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    By 'grilled', I think he just asked it some very probing questions. That it oinked back didn't phase him in the slightest.
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    Looks like you tried to cook the bacon through the medium of thought.
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    Consistently fucking ace about everything, David Conn.
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    VAR needs fucking off for this and this alone. This is the whole point of watching football.
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    Did we also attack the ambulance?
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    I can see Everton winning nothing for another 20 years. Does that count?
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    It’s important to remember it’s ok to joke about anything, apart from the thing someone else feels strongly about.
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    It's ruined my day. Although hamfisted l, see where stacks is coming from. These are professional athletes playing a contact sport. Injuries are an occupational hazard. Top flight players will continue to be paid tens of thousands of pounds a week whilst receiving the best medical care and rehabilitation money can buy until they're ready to go back to work. We're not talking about a scaffolder breaking his arm, being on statutory sick pay for months whilst being on an NHS waiting list for rehab. There's no need for everyone to send thoughts, prayers and 'YNWA FORM A LIVERPOOL FAN' every time a player is stretchered off.
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    Obviously bullshit. There's no Queens Drive in Oslo.
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    The worst part of that whole thing, is we're talking about centre of gravity and such shite for a law that says you can't be goal side of the last defender when the ball is played. It's a rule designed to stop goal hanging and we are now completely and utterly missing the entire spirit of that law in some bizarre bid to rule goals out of the game and let the computers take over. I just don't get what they're trying to achieve. If the law was ever designed to need to be so accurate, we wouldn't have expected the lino to be looking down the line and watching the ball being played at the exact same time. We've managed to get on ok with offside for about 150 years with some slight variations, but always based on its best guessed management from the lino was enough to stop goal hanging. Now we want millimetre accuracy and need a players centre of gravity to prove it? Just fuck off. In my lifetime it has never been more controversial and created as many refereeing talking points as it has this season, but we don't seem to get any more right than we did before and the game is shitter for it. I wish they'd just fuck it off.
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    I’m due to get my kidney transplant tomorrow. Me and my auld man checked into the hozzy today. had one op cancelled at the end of September due to a fuck up over booking surgeons, which was a bit of a bastard as I had given notice at work. Luckily work let me rescind and I finished up last Friday. had a bit of a rough week last week, as they found some blood in my urine in last set of tests, which resulted in an unwarranted finger in the hole, along with canes down the bellend, though thankfully it was nothing to prevent surgery going ahead. 3 months of sitting on my arse watching the unbearables beckons, just a dodgy next 48 hours to get out the way first, hopefully the morphine is up to scratch and will settle with the spiritualised / L’Épée soundtrack I have planned.
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    I took the birds lad to his rugby on Sunday morning. It’s under 8’s, they only play tag rugby and tackling is not allowed. The club have an inclusivity policy and they have a kid with Downs Syndrome on their side. He was head and shoulders above anyone else on his side or the opposition and weighed at least double that of every other kid there. I’m watching them all warm up and whilst he’ll never make a sportsman in his life, had zero hand/eye coordination and couldn’t catch a cold he had more enthusiasm than anyone. It was also lovely to see how encouraging and supporting all his teammates were and not once did anyone say anything negative towards him when he dropped the ball yet again. About 5 minutes into the second quarter and I see the coach call him over and tell him he’s going on. He also spends a couple of minutes reminding him of the rules, ‘you have to pass backwards, you can’t tackle, grab their tag, enjoy yourself and have fun’. It was actually quite moving to witness, as soon as he was on the pitch his teammates were all cheering him on and passed to him straight away. Although he knocked on. The game restarts and their opposition player ran straight towards him, only for ‘Jack’ to completely forget everything he’d been told on the touch line only a few minutes earlier and absolutely fucking smash a kid less than half his size with a crunching tackle to make a Maori proud. He then stands up proud as punch and does a dance over this little scrawny runt who is led on the floor looking up and seeing stars. I had to walk away from the pitch I was laughing so much and was in physical pain where I couldn’t stop.
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    He will be advertising Tiger Balm before you know it.
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    There is absolutely no way we should be offering Lallana a new deal, unless it's on a low basic wage and heavily weighted to appearance and performance extras. And I can't see him wanting that. I don't care how many 15/20 minute cameos he makes to relieve the burden of the regular starters, there will be a time when he is unavailable again for weeks and weeks for a minor knock. Lallana on form is a good player to watch and he seems a likeable fella, but let him breakdown regularly on West Ham's or Crystal Palace's wage bill for the next 3 years.
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    Ads is made of China. He'd be a mug to turn that offer down.
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    That first bit is bollocks; there's nothing wrong with expressing sympathy for a player who's suffered a bad injury. The second part is true enough, though, and unfortunately applies to almost every strand of public life these days, particularly politics. Judging entire groups of people based on the Twitter ramblings of a handful of weirdos, who almost certainly don't represent the majority view (if there even is one), is obviously an incredibly shit idea, but a large proportion of the country seem absolutely mad for it anyway.
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    Can't help when thinking about horrific injuries like this, about Djibril Cisse and how after his potential career-ender, he worked his bollocks off to get fit and return in time to come on as a sub in Istanbul where he scored a pen and contributed directly to winning No.5. which is the least he deserved for his application and dedication. It's a very different injury, and I doubt if Gomes would be looking to a Redshite for inspiration anyway, but it just shows what's possible.
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    As in Hi Ho Silva? Or as in Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's out of work I go?
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    It would be like us calling their manager Hi Ho.
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    I can't remember there being a school sports day in Tron.
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