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  1. They need to move players on in order to spend apparently in order to comply with FFP. That's why Guimares is continually being linked with a move away.
  2. Isak please. I want a proper ruthless bastard up front. That said I don't see us spending what it would take to get him.
  3. Hmmm..... I would argue against this. Because when it comes to He Man and the Masters of the Universe, the star of the show was, always has been and always will be Skeletor. I'd rather Anfield be Snake Mountain and Castle Greyskull be Old Trafford because I love 80s/90s cartoon villains and I can't believe we're having this conversation!
  4. "Castle Greyskull" will never, ever fail to make me laugh.
  5. My point here is just that they made changes because the FA Cup is not their priority. Their priority is the league and getting out of it as soon as possible.
  6. The FA Cup is a magnet for cliches. Cliches, and squad rotation for upper mid table Championship teams.
  7. It's not just me mentioning law of averages - I'm not the bad guy here!
  8. Even though I'm biased because I am a contributor, the podcast rules. It's just three or four friends talking about football. No glitz, no razzmatazz (I do appreciate the new microphone though Dave!) just a conversation you'd have in a pub with your mates.
  9. You can write what I know about golf on the back of a stamp. But that's a seriously nice piece.
  10. My personal view is that 5 subs is not only good for us, it's good for every club and for the development of youth team players. The experience that McConnell, Bobby Clark and so on are getting is going to drive their game to a higher level. Obviously our squad goes deeper than a lot of teams but for the likes of Crystal Palace, Fulham etc, the 5 subs is a great way to get their talented youth team players more time on the pitch. It's a no brainer. I understood the argument some teams had against it and it is much more beneficial to the Liverpools of the world in the long run, but having the chance to expose kids to first team football is going to drive standards up across the board.
  11. We had a small section which is where the away end usually is for smaller teams midweek. Think a Bournemouth or a Fulham when they bring half an away end. Things like that really bother me, I am wondering if it's just a cup thing and it probably is - why would I want to be sat closer to Chelsea fans?!
  12. My book will be out just in time for pre-season!
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