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  1. elvis

    The IPTV Thread

    I get the requirement for a Vpn I just hope my bband can keep up
  2. elvis

    The IPTV Thread

    Is right!
  3. elvis

    The IPTV Thread

    I've had the same , switched over tonight but long winded but the new app seems good and catch up footy to boot . Existing subs good to go also until renewal obviously .
  4. elvis

    Static Caravans

    Go for it , we lived in Warrington for a while before moving to the iom and having a caravan made weekends so much more fun . It's important to have that ability to get away as much as you need to. Go for it , they're not that expensive - probably a Facebook page or two on the topic edit to say just don't go anywhere near Rhyl .
  5. elvis

    Living Remotely or Off Grid

    Got myself a cheap Chinese diesel heater off the net £85 , what a piece of kit , pumps out oodles of heat for pennies worth of diesel or kerosene . If you have a shed , garage or any other place you like to escape to - get one .
  6. elvis

    Travel bucket list

    One of the reasons I'd like to see Cuba , I'd be in heaven watching all those old American cars driving around . Unfortunately my "wife" lacks any sense of adventure unless it involves guzzling down wine at all times of the day
  7. elvis


    Not quite , few dozen pubs over here on the Iom still ticking over . Weird sitting here totally bad normal , while gazing over at the lake District in the distance knowing all hell is still breaking loose . Very grim
  8. elvis

    Travel bucket list

    Hmm , might need to update my bucket list
  9. elvis

    Travel bucket list

    There might be another thread , but I don't care I have done a bit of travel but nowhere near enough . I'd really love to see some of the big US cities in particular new York , San Francisco and maybe Los Angeles as I have a niece living there . I really want to see the downtown neighborhoods although I'd probably shit myself . I think I'd be in total awe of the place , just to actually visit all the spots I've seen like forever on TV Cuba is also a country I need to see before it changes completely.
  10. "You're the one to make me cry", beautiful CH song about a new Zealand rugby player being adrift in the ocean . One of the best songs ever written .
  11. Crowded house , Neil Finn is one of the most underrated/unrecognised songwriters ever .
  12. elvis

    Living Remotely or Off Grid

    No problem, going to carry on with the insulation this week then ply out and plan lay out . I only have 3m from bulkhead to rear doors so not particularly expansive.
  13. It was great until it went shit. That Swede is nuts
  14. elvis

    Living Remotely or Off Grid

    Recently bought a decent van to convert into a camper , my new year project . Just weighing up my solar power set up , and my Chinese diesel heater has arrived . Looking forward to a few peaceful off grid excursions.