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  1. pauliescouse

    General Election 2019

    Its not often I give Piers Morgan credit but he tore notSoCleverly a new arsehole there. I can't stand that cunt. Kay Burley tore it wider... ...later on. He must have wet himself and shit out of the interview. Are main stream media finally holding these cunts to account?
  2. Thank you guys, honestly I was bewildered why it wasnt done when I was in hospital the first time. But then it was about 5 hours before a doctor came in to see me after the ambulance dropped me off; I think there were people who were in a worse place than I was but I'm grateful to them for looking after me. Yes I was stressed, the perfect storm as it where. I withdrew my rent like I have done for the past 8 years, which didnt dispense from the ATM but was deducted from my balance. Then my own (Spanish) bank told me to go to the ATM's bank and get it back (?!). This went on for 6 weeks before I got my money back. Its a long story and I wont bore you with it but the problem was my rent was then 2 weeks late; and every direct debit / loan / credit card payment failed, and my contract is over at the end of this month - and the apartments have been sold to Blackstone investment group (google them, they are cunts) and they are instructing people to leave at the end of their contract so they can sell the apartments. I only got to hear about this a few weeks ago; the problem is that I dont have enough spare money to go anywhere and a lot of places now want 2 months deposit plus the rent. Hence = homeless in Spain. I dont have any family left to fall back on so I think after everything and 3 days without sleep worrying about it my head went boom. Now, I hear Blackstone are messing the current management property owners about for the rest of the apartment complex so she is offering 7 year contracts to everyone so they cant get rid of them to sell the apartments - problem with that offer rent is 900 instead of 725 now. And we all pay different amounts despite being in the same type of apartments! I saw a receipt on her desk on Thursday and the guy next door is paying less than I am.... but as I understand it they dont pay tax as we pay cash so..... For the WellMan / WellWoman, I too was with BUPA last year. You dont have to ask the GP for one to get BUPA okay, you can just arrange it with the clinic and BUPA. I called them for authorisaton and said that the clinic is offering WellMan checkups, I think they didnt really understand but authorised it anyway - it was £230 (I think there was £250 limit for "other" checks) and that was an ECG (cardio), blood work, weight, that sort of thing. The call centre you get to also is key, I had loads of problems when routed to India (probably due my accent!) but no problems routed to UK. 8am to 9am I found I got through to UK ones no problem. I didnt pay an excess, though Im not clear if that is an arrangement my employer has with BUPA as I understand this year they tried to impose one so we moved to Axa instead.
  3. I had another one on Tuesday, thank fuck I was a few hundred meters from a petrol station I was able to bail the car in and get home. Going for a CT on my brain (gulp) next week but people get checked out. The scary thing, for me, is I felt, and feel okay. But my BP is through the roof and I train regular. Dont know the moment...
  4. pauliescouse

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    I know a lot of people dont like Steve Bray but anything that makes this fat, short, odious cunt angry makes me laugh:
  5. pauliescouse

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    They've had it wrong all along... he's not a sympathiser, he's a:
  6. pauliescouse


    That is fantastic mate. God bless you man.
  7. pauliescouse

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    Looks like my ex's flaps, A disgrace, enormous and wonky. And smelly.
  8. Well.. Last Monday I had a seizure outside the World Trade Center in Gib, bar for some caring people Id never met and Gib Ambulance Service and the fantastic Gibraltar Health Authority I'd be dead. After 5 days in hospital care I'm back home. Please, get your GP and get a full checkup. All this happened within 3-4 minutes with no warning before it started. I'd been fine all day. My BP went to 187. 120/80 is normal. There is a thing called a "WellMan" / "WellWoman" checkup that can be claimed off private healthcare your employer provides. Please get checked out. I'm still in disbelief....
  9. pauliescouse

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    EDIT: Sorry Nelly, too quick for me!