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    This '10k for MPs' story is yet more predictable cynicism for sale from the lazy teenage scribblers of the British gutter press. I work for an MP doing casework. As well as having to contend with what's going on out there like everyone else, every morning I sit at my kitchen table and have to go through a deluge of emails and voicemails from desperate people looking and even begging for help. This money is actually for equipment for people like me to work from home. Our boss won't be claiming any of it in case we get lynched, so I'm using my own phone to call people. Luckily I've got a laptop and my wife has got a printer. In ordinary times when I'm in the office, we clean our own desks and for over a year I was taking my own Hoover to work for fear of any of it appearing in expenses and ending up in the Daily Mail. Thanks to the demise of local press and slashing of council services - we are often the first, last, and only port of call. But the rest of the time when people don't need something your name is mud, and people will happily tell you to your face. I also have to think about my personal safety when I'm in public with him. (They actually offer you Krav Maga lessons as part of the job, if you can fucking believe that). We have our wins, last week I helped two small businesses stay afloat by getting them some urgent financial support, and got a nurse some transport to take her to her hospital as the trains had been cancelled. Currently in the middle of trying to get a big company to sort out the working conditions after being inundated with contact from staff who don't feel safe there. It's a tough job at times - a colleague has already gone off work with stress in the last week. I was already getting really pissed off with the negativity around this job from press and public, now this 'snouts in the trough' bollocks, our national press are just disgusting. They know it's not true, they just don't care.
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    I think the government's reaction is not 'nothing' compared with the arrogance of ordinary people. They're still letting people from virus hotspots walk off flights & straight into the country untested, what sort of message does that send to the fucking idiots we have running about in our streets. And that's before we start on Johnson's 'shaking hands with everyone' boast, Hancock blaming the NHS staff for the PPE issues yesterday, the buried pandemic dry run from 2016 & the 10 years of chronic underfunding. These cunts are paid to run the country & personally I think some of them should be looking at jail time after this mess is over.
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    She is a virus, and she will only be beaten when people stop spreading her words.
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    Without wanting to wade in on this ‘you’re a Commie’ ‘you’re a facist’ binary debate that you seem intent on raging. Rico is pointing out the rank hypocrisy and self serving nature of symbolic gesture leftism, which is responsible, in part, for the distain some of the left attracts/attracted. This is a very sensible, thought through idea, unlike much of what has come before, but the left in their ever increasing rush to score cheap political points only read the regurgitated twitter bile and assume it the most despicable, disgustingest thing ever because a random bloke on their algorithm/echo chamber has claimed something pathetic which nobody fact checks because we’re all so convinced we’re right. Critical thought and reflection seem be scarce in quantity at present. Dame the evidence, damn the person it’s easier and quicker and makes me look cool and clued up on the internet. NB I’m as far from Rico’s political views as it possible to be , the facist cunt.
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    Good god Rico do you have to defend every single little thing the government does? You are beginning to remind me of the fella in this clip, blue hard hat who appears (then disappears) on a cliff edge around the 2 minute 40 second mark.
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    To put the sorry state of bbc political journalism into perspective I've had a quick scan through the main bbc employees twitter feeds and the one asking relevant questions and holding the government to account is Gary Lineker, and he presents match of the day.
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    Unless the people making the decisions are on trial within weeks of this shit calming down, then there won't have been uproar other than the usual social media pish. They won't either, Johnson will be hailed as some sort of modern day Winston Churchill & they'll go back to quietly selling the NHS off & loudly 'getting Brexit done'. Unfortunately our country is absolutely riddled with spoon fed fucking morons.
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    If I can stop you at your first paragraph. There wont be no uproar. The BBC are doing a brilliant job in whitewashing the news. Whilst the high deaths in Italy Spain were smashed over every bbc bulletin the massive uk death figures from yesterday are not on the BBC news page. The bbc main political journalist has failed to mention the figures in her twitter updates although she did thankfully bring us some "good news" I'm reminded of the bbc general election political coverage and how any half difficult subject was pretty much avoided. It took Boris Johnson bumping into to a local journalist a few days before the end of the campaign until he got asked a serious and relevant question on the subject ( boy lying on hospital corridor) the prime ministers reaction was akin to someone seeing a ghost, he was flummoxed, he wasnt prepared to answer a simple direct or awkward question. The bottom line is the bbc are fucking dreadful and are getting worse.
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    At least he's not showing any symptoms, hopefully he'll ride this out without too much bother. Curse this fucking virus, what a nightmare everything is becoming. Really sick of this now, the only positive for me is that I'm finally getting back to normal after 3 weeks in bed and isolation due to this fucking thing. Best of luck to Kenny.
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    When I arrived in the city in October 1989, it was a bit of ghost town. Boarded up buildings and businesses, the norm. Apart from the footy- and little did I know that was in decline too - it was reasonably depressing. Taking The Beatles "Magical History Tour" only furthered the feeling of good days being behind you. In the meantime, during the week, I lived and worked in London in advertising - with Tories for the most part. Lunch at Kettner's and so on. In Australia of course, I didn't get to see the snide "local" side of Thatcher.... we just got the "foreign" headlines. The Falklands etc... her "heroics". Grand relationship with Reagan blah blah. She was a "Statesman" to an outsider like me. I think the poll tax changed my perception of all that. In my room above a pub in Acton, I listened to and watched coverage of the riots and bolllocks in Central London and realised this was a person, a woman, who really didn't give a fuck about the consequences of her policies and so-called "convictions". I remember her being ousted in 1990, and I experienced corporate London's sentimentality about that as it unfolded. But yeah, I was young and unaffected by her actions generally. TLW, over the years, has given me a starker picture of her heartlessness. At the end of the day, she was a politician - just another cunt in a cavalcade of cunts - and I don't want to give her too much "credit" in a totally dishonourable profession... even "heroes" like JFK did utter shite things... death, destruction, the works. But, I see Liverpool's point about her specific cuntery to it, and the especial pointedness of its justified contempt.
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    And yet when people take naked selfies, they make the house look as scruffy as possible.
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    Breakfast al fresco. out of mushrooms, annoyingly, but otherwise pretty pleased with this start to the day.
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    10 fucking thousand pounds. Are you fucking serious? Why are they so special? Why does everyone else's hand have to go into their own pocket?
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    Nah, last Christmas. I celebrated winning the double with a little fist pump and a Ferrero Rocher.
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    Give it Huawei, Give it Huawei, Give it Huawei, Give it Huawei now. Catchy.
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    “He’s cumbersome and sluggish yet his pace saves him” ...Makes as much sense as a bloke pushing 60 still wearing an earring