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  1. Ha, ha, yeah, I was just about to post the same two videos. First Aid Kit are brilliant, beautiful harmonies. I've been listening to their stuff ever since I saw their cover of Tiger Mountain Peasant Song way back when.
  2. Keeping with the theme. I'm six bottles of Erdinger in, another couple and I'll be bawling here.
  3. Red Lead

    Sick of being Fat

    This was very similar to me - already fat and got fatter due to drinking too much during lockdown, plus the Easter eggs didn't help. Stopped the boozing about 6 weeks ago and have gone from 230 lbs to 214 lbs. Another 20 lbs and I'll be happy.
  4. Red Lead

    Donald Trump

    A Fox News poll conducted in May, using the same methodology as CNN, suggest a 54% disapproval rating. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/06/10/politics/trump-campaign-cnn-poll/index.html https://static.foxnews.com/foxnews.com/content/uploads/2020/05/7ab2e761-Fox_May-17-20-2020_Complete_National_Topline_May-21-Release.pdf
  5. Looking north and south on Extraterrestrial Highway, Nevada
  6. Few pics from Badwater Basin, Death Valley
  7. Red Lead

    Irritating celebrity fans

    Potato potatoes.
  8. Red Lead

    Irritating celebrity fans

    Seeing as we're allowed five subs, may I suggest David Faircloaf, Curtis Scones and Yossi Bunayoun
  9. Red Lead

    Donald Trump

    Looks like the match made in hell is going ahead. The Trumps and Hicks' together...Christ!
  10. Red Lead

    Rate the last film you watched...

    You were right to bail out after ten minutes because this is one shit film. Like superhero movies etc.... as long as people lap this shit up then I guess we're stuck with it for some time
  11. Red Lead

    Favourite film for each decade you've been alive

    1970's Close Encounters of the Third Kind 1980's Back to the Future 1990's Goodfellas 2000's No Country for Old Men 2010's Arrival 2020 ??????????
  12. Red Lead

    31 Years