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  1. Mikhail

    Everton 2 Liverpool 2 (Oct 17 2020)

    This match is soul destroying The pundits may agree it wasn't offside and Pickford should have been sent off but no questions will be asked of the incompetent refs that has been allowed to be incompetent for decades. The fans of other teams have allowed the media narrative that Liverpool constantly get favorable decisions to see this as justice against LiVARpool. I have always been a defender of VAR to prevent performances like Martin Atkinson gave against Leicester that cost us 2 points in a season we lost the league by 1 but looking at this now I honestly don't see what is the point. These fucks implemented VAR and used it to justify their incompetence, they promised this season was supposed to be better after how incompetently it was implemented last year but now we're here. This feeling of helplessness knowing that the people in charge will allow us to be fucked over while the fans of other teams will just ignore it because they take pleasure in watching us struggle just makes me want to give up on this sport.
  2. I remember him bitching when Liverpool knocked Barcelona out of the CL in 2007. Talking about the better team was knocked out after beating us at Anfield even though they were beaten at the Nou Camp and only won the return leg because of Valdes. People's hatred for Real Madrid really allowed Barcelona's entitlement to fall under the radar during the Ronaldinho and early Messi era but they were just as bad. Dave your mention of the Barce fanbase's reaction to Suarez reminds me of the way they hounded him when he was going through a goal drought... Dude scored the winner in a CL final and had an amazing 40 goal season the next one but the moment he started struggling they turned on him. Fuck that entire club I will take great pleasure in watching them struggle
  3. Something about football feels dead to me after that Man City news came out I don't think it will ever feel the same. When Newcastle arrives with their owners it's going to be even worse.
  4. Mikhail

    Brighton 1 Liverpool 3 (Jul 8 2020)

    Great report as usual Dave and I honestly want the record to show we're the greatest team of all time who did not have to financially dope to get where we are. If Liverpool gets this record the City Centurions becomes even more irrelevant and that record becomes even less spoken about that it is now. Regarding: That moment when he dealt with a difficult ball over the top by heading it back over Connolly and collecting it himself before playing a no look pass to Robbo was actually unfair. I don’t think is anyone else who would have even thought of doing that let alone been able to pull it off. He’s fucking ridiculous. I can totally see Alison doing that and giving us all a heart attack
  5. Mikhail

    Premier League Round Up (Jun 17 2020)

    Considering how long Sheff Utd fans hold a grudge when we had to hear about Carlos Tevez for yearsI can only imagine the fume and how long it would last if Sheff misses out on Europe by one point because of VAR. Dave your That Was The Week That Was columns helped keep me sane but having you speak about actual football matches again is amazing.
  6. I feel so sorry for Clyne cos he was a good player for us even with his lack of attacking input one of those guys you could put in the side and will always get a 7 out of 10 from every game. The only real bad-ish performance of his I can remember is against Man U in the 2nd leg of the Europa league when Martial ran him ragged. Unfortunately the team passed him by while he was injured I hope he's luckier during the rest of his career Around Werner I feel nothing tbh as Traore was always the player I wanted cos he seems more realistic than Mbappe but yeah I don't see that happening
  7. Mikhail

    Wolves 1 Liverpool 2 (Jan 23 2020)

    This is probably the most frustrated I've ever been with Salah in a game and if we drew or lost this game the fume from me would have been unbearable. In his 44 goal season he was a lot more selfless and he looked a lot more complete as a player, this version of Salah does my head in and to a degree makes it easier for the defense cos they know he will go for a chance rather than look for the pass. This is probably the sorriest I've ever felt for Robertson, Traore absolutely destroyed him I think he more than anyone else would be the most relieved if we bought that monster.
  8. Mikhail

    Liverpool 1 Wolves 0 (Dec 29 2019)

    Watching that little shit give Anfield the beans only to have his goal disallowed makes me extremely happy. Also knowing that Anthony Taylor must be dying inside after seeing one of his shit decisions against us overturned gives me life. If this match happened last season it could have either been a 1 - 1 draw like Leicester or a loss like City... And knowing I'm not a fan of VAR anymore because of how badly it's been implemented but anybody trying to use this match to beat us over the head with it has an agenda so fuck em.
  9. Mikhail

    Aston Villa 1 Liverpool 2 (Nov 2 2019)

    The last time I felt this pumped after a result was when we won due to that late goal against Burnley and while the Burnley result was due to how surprising that was this was fully expected. I'm friends with what has to be the most irritating Liverpool fan ever he's one of those fans that always forgets the previous result for whatever is happening now. Throughout the whole match he was complaining that we were gonna lose and the race is over while I just kept reminding him that we will come back, I never speak in absolutes because I know that shit comes back to haunt you but around 60 minutes I told him we're gonna win this match at worst we're gonna draw. Around the 86th minute, I felt like a right tit and was ready to give up then Robertson scored just as he started bitching about City taking the lead... While I celebrated the equalizer I was expecting the win and I told him as much, and when that winner went in I straight up told him we're gonna win the league and we're gonna be unbearable as fuck when we do. I never put my neck out like this but this team has made me a believer everything in this match was made to screw us over but we won and shoved our victory down Jon Moss and Martin Atkinson's throat. Fuck the FA, fuck the PGMOL, fuck Fraudiola and fuck Aston Villa
  10. There are tons of opposition players that I dislike but Evra is one of only two players that I actively hate. He took that shit beyond football and it's a stain on Liverpool and Suarez that will always be there. When Carragher apologized I felt myself getting mad not because I think he was wrong I agree the t t-shirt thing was a mess but I'd rather have him apologize any player of color or fan who was offended but not to that cunt. Evra is horrible human being in a just world he should have been ostracised but this is not a just world
  11. Yeah our fans on Twitter honestly makes me hate the fact that they claim to support the same club as me...
  12. Mikhail

    Napoli 2 Liverpool 0 (Sep 17 2019)

    I am 100% in agreement with what you said on VAR usually I feel you're a bit too harsh on it but this is unforgivable. This situation is why we have VAR and they still managed to fuck it up. Watching the match live I was 100% certain it's a penalty and was not even mad so the refs mistake is understandable but the moment VAR came into play and they went through with the penalty I was bitter for the rest of the match. Somehow this makes me angrier than the mistakes that ref made against Leicester last year because here they looked at the mistake on camera and still decided to fuck us. The way VAR has been implemented means no one is happy... even Man City who has had two goals correctly ruled out by VAR can feel bitter and hard done because there's no consistency at all. On that note, Steve McManaman said after that second goal that the penalty incident doesn't matter now because they scored again. I fucking knew some mouth breather was going to come out with that excuse... Most football pundits honestly have no understanding of how football works
  13. Mikhail

    2018/19 Season Report Card - Mohamed Salah

    I agree with your assessment Dave compared to last season this has not been the same Salah I think he may have started to believe his own hype a bit too much because at certain points he was a lot less selfless than last season by taking shots when usually he would have passed. I remember his goal against Southampton and how pissed I was when instead of passing to Bobby he took the shot but then it went in and it shows how much I know. Taking that into account while his level may have dropped he was still the Golden Boot winner and to me it's a farce that Salah was not nominated for player of the year and the media made such a massive noise about Sterling's season when Salah basically had identical stats and Salah actually ended the season better than Sterling... He had every right to be part of that group who ended up losing to VVD. Something interesting I noticed C.Ronaldo in 2007/08 had his breakout year and scored 42 goals in 2008/09 he had more pressure and defenders on him and scored 26 Salah had 44 last year and 27 this season so going by that logic... Salah is gonna leave us for Madrid and become a legend there...
  14. Mikhail

    2018/19 Season Report Card - Jordan Henderson

    I love comparing Henderson's career to Phil Jones I remember how the media tripped over themselves to tell us that Jones is gonna be a sure thing, he's a future Man United legend and captain and when they spoke about Henderson we usually just got a that's a lot of money to spend on a young lad... Looking at them now Phil Jones' career highlights are basically pulling the gurniest faces possible and finding new ways to drive his face into the pitch without getting a concussion... I love Henderson I just wish he scored more because no player gets me more amped celebrating a goal
  15. Man City is a nothing club and they know it. Their fans are complaining about us, their players are singing about us and their manager is complaining about us... Amazing how Liverpool manages to wind up these financial dopers by just existing 15 years ago it was Chelsea and now it's City. It's such an empty existence they won an FA Cup today and a fan decided to complain about Salah. I expect this is how Everton would act if they ever got their shit together and won anything. As for the rivalry it has definitely kicked up a gear since the release of that video and UEFA announcing their investigation, when they won the league most Liverpool fans were concentrating on our amazing performance while putting their victory into context by referring to the FFP allegations. But now most Liverpool fans on Twitter are completely invalidating their achievements this season and it's driving them up the wall because they can't even hold the fact that they won the league over our heads. Next year is gonna be a ride and a war with every match feeling like a must win affair and if we do come face to face with City it's gonna be crazy. I welcome that war tho because I fucking loathe every fibre of that club with every fibre of my being... As Derek said above they have cost us two titles with their blood money and cheating next year will be a reckoning... Before that tho lets win that fucking Champions League... PS: Nah Dave I find it impossible to forgive Coutinho for faking a back injury when we had to play a Champions League qualifier...