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    Steamed through all of this in about a week, magnificent show. Feels like a watershed moment in modern 'nerd' culture or whatever they want to call it too. For too long now you've had beloved franchises like Star Wars, Star Trek, and Ghostbusters being retconned by twats who cared nothing for the material, very often taking the easy way out and just turning them into half arsed social justice warrior commentary. Then when the traditional fans don't respond to the material, they're accused of being sexist/racist and the rest. I watched the new Star Trek discovery after I'd finished this, with some fat spotty bird taking the captain's chair facing off against a 'strong female villain" and some of the worst dialogue and writing I've ever seen on TV. The difference couldn't have been bigger. The Mandalorian has a diverse cast, it has strong female characters, but they're all in context, they're not indestructible and perfect nor are they bland and boring. And guess what, traditional fans love it. Let's hope the penny drops now and we see these lazy bastards booted out and replaced with passionate creatives who genuinely love the material and, dare I say it, create good stories with good characters. I have spoken.
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    Bruce Spanner - purveyor of crisps, booze and smiles. Completely selfless, decent, kind and humble human being. Thank you Bruce, our little community here in The Mighty GF is much better for having you a part of it.
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    My mate got this, what different worlds we live in.
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    How the fuck is that rat Fernandes still on the pitch and why didn't the useless fucking var get involved bent as fuck
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    Too many to mention have helped through a bastard year which bastardness shows no sign of letting up. You know who you are, much love people.
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    Greetings from the MCG on this Boxing/Stephen's Day... where Australia's batsmen continue to be in the shit.
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    Imagine seeing a young family this happy (and this cute) and deciding to be offended by it. Religion makes people fucking weird at times.
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    Harry Macguire - the only professional footballer that turns slower than fresh fruit
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    Some of Leicester's defending makes it seem like they're managed by Brendan Rodgers.
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    Reading that he has a special programme ' Death to 2020 ' available on Netflix from tomorrow , the 27th. All the usual suspects , Cunk etc , plus a sprinkling of Hollywood celebs , Gwynneth Paltrow and Samuel L Jackson
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    Got this dvd as a Christmas present. 2019/20 premier league season. Wow. Absolutely fantastic, get it!
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    Cut in half and sauteed with pancetta or bacon. That's how you cook sprouts. Can't have them with Christmas dinner down this half of the planet though, they're a winter veg and its summer as fuck here right now.
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    Enjoy the season you massive cunts. Just think of the farting going on worldwide to those who have proper values and morals and eat sprouts
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    Might have to change the thread title to 'Tier 5' soon.
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    Now there’s a man who likes to live life dangerously!
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    Recently bought a decent van to convert into a camper , my new year project . Just weighing up my solar power set up , and my Chinese diesel heater has arrived . Looking forward to a few peaceful off grid excursions.
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    New on youtube....thought be good to share. Merry Christmas.
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    Most brassicas are great roasted, they get a lovely nutty flavour to them. I like sprouts, any which way really, but I've still never managed to successfully grown some in the veg plot. I couldn't get the seed this year but 2021 will be the year! On topic - yes they are. The dog had one with his dinner and almost cleared the house with his after dinner farts last night.
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    He would be an absolutely massive miss. If he would sign a new contract write one up but with Klopp how attractive a club we are im less worried about losing top players than previously. Klopp is the superstar.
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    Looks fit , we will talk about the plate in a few days x
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