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It’s all built on sand and they know it. Harry revealed it all when he said they’re petrified of the press turning against them and dance to their tune just so they can keep hoarding all this wealth before the greater public start to question it all.


It’s a shame this country’s sleepwalked right into the the last 12 years of a Tory / Royalty stranglehold. 

To see Wills kneeling and swearing allegiance  before those who murdered his mother shows where his loyalties lie.

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3 hours ago, Bobby Hundreds said:

They're are a mafia family who became so powerful they took control and now still to this day every single one of us pays them Pizzu. Monarchy needs abolishing, leave them with a few million take back every single thing else, all the businesses, the assets all the contracts and wealth they gathered purely because of their position. At leastvthe Italian mafia make people in secrecy with the burning of a picture of a Saint and an oath! ours drive round in fucking carriages made of gold wearing jewelery stolen from other lands and tell the whole country to swear allegiance with our national anthem being about them and not the country.


Say they did give back all the assets, yes that's great, but how does it help anyone when they're all sold to Saudi's or turned into English Heritage attractions?  Fuck English Heritage. 

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5 hours ago, Harry Squatter said:

Still don't understand why people support them. They do absolutely nothing for the country and don't give a shit about anyone but themselves. When they demanded the taxpayer pay for Buckingham Palace to the tune of £360m barely any of the bootlickers batted an eyelid. Yet you still have bad knobheads who say they bring money into the country from Tourism even though they choose when to pay tax and claim everything they can get their sausage fingers on. 


It's just this faux patriotic bollocks that gets force fed to people and how the country is unique compared to other countries As we have a set of ridiculously rich weirdos who get everything paid for and never lift a finger to assist their loyal subjects. 


Watching it before was like watching some film and it didn't feel like real life. Just some big budget Richard Curtis film for an American audience. 


People are thick


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3 hours ago, johnsusername said:

The absolute state of this. 


Genuinely one of the strangest things I've ever seen. The crowns look photoshopped on. It was weird watching them move because you could tell they didn't want the crowns to fall off their hearts

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