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  1. elvis

    Alternative 'rona thread

    My wife was hospitalised for this after her booster 6 weeks ago . Just thought I'd say
  2. elvis

    Christmas 2021

    Ha top grumpiness that
  3. Need to stick with the first series , then it gets really good. Brilliant TV
  4. elvis


    https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/dec/03/italian-man-tries-to-dodge-covid-vaccine-wearing-fake-arm Pretty impressive ingenuity .
  5. elvis

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    Does anyone ride these coins on a daily basis ? Even with fees there still seems to be money to be made .
  6. elvis

    Stop shouting shoot

    This . Shockingly small-time bollocks
  7. elvis

    The IPTV Thread

    Sniff .......sniff......
  8. elvis

    Rate the last film you watched...

    That's some will power mate seeing as it was made like 18 years ago
  9. elvis

    The IPTV Thread

    Try BeeTv , free android app and it's been great for me as I rewatch The Wire Here's a link for set-up https://www.firesticktricks.com/beetv.html
  10. elvis

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    I thought I'd bought £150 worth via coinbase , turns out I bought bitcoin. Think I need lessons
  11. elvis

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    How much are you in for?
  12. elvis


    Not seen that , on my list for tonight
  13. elvis


    Great track , David ruffin was also a favourite of mine