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  1. Anywhere online that I can watch this game again?
  2. Have you watched the season finale? Brilliant!
  3. Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty (7.5/10) HBO/Kodi Comedy/Drama starring John C. Reilly It's well worth a watch even if you have no interest in the LA Lakers or basketball in general. I was only told about it yesterday and have already watched the first four episodes available.
  4. Red Lead

    Alternative 'rona thread

    Jesus! you really are a special kind of cunt. I was giving you the benefit of doubt, but fucking hell, you need to take a look at yourself...urgently.
  5. Red Lead

    Alternative 'rona thread

    What's your end game here, mate? We know your stance on the subject, what are you trying to prove here? You're talking to a fairly limited audience, yet you pester us with the same bullshit every day. Who's mind are you trying to change? I have to say, man, you're coming across as a narcissistic cunt.
  6. Red Lead

    Fry Up XI

  7. Being able to breathe in a pub now without choking on cigarette smoke.
  8. Naby and Mo were desperately trying to get out of the way.
  9. Red Lead

    Alternative 'rona thread

    https://www.newsweek.com/anti-vaccine-speaker-pasquale-bacco-repents-fan-dies-covid-italy-1678504 An Italian anti-vaccine speaker has expressed remorse about his actions after he discovered that a follower of his, who died of COVID-19, had videos on his cellphone of speeches that he had made. Pasquale Bacco is a doctor who was a prominent anti-vaccine activist in Italy, taking part in numerous rallies and speaking events. But now, Bacco, who has more than 7,000 followers on Facebook, said he was a believer in the effectiveness of vaccines in an interview with Italian daily newspaper Corriere della Sera. READ MORE 7-Year-Old Girl Who Died of COVID Laid to Rest: 'She Touched so Many Lives' Mother of Baby on Life Support With COVID Asks People To Protect Themselves Family Told Man Missing After Hospital Stay Actually Died in Facility NEWSWEEK NEWSLETTER SIGN-UP > When asked by the interviewer what changed his mind, Bacco talked about an incident in which he saw a 29-year-old man die from COVID. "He had on his mobile the videos of my rallies at the demonstrations of the unvaccinated. The family told me that he was a fan of mine," Bacco said. "They didn't tell me with anger, on the contrary, and this hurt me even more. I feel like that death was my fault. And the thing still bothers me today. For me it was not a creed. When I saw the reality with my own eyes, I realized that I was wrong." The interviewer then asked Bacco whether he felt guilty about his actions. NEWSWEEK SUBSCRIPTION OFFERS > "I think that those of us who went up on those stages have some deaths on our conscience. All of us anti-vaccine activists have been great cowards. We went to the squares and when we spoke we knew that people wanted to hear shocking things. So, you provoke more and more." "We were really big bastards, I don't hide it, that's the truth. For this I have asked for forgiveness from everyone, but that forgiveness is useless." Bacco said he spoke at around 300 anti-vaccine protests and was the only young doctor with experience among the speakers. "What I said was pure gold for people who are afraid and looking for certainty. You don't realize [you are losing your rationality.] You lose your mind while being a rational person. At that moment a dangerous process takes place. That anti-vax is a faith and you become a god." "You enter absolute madness. The anti-vaxxers are people who are very afraid and find security in you." Bacco said he is now trying to "remedy" his mistakes. "I speak, I reveal the background. I try to make people open their eyes. I got vaccinated, I am suspended from the medical order for six months and I have not appealed because I feel I was wrong and I accept it. Being an anti-vaxxer can be a business and opportunity turns a man into a thief."
  10. Red Lead

    The New IPTV Thread

    I'd appreciate if somebody could PM me an IPTV provider. The one I use is good, but it's fairly expensive. Sub is up in March so I think I'm going try something else.
  11. Red Lead

    Alternative 'rona thread

    I'm all for open dialogue etc, but claiming to be "pro choice" and then making fun of peoples choices with endless memes is not doing yourself or the discussion any favours.
  12. Red Lead

    Alternative 'rona thread

    I thought this study was from last year some time and wasn't there a lot of scepticism surrounding it? https://www.science.org/content/article/too-good-be-true-doubts-swirl-around-trial-saw-77-reduction-covid-19-mortality https://healthfeedback.org/claimreview/ivermectin-study-itajai-contains-methodological-weaknesses-questionable-conclusions/