with blag headlines to make them seem more interesting. Saw one today ' footballer arrested on assault charge ' when in reality it was a guy who owned a flooring company and played part time for Buckley Town whoever the fuck they are. Also the likes of' Boxer attacked man in the street ' when the guy turns out to have once delivered an amazon parcel to Long Lane ABC.
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    Thanks for all your messages of support guys, it's very touching and greatly appreciated. Still been unable to speak to my ma but I've just spoken to a nurse who said that she's still hanging in there and she's sleeping peacefully atm. A consultant phoned yesterday, we had the DNR talk and she explained that in most people who test positive, the battle is won or lost inside 5 to 10 days. Because my ma caught it in Thursday, this weekend should be decisive in which way things go, but with my mother's other health conditions and infections the prognosis isn't good.
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    Yeah mate. They were a very good team back then. Lost out on a title twice, to us and Villa. Kevin Beattie was a great player. Funny Souness anecdote for you. My older brother used to go up to Ipswich in the early 90's to visit Robin and they had a few good sessions. Alan Brazil would join them (top bloke according to my brother). My brother asked Brazil about Kenny and Souness. Kenny was just King Kenny to Brazil. They played at Anfield once back in the early 80's and within the first couple of minutes Souness completely poleaxed Brazil with a tackle. 'Aw ye cunt you could have broken my leg' said Brazil to him as he lay protrate on the ground. Souness whispered back to him 'You're lucky you're fucking Scottish or I would have'
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    Time Bandits about to start on Film 4 or Film 4 +1 in an hour.
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    In a similar vein- people who don't signal left when they're coming off the roundabout so you end up sitting there because you think they're going straight on.
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    Absolute legend. He just won his seventh championship to equal Michael Schumacher and did so with one of the best drives I've ever seen. A truly brilliant driver, up there with the highest achieving sporting greats.
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    Whatever you answer, don’t say “dogging”, because they mark it as wrong. Even if you have photo evidence to the contrary.
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    Filmed in Wakefield this. Rugby League scenes shot at the home of Wakefield Trinity, back in the days when they weren’t shit.
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    There’s loads of posters I disagree with, I don’t put them on ignore just because they’re wrong.
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    Scared of any player threads getting bumped these days as I immediately assume they've had limbs sawn off, got the black plague, or died in a freak bread-buttering accident.
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    Thai green curry tonight...
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