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  1. pauliescouse

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Thought this was an interesting read, how close the figures are I've no idea as I've not fact checked them or anything!
  2. No sense or context, know I'm treading a bit of a line on "funny pics" or "WTF" but hey ho!
  3. Honestly mate, that second link reminds me why I love the dutch, some of the best on the planet to throw a party with, probably after here I hope to end up there someplace. Cant get that fucking song out my head now though. And the dinosaur!
  4. I've no idea what's going on here, but dancing beefeaters, a dancing banana and a dinosaur just wandering in dancing to some dutch track about 1:20 just about broke me! EDIT: Track is by Snollebollekes, what a name!
  5. pauliescouse

    Rutger Hauer

  6. pauliescouse

    Boris Johnson

    I think he was right that we were missing an E. About 10 of them to be fair. At once. Then if we all dropped at once maybe this would all become a demented dream....
  7. pauliescouse

    Boris Johnson

    "United Kingston"
  8. pauliescouse

    Boris Johnson

    I am terrified of where this cunt will lead the UK. His policy will make my life considerably more difficult, my only grace is next year I can apply for a Spanish passport and get rid of the toxic UK one, but I really fear what path this xenophobic moron will follow. I dunno, maybe he will surprise everyone and pivot, but I very much doubt it.