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  1. Mikhail

    Premier League Round Up (May 7-12 2022)

    Everton will stay up now and as I said, I’m proper gutted about. Way more gutted than I thought I’d be. It’s on Chelsea, Leicester (who let’s not forget the other week choked and conceded a stoppage time goal at Goodison), United and Arsenal. Those are the cunts who have allowed this to happen, the Lampard enabling wankers. Fuck each and every one of them. This is a grudge I won’t forget any time soon. I agree with you 100% I include Newcastle in that list because they also shat the bed against Everton at a time when everyone was on their dick for how well they were doing and how they were form-wise the third-best team in the league uck them and every club that you mentioned. If Chelsea beat Everton when Burnley came from behind against Watford they would have been dead and buried but none of those fucks can be depended on to beat one of the worst Everton teams in history. Like you I'm going to be upset for a long time about this
  2. Mikhail

    Liverpool 2 Everton 0 (Apr 24 2022)

    Great report Dave I 100% agree with you with wanting Everton to go down I was beside myself with rage when United allowed them to beat them but having them in that bottom 3 has me excited. While I loved Mane and Divock's last minute goals against them and the absolute destruction in 2014 I still feel rage when I think about that cunt Funes Mori kissing the Everton badge after ending Origi's season. Honestly tho last year was when I decided I need them gone ending VVD's season, Thiago missing half the season and VAR reversing the last minute winner had me more pissed off than the loss against them ever could. With Rafa there I could not honestly hate them but with Lampard I will be partying if they go down and I never have to think about them again. Also Robbo's goal is the loudest I've screamed since Gini's goal against Middlesbrough
  3. Mikhail

    Liverpool 1 West Ham 0 (Mar 5 2022)

    These kinda streaky wins were the results I was missing when we were dropping leads to 2 goal leads to Brighton and conceding 3 goals to Brentford. We just looked like we could not hold onto our leads at that period. While you look at the loss to Leicester as your most irritating moment those two results are what really irritates me so I'm very happy to see us go into a game where we got into a lead and just held on.
  4. Mikhail

    Crystal Palace 1 Liverpool 3 (Jan 23 2022)

    When City got game-altering penalties against Wolves and Arsenal there wasn't half the noise Liverpool had to deal with when they got a penalty when leading 2 - 1 in the 89th minute. Fuck the pundits when they start giving City that same energy maybe I'll feel bad but nah. I'm also sick of these I'm a Liverpool fan but I even I thought that penalty was soft showoffs when the shoe is on the other foot these pundits and fans of other clubs will have no mercy on us. Take the points and go home fuck everyone else.
  5. Mikhail

    Liverpool 2 Brighton 2 (Oct 30 2021)

    Naby being injured again after building momentum and looking like he is finally finding his feet is the least surprising thing ever. I have given up on him about two seasons ago after the umpteenth time this has happened. The more midfielders we lose the less sense allowing Gini to leave makes. I get the feeling I'm gonna get more bitter about that the longer the season goes.
  6. What was pissing me off more than watching a generational talent getting injured by some fucking nomark who will only ever be known for injuring a generational talent, was listening to the commentator play defense for that nomark.
  7. Great write up Dave. I don't think I'll ever understand the Naby-truthers. What has he done at Liverpool to deserve that kind of adulation? I would understand if they were talking about Ox because he looked like he was building to something before his career got derailed by that injury but Naby has been nothing more than average. I wonder how many of these reporters and fans who are defending Man City and running cover for the were talking about how the ESL would destroy football? It's why that whole thing was always a farce to me. I agree with with you around Messi the backend of his career has really made me sour on him, he gives the impression that he has absolutely no love for Barcelona and would not mind to see them go under if it means he gets paid.
  8. Mikhail

    Euro 2020 Round Up (Final)

    Exactly Dave it's ridiculous. Watching Tyrone Mings blast Priti Patel when she tried to pretend she was horrified by the racism Rashford, Sancho and Saka experienced after she herself said fans have the right to boo the players taking the knee was great though.
  9. Mikhail

    Euro 2020 Round Up (Final)

    Amazing read as usual Dave I am glad England lost and only because of the wankers they have in their support base, as cool as it would have been to see Henderson win something for his country those wankers have just made it impossible to look past them. As much as I hate them tho even I was surprised by the performance they put on yesterday. This England team honestly deserves better than these losers because they spent the whole day and tournament embarrassing them and when the time came when they were actually needed to be fans and support their damn team while Italy was overrunning their midfield and controlling the match they went quiet and when the England team needed their support after losing the stadium emptied. The fans abandoned them. Imagine watching your team live for the first time in more than a year and you abandon them as these fucking losers have. I'm trying to imagine that happening at a Liverpool match and I just can't, I know our fans would have started singing You'll Never Walk Alone the moment the final penalty was missed to show support while with England people started worrying about Sancho, Rashford, and Saka being racially abused... And what do you know they were proven right. Fucking losers deserve every inch of the heartache they feel today.
  10. Mikhail

    Euro 2020 Round Up (Semi Finals)

    With the exception of Pickford, Kane and Sterling I find it impossible to hate this team. I also can't take pleasure In Sancho, Rashford and 19 year old Saka being the ones to miss the penalty I can however, take pleasure in the knowledge that every cunt in this video will be unhappy tonight and tomorrow. Such smalltime wankers who consistently shows they're not worthy of this good team they've been blessed with. https://twitter.com/NewsForAllUK/status/1414246103407529989
  11. Mikhail

    Euro 2020 Round Up (Semi Finals)

    I don't think I have ever been this invested in an international football game. Usually, my interest only extends to whether a Liverpool player gets injured or not, but here... Here I am actively rooting for Italy I wanted them to beat Spain because I knew that even though Spain was doing well against them that toothless team was going be shoved aside by England. At the end of the season, Man United was in the Europa League Final and Man City was in the CL Final and England being in the EURO final feels worse to me. I'm okay with the National team Pickford notwithstanding whom I hope drops a fucking Origi level clanger in the 95th minute. It's the fans that I hate... It's the fans that ruin it for everyone and that makes me want that team to lose as badly as possible. Even in the 2018 World Cup when they went on a run I did not really mind until their fanbase started acting up with their xenophobic and nationalistic, and now in the EUROs it's just been worse. My hope is that similar to the World Cup their run comes to an end as soon as they come across a good team like they did with Croatia. Holy shit you're right Dave I finally know what it feels like to be an Everton fan
  12. Mikhail

    Euro 2020 Round Up (Quarter Finals)

    I am low-key freaking out at the thought of England winning a major tournament. I think back to that stupid Liverpool can't win the league because their fans will be unbearable narrative we had to deal with and that's exactly how I feel about England potentially winning this thing. The thought of them winning makes me shudder, what the fuck was Germany thinking? Beating England was their whole point of being in this tournament and now we're staring down the barrel of a potential England final. Italy needs to beat Spain by hook or crook because I can't stand the thought of Spain being the only thing between the world and an England finals victory
  13. Mikhail

    West Brom 1 Liverpool 2 (May 16 2021)

    We've had some amazing goals during the Klopp era but I was always certain that Gini's opener against Middlesbrough would remain my favourite because of how important it was. This Alisson goal has to overtake that and if we qualify for the CL and go on to win again this goal will be seen as even legendary than it will end up being. We've had last-minute or late goals in the Klopp Era Divock, Lovren, Mane against Everton and Villa but this one overtakes all of those just because of how ridiculous it is. This is the first time this entire season where I just enjoyed football. No thoughts of the empty stadium or VAR just pure enjoyment. Also if this is the last game we play against Sam Allardyce then what a way to end it.
  14. Dave this was a fucking masterclass and well worth the price of admission. I applaud you sir!!! This was probably the most depressing week I've ever experienced in football. I only started following football in 2005 but I have really loved this sport so seeing cunts like FIFA, UEFA, the FA, those parasites in the media come to the "defense" of a sport they have damaged as much as they have has been galling. Watching all these fucks celebrating this victory for "the fans" even though none of them gives a shit about any fans has been demoralizing. We've all been constantly opining on this site about we've fallen out of love with this game this season because of decision's these fucks implemented This week was the closest I've ever come to actually packing it in and not because of the ESL but because of the knowledge that with this victory the reform this game requires just became so much harder. If any of the "big 6" complain about VAR, refs, scheduling, 3 subs, useless international friendlies will it even matter because of the moral high ground this "win" gave them? I love Liverpool still I just am really close to hating football, I can't wait for this season from hell to end.
  15. Some rando on Twitter called this a victory for the common man and I just could not stop laughing reading that BS. As a "common man" I don't feel like this was a victory for me and people like me at all. In fact, I am horrified by what FIFA, UEFA and the league organizations are going to do with the power they were handed here. I've been disillusioned with football this entire season and this just confirmed to me no changes will be coming so what even is the point in watching?