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  1. Dave this was a fucking masterclass and well worth the price of admission. I applaud you sir!!! This was probably the most depressing week I've ever experienced in football. I only started following football in 2005 but I have really loved this sport so seeing cunts like FIFA, UEFA, the FA, those parasites in the media come to the "defense" of a sport they have damaged as much as they have has been galling. Watching all these fucks celebrating this victory for "the fans" even though none of them gives a shit about any fans has been demoralizing. We've all been constantly opining on this site about we've fallen out of love with this game this season because of decision's these fucks implemented This week was the closest I've ever come to actually packing it in and not because of the ESL but because of the knowledge that with this victory the reform this game requires just became so much harder. If any of the "big 6" complain about VAR, refs, scheduling, 3 subs, useless international friendlies will it even matter because of the moral high ground this "win" gave them? I love Liverpool still I just am really close to hating football, I can't wait for this season from hell to end.
  2. Some rando on Twitter called this a victory for the common man and I just could not stop laughing reading that BS. As a "common man" I don't feel like this was a victory for me and people like me at all. In fact, I am horrified by what FIFA, UEFA and the league organizations are going to do with the power they were handed here. I've been disillusioned with football this entire season and this just confirmed to me no changes will be coming so what even is the point in watching?
  3. "I think it's different for [Chelsea owner] Roman Abramovich. I think he's been dragged in, and City have been dragged in." Yes the two clubs who's owners have been responsible for breaking football and the transfer market via financial doping has been dragged into this. Former Liverpool players doing punditry are not really worth a damn
  4. Mikhail

    Real Madrid 3 Liverpool 1 (Apr 6 2021)

    I haven't gotten angry at that many games this season, between VAR, injuries, no fans, fake fan noise, and shitty performances it's been a slog however, I've just had a throw-it on the shit pile that is this season mentality. For some reason, a part of me thought we were at least 50% of what we were last season with Jota back, Fabinho in midfield again and a sort of settled CB pairing but wow was I wrong. Watching the team struggle, the commentator talking the most inane shit which really made me miss the fake fan noise and fans of other clubs taking glee in TAA's crap performance because haha I guess Gareth Southgate was right was just too much. Like fuck this performance this is 100% the last time I allow myself to be tricked into giving a damn this season
  5. Mikhail

    Joe Biden

    He's an evil fuck who has laid out the red carpet for whatever fascist decides to run in 2024.
  6. Mikhail

    Wolves 0 Liverpool 1 (Mar 15 2021)

    Us winning this game through a Diogo Jota goal that was scored in a way that would never have been scored by Firmino just adds to my theory that Klopp playing Jota in that meaningless Champions League match was the worst decision he has made this season. I'm not angry about it since this entire season has been a farce with the injuries and corrupt officiating but I'll always look back at that decision and just wonder why?
  7. Mikhail

    Liverpool 0 Everton 2 (Feb 20 2021)

    The team with their lack of centre backs, midfielder who was our best defender the season, backup striker who was one of our best performers and now captain are not good enough to fight against the shit we've been getting from referees. The whole point of this season now is to just survive and go again next season. It's so depressing though but it's a matter of course that when we play in the Premier League a ref will give a match altering performance and the media will run cover for their ineptitude which will then be used by fans of other clubs to laugh at us. I really wish the teams will push for that Super League because honestly there is no point in even thinking the systemic issues we're experiencing in the Premier League will be fixed. Regarding Carra while I won't go so far as calling him a cunt I will say I'm done with taking his opinion seriously as he's gone down the same route as Lawrenson, Murphy and Hamman where they go so far in their attempt to come across as impartial when it comes to Liverpool that they are actively working against the club.
  8. Mikhail

    Liverpool 1 Man City 4 (Feb 7 2021)

    I've said more than once that I consider this season a write off due to COVID however, that was with the hope that at the end of the season everything would at least be close to normal again However, things are still so bad that Liverpool can't even travel to Germany for their CL match and there is a very real possibility that we will go into next season with fans still banned from stadiums. If we go into next season with this form while still being unable to really buy or sell players it's gonna be even worse. It's so demoralizing watching the team suffer. Everything that could have gone wrong this season has and it's a fucking joke. We didn't get to celebrate our title and we have had to go through the worst luck while defending our title what the fuck man. The only thing I can do is hope that Jota comes back to help the forward line rest and the new defenders are good enough to allow our midfield to return, and then finally can this injury bug just leave us alone until the end of the season.
  9. Mikhail

    Liverpool 0 Brighton 1 (Feb 3 2021)

    I always considered this season to be a write-off because of COVID and the way the lack of fans would affect us but that Summer window got me. We got the best midfielder in the world, we got a backup for the front 3 and we got backup for our leftback. That is what a lot of fans wanted to be addressed and we got it. No one foresaw all three new players being missing for major chunks of the season and us losing our 3 first choice Centrebacks for the whole damn season. The fact that we got to such a dominant position in spite of these circumstances and the vendetta against us by the PGMOL where pundits and other teams were ready to hand the league to us is crazy. And then things went wrong. It's depressing watching the team finally break after 4 full seasons of greatness but I can't be too hard on them based on the circumstances.
  10. I knew United were gonna have a bad result eventually after which their fans would start complaining, because that club is just so predictable. The Gini situation is bringing the conversation around club loyalty into the light here, Gini is one of our most loyal players who has sacrificed his natural playing style and a higher salary with no complaints at all and now that he wants that same loyalty returned to him with a new contract the club is not playing ball. It just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth because if in the middle of his contract Gini started agitating for a move or downing tools until he got a new contract we would have been subjected to a discourse around club loyalty. This kind of shows other players that there is no point in staying loyal because clubs will more than likely not return the favor.
  11. Hey Dave, Awesome wrapup I would just add another thing to your list to be angry about this season: Klopp playing Jota in a nothing Champions League match leading to him getting injured for two months. I can understand us not replacing Lovren, I can even understand us not buying a replacement CB this window as Klopp doesn't just buy cover for the sake of it as we saw with him waiting 6 months for VVD but playing Jota in a match where we already were through and didn't need him is one of the craziest and potentially season altering decisions. Our defense is doing extremely well all things considered it's our misfiring front 3 that's the problem and the lack of Jota has a lot to do with that. Also fuck the referees in the UK, that entire Oliver interview smelled of him trying to save his reputation as "the best referee in the premier league" without throwing his mate David Coote under the bus. The funny thing is he didn't have to do that because if there's one thing the football media loves to do it's not hold referees accountable. He could have just ignored it and leave Liverpool fans to stew in our anger while other fans laughed at "the victims". Clattenburg also should have just shut the fuck up because all he did was confirm what everyone knew was happening with United under Fergie. And now he's retweeting people defending him by saying well actually he meant something else. I never liked that incompetent fuck but the fact that he confirmed he was basically the idiot I thought he was makes me feel good. Its not healthy how much I hate referees but when I easily access moments these fucks screwed us during seasons we missed out on the title by small margins in 2008/09, 2013/14 and 2018/19 it makes sense.
  12. I don't even consider myself a football fan anymore as Liverpool fan are the only ones I care about and watch. It's entirely because of my hatred for other fanbases and the football media because I knew when Klopp brought up our penalty record other fans would take the piss along with the media, just as I know they would refer to how much harder it must be now that LiVARpool is not getting all the decisions if we dared to we only have more fouls than Sheffield United. We're even getting shit from other teams as I am still confused by Chris Wilder calling Klopp selfish for wanting 5 substitutions. This season has felt harder than most because we have been getting it from all corners all at once. The fact that Everton were allowed to end the season of our best center back with no repercussion, and also remove our best midfielder for half of the season, while the ref of VAR screwed us out of 3 points with no explanation, and then we had our 3rd best centre injured in training for the fucking English national team, we also lost TAA for a while because Klopp was forced to keep him on the field because idiots like Chris Wilder prefer 3 subs to 5. I always considered this season a write-off because of COVID and if we won the league I would have seen it as a bonus but seeing how much better we are than the other teams and how much we've been fucked over to make this season competitive lets me really put my fucking tinfoil hat on that this entire season is a fucking stitchup
  13. Mikhail

    Premier League Round Up (Jan 1-2 2021)

    United are really starting to get too big for their britches OGS referring to Rafa's "Fact" Rant when asked about Klopp mentioning the fact that they have received more penalties in the 2 and a half seasons OGS has been at United than Klopp in his entire 5-year stint at Liverpool. They are feeling themselves a little too much for my liking and need to be brought back to reality
  14. Mikhail

    Premier League Round Up (Jan 1-2 2021)

    What the actual fuck?
  15. Mikhail

    Southampton 1 Liverpool 0 (Jan 4 2021)

    This was a great review Dave as it basically summed up all of my thoughts. The only thing I don't agree with is the suggestion that refs are hard on us because we're doing well. They've been doing this even when we were average the only thing that changed is the justification because now it's LiVARpool while the former bullshit narrative was that the Kop influences the ref to give soft penalties while during the 2017/18 season we got no fucking penalties in the premier league at Anfield. I hate it when we lose or draw matches where we played shit, Atalanta, West Brom, Newcastle and Fulham sucked to watch but I could take it because we were shit but matches like Everton, Brighton and Southampton just sticks in the brain because of just how fucking unfair it is. When I think of playing United what I remember is Origi getting fouled in the build up to their goal and VAR not even bothering to check so I'm nervous for that match.