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  1. pauliescouse

    Would you take Coutinho Back?

    If, what reports had said, he'd called a private meeting and asked other players to lean on the club to let him go and then said had a "bad back" so couldnt play - to agitate a move - it would have been an immediate yes. I dont know if those reports are true or not. Just what I read from journo's a few months after the move. Journo's - hence I dont now if it was true or not. I dont think it matters what us fans think, I think he's probably fisted himself with both arms right up his hoop with the club. Sad really, I do like him as a player, and he was very good for us when he was here. But in life, never mind football, never say never hey... I guess he'll end up at PSG or something. He'd be better off fucking off to Italy.
  2. Old but got a bit messed up For gods sake dont watch more than 10 seconds of that, its just to give context - but anyway...
  3. I thought of another one today.... its the spinning at 30 secs in breaks me, still giggling now SpinSpinSugar.mp4
  4. That rescue video mashed up with the most appropriate track could think of.... Video_Captures_Spinning_Helicopter_Spin_Me_Round.mp4
  5. pauliescouse

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    The whole series is a very difficult watch, but an excellent production. Although its very sad, its up there on the "must watch" for me.
  6. pauliescouse


    Get a VPN, then they cant block fuck all. You should be able to hit RARBG et al with a VPN. NordVPN for e.g. negates the Prem League block on Sats (when it was on) but google what VPN is best for torrents. They arent expensive, just do it month by month. Why it makes that porn block so laughable, there is a way around everything. Even free proxies to do the same (website wise), but VPN for the downloads etc.
  7. pauliescouse

    Upcoming TV Shows

    https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2019/05/26/as-game-of-thrones-ends-hbos-chernobyl-quietly-becomes-imdbs-highest-rated-show-in-history/ Ofc for now, but it is an excellent series. Its compelling, but very sad. Last episode was again, very sad (like the whole incident wasn't).
  8. Absolutely this!!!!!!!!!! In many parts of Andalucia, the street lights that illuminate the main roads are turned off in the roads (except ofc in affluent areas such as Marbella/Banus etc) as many local councils cant afford the electricity cost of them, meaning you are driving in pitch black except for your own headlights. Its not that bad, you get used to it, like driving down a country road late at night back in the UK I guess. Biut then some cunt comes along, who has headlights that are so bright they can see into the future (apologise I nicked that phrase from someone here!), they also have the full beam on so if you dare look into your rearview mirror it takes about 5-10 seconds before you can re-adjust to see where you're going again. Fucking idiots.
  9. pauliescouse

    Upcoming TV Shows

    Agree completely, this is fucking excellent. Thoroughly recommend it, its a Sky/HBO joint production so in English. And the series marries up with the actual events, including what happened at the start of Ep 1. And scary as fuck, as if what certain people didnt do, and lost thieir lives doing so, and how close it came to the other 3 reactor cores exploding - the entire Ukraine would still be uninhabitable for the next 100 odd years at least, and a lot of the planet fucked.
  10. pauliescouse

    Happy Birthday Jairzinho

    Happy Birthday mate, all the best!