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  1. Are there any decent newish Scandinavian series out at all , anyone know? Seen the bridge and the killing etc , but not heard of any new ones
  2. elvis

    The New IPTV Thread

    I've loaded it on my firestick , better than the others imo
  3. elvis

    The New IPTV Thread

    Anyone got the new tivi app on OG ? Pretty good
  4. elvis

    Man City - the new bitters?

    If Gerrard wasn't in charge I'd be more worried
  5. elvis

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    You are a touchy cunt though , to be fair though Stacksy
  6. elvis

    Ibrahima Konaté

    This , goal threat from corners and hopefully strong in our box against Rudiger. I'm ok with him and I reckon Matip will be the pick for the other final.
  7. elvis

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Wasn't the judge in charge of the investigation getting a bit pissed with the lack of haste being shown ?
  8. Ha , quality I've a daughter just like him - no fucking about.
  9. elvis

    Tory Country

    My late brother had two strokes , the second a major one and the cunts still made him jump through hoops and told him he was fit for work though the absolutely wasn't. He couldn't walk more than a hundred yards and his speech was seriously impaired. You're up against some seriously fucked up callous cunts if you dare to fall sick in the UK.
  10. Anyone know of a reliable place , where I definitely can't see this match online ? Asking for my brother who's stick in hosi. Pm if possible , thanks
  11. elvis

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Think he may be tempted by juventus or maybe Milan, depending if they have enough to bankroll him