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  1. Neil G

    American Politics

    Maybe their expectations have been steadily lowered by the political and media establishments to the point that they don’t believe real progressive change is even possible any more.
  2. Neil G

    L'pool '20 v Utd '99

    We finished 4 points behind the Mancs after dropping points at home to Stoke, Fulham, West Ham, Hull and Man City when they were shit. It’s hardly an outlandish claim is it? Agree to disagree on how good the 08-09 side was, but I think bigging up the gap in quality between the current and previous sides does a disservice to Klopp. Part of the reason the gap appears so big is that unlike previous managers he’s consistently got the best out of the players in his squad. He deserves enormous credit for that, but it’s sidelined when people simply compare the quality of the players.
  3. Neil G

    L'pool '20 v Utd '99

    Should have been more specific, I meant when the team was at or close to full strength, which it consistently was in the run-in. Obviously the current squad strength is far superior. Although how many of those 135 were starts and how many were subs? Even with all those players filling in, we should still have won the title. We dropped too many points against weak teams, especially at home, because of Rafa’s excessive caution. Swap the managers and this debate is turned on its head. Klopp wouldn’t have had us rein it in at 2-2 at home to Hull.
  4. Neil G

    L'pool '20 v Utd '99

    Without wanting to reopen a decade-old argument, when the 08-09 side was at its worst it was imo firmly down to the manager’s tactics and approach, not the players’ quality or character.
  5. Neil G

    L'pool '20 v Utd '99

    It’s hard to make an informed comparison because we never saw the 08-09 side play to its full potential over a whole season. You’re right, the midfield is the area where 08-09 has the biggest edge over 19-20, and that’s where I think it wins the game. Absolutely perfect setup with no weaknesses, loading the bullets for the best striker on the planet who’d also stroll into the current side.
  6. Neil G

    L'pool '20 v Utd '99

    Our 2008-09 first XI, playing the way they did in the run-in - which they could and should have done all season - beats this side. The squad depth was clearly inferior, but we were pretty lucky with injuries that season, and if that squad is used properly it goes toe to toe with this one all the way in the league.
  7. Norwich is a solid Labour city, has been for decades. Not just Tory voters who go in for cheap shots about scousers I’m afraid.
  8. Neil G

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    Clive has always identified as being on the left of the party. He’s said in the past that if he’d been a Labour MP holding the same views in the 70s or 80s he’d have been considered soft left, such has been the party’s rightward shift since then. The soft left label has been attached to him by others, mostly by left wing critics because of his Brexit stance which they’ve interpreted as undermining Corbyn. As for Rayner, if Starmer really is in the lead then clearly being seen as soft left wouldn’t have hurt her prospects if she’d stood for leader. Personally I think she’d have walked it.
  9. Neil G

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    Number of CLP nominations received isn’t necessarily reflective of the percentage of party members that support each candidate. At this stage in proceedings the vote of a CLP in a safe Tory seat in the shires, which might have at most a few hundred members, carries the same weight as one in an urban Labour seat with a membership of thousands. Plus the nominations are only made by those members that attend the meeting, which is only ever a minority of the total membership of the CLP - this is particularity a factor in large rural constituencies as it’s harder for members to get to meetings, meaning the nomination can be decided by a relatively small number of people. I haven’t cross-checked the list of nominating CLPs with those that likely have large memberships, but if you want to have a look the New Statesman are keeping a running update here: https://www.newstatesman.com/politics/staggers/2020/02/which-clps-are-nominating-whom-2020-labour-leadership-race
  10. Neil G

    Lib Dems

    My evidence for him not knowing is that Mackenzie didn’t say that he did. In a thread bigging up the Lib Dems’ negotiating prowess and commitment to principled politics, if it had been a cleverly orchestrated plan with no risk of the Tories’ regressive policy being carried out, I would have expected her to highlight that fact. Besides, my wider point was about the Lib Dems’ lack of political awareness. Even if they knew there was no risk of the additional sanctions being implemented, the fact that Mackenzie treats the issue as an afterthought and a joke exemplifies how tone deaf the party is. Someone who recognised the enduring anger over the Lib Dems’ role in austerity would have made it crystal clear that the Lib Dems weren’t prepared to roll the dice with benefit claimants’ lives in order to get the plastic bag policy through. The fact that she didn’t even grasp how appalled people would be at the thought of the Lib Dems being prepared to throw poor and vulnerable people under the bus demonstrates how oblivious the party is to the views of the voters who’ve deserted it. Until your party acknowledges the hardship and suffering it enabled under the coalition, apologises sincerely for it and pledges not to prop up a Tory government again, your support in the polls will never recover. You might get a temporary bounce or two over Brexit while Corbyn remains in position, but that’s all. The coalition is as toxic to your party as Iraq was to New Labour, and like New Labour apologists you don’t show any interest in understanding why.
  11. Neil G

    Lib Dems

    Presumably then you can provide evidence that at the time Clegg made the concession he knew that the sanctions would be deemed illegal and that there was never any risk of them being enacted.
  12. Neil G

    Lib Dems

    “Why aren’t we doing better in the polls? Why are people still angry at us for the coalition?” https://mobile.twitter.com/malaiseforever/status/986908222471598080
  13. Neil G

    Best looking forum member....

    Commence Operation Sleeping with the Enemy.
  14. Neil G

    Middle East Thread

    Russia has been bombing Assad for four years? He’s done bloody well to survive then.