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  1. Neil G

    Keir Starmer

    A lot of Corbyn supporters voted for Starmer because they thought he’d be more electable than RLB and believed he’d unite the party and stick to his ten pledges. The first looks as though it might hold water, the second not so much.
  2. Neil G

    Keir Starmer

    They’re not just shitposting, they’re shouting as loud as they can at him to listen to the scientists and support the unions, and he’s made it clear he’s not listening. Even now with his call for a national lockdown he still isn’t saying schools should close. On this occasion I think their frustration spilling over into insults can be forgiven. For a Labour leader to remain silent while public servants and their unions call for action to protect themselves and save thousands of lives is unforgivable. I’m struggling to think of a bigger fuck you from a Labour leader to a core part of the Labour coalition in my lifetime.
  3. Neil G

    Keir Starmer

    The reason people on the Labour left are so fucked off with Starmer right now is because he hasn’t said a word in support of teachers and school staff who are being forced back to work tomorrow in unsafe conditions. Infection rates are going through the roof, the NHS is on its knees, and the government’s own scientific advisers have said that school closures are necessary to get the situation under control. Teaching unions including the usually moderate heads’ unions are calling for complete school closures in order to save lives, and they’ve been backed by all the major unions affiliated to Labour. And instead of backing these calls Starmer and his entire front bench have gone AWOL. It’s a complete abdication of leadership. And this, remember, from a man who pledged to stand with unions as part of his leadership pitch to Labour members. We’re gradually starting to see what those pledges were worth. An absolute fucking disgrace.
  4. Neil G

    Keir Starmer

    There’s no equivalence between the two when it comes to public perceptions Sec, none whatsoever. The attacks on Starmer from the left have barely registered with the media, whereas Corbyn’s opponents on the right were guaranteed substantial and sympathetic coverage whether on or off the record. The Tory poll lead is down to overwhelming media support, Labour’s decision to tone down their criticism, and the enduring public belief that the Tories are better at managing the economy since the GFC, which none of Miliband, Corbyn or Starmer have seriously tried to rebut.
  5. Neil G


    I assume you’re talking specifically about masks here, as opposed to in general.
  6. Neil G

    Middle East Thread

    Yep, just as well no major accidents resulting from industrial negligence have ever occurred in countries that have nuclear weapons.
  7. Neil G

    Working in an office

    Only the piece of work Das Kapital wishes it had been.
  8. Neil G


    We’ve got a real opposition now, they’ll be all over it.
  9. Neil G

    Working in an office

    2019: The reason you youngsters can’t afford to buy your own home is that you spend too much money on pre-made sandwiches and takeaway coffees. 2020: We have to spend more money on pre-made sandwiches and takeaway coffees or the economy will collapse!!!
  10. Neil G

    Keir Starmer

    I have noticed, it was obvious from Steve Reed’s case that speed of apology is a key factor in whether disciplinary action is taken. If it’s the only factor or even the main factor then I think Starmer has definitely drawn the line in the wrong place. The severity of the offence should be at least as important. What Starmer is implementing isn’t zero tolerance. Zero tolerance means you’re subjected to visible punishment if you transgress, with this creating a deterrent effect to dissuade others from repeating the transgressions, until the behaviour is stamped out. That’s clearly not what’s in operation with Labour. There is no deterrent effect, because people know that if they repeat antisemitic tropes at least up to the severity of Sheerman’s, they won’t be punished if they get their apology in quickly enough. And let’s face it, the apologies are usually forced on the offender via complaints as opposed to them having some kind of personal epiphany. I think Reed was very lucky to keep his shadow cabinet job even with his apology, and if he had been given the boot then maybe Sheerman would have thought twice before tweeting something which deeply offended a lot of the Jewish people that Labour are trying to build bridges with. Starmer said when he became leader that his success in tackling antisemitism would be judged by the number of Jews who had their trust in Labour restored. The effect of his inaction over Sheerman has been to persuade a lot of Jews that Labour hasn’t changed and is still a fundamentally antisemitic party. With this current approach he’s failing on his own terms.
  11. Neil G


    I was making the contrast between your “no worse than a bad flu season” prediction and “can’t be stopped” statement. If the virus can’t be stopped then even with a low mortality rate the death toll is clearly going to be a lot higher than the worst flu season, not just from Covid itself but also the additional preventable deaths resulting from the added burden placed on the NHS. Your individualistic worldview is showing through big time here. Any given individual might have a very low chance of dying from Covid, but at a societal level it was obvious from very early on that this was going to be a major national and international crisis with far-reaching repercussions.
  12. Neil G


    So we’ve gone from “it’s nothing to worry about” to “it’s unstoppable”?
  13. Neil G

    Keir Starmer

    Ha, that must be a record for us getting to Agree to Disagree. Doesn’t look like there’ll be any wider discussion around this as there has been zero media coverage of it. Disappointing imo - there are clearly widely divergent views on how bad this stuff actually is, and it could have been helpful to explore and clarify it, as happened with the debate over RLB.
  14. Neil G

    Keir Starmer

    Ok, fair dos and apologies for misinterpreting your post. Agree with a lot of what you’ve written here. On the bolded part, I did wonder whether Starmer chose not to make an issue of this because he thought the media furore would contribute to Jews feeling unwelcome in Labour. If he did then I think it’s a mistake - if he’s serious about rooting out antisemitism in the Labour Party then that isn’t achieved by sweeping stuff under the carpet.
  15. Neil G

    Things I have been completely wrong about

    I’ve been posting pretty regularly Rem, but it’s been almost exclusively in the politics threads, so corroded has my soul become.