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  1. elvis

    Prince Philip...

    Fireworks outside anfield followed by southern outrage. Can't wait
  2. elvis

    Prince Philip...

    Some fucking royalist toff practically crying on radio 5 - truly astonishing
  3. Nah , Naby'll be good . Have faith . Funky faith
  4. elvis


    She was actually a very nice little ol' dear, with surprisingly good aim. Other than an arm that feels like it's been run over , no other side effects as yet. Pfizer rules
  5. I find it hard to understand that comment given your love for "succession" , which in my opinion is vastly overrated and sports some of the worst acting I've seen. Opinions
  6. I think it's very good personally. Others disagree . Solid 8 for me
  7. elvis


    Booked in this affy for Pfizer jab , not particularly looking forward to some half wit Manx bint stabbing me in arm but I'll be happy enough if I get a decent night's sleep and no major side effects. My daughter was rotten with Oxford jobby
  8. elvis

    Fans back in stadiums

    14th definitely won't happen , but champions League final and euros should be played wherever a full house is possible . I don't give a fuck if it's UK or Holland , I wont be watching any more matches at empty stadium's once our season ends
  9. Fuck me , are you lot living in the wild west or something? Sounds like you need some proper vigilante's taking to the streets , how the fuck do you sleep at night with all the stress?
  10. elvis

    Report: Inter keen on Origi

    I think they'll get a lot more than that for him
  11. elvis

    Other football - 2020/21

    They've had no pressure since Xmas because we've been shit , think that makes a big difference
  12. elvis

    Other football - 2020/21

    I think Mo will go while we can still get big money for him . I hope that's not the case but I think it is
  13. elvis

    Other football - 2020/21

    I'd agree , your average Joe could win a cup of two , but they won't last long - then a Chelsea style manager-go-round will start up when they do nothing in Europe. Dortmund could beat them , but it'll be a tough one. Can't see anyone but Bayern winning it to be honest though
  14. elvis

    Other football - 2020/21

    When pep gets bored and fucks off , so will the trophy trail . Just like when sir Bob left , only he left with his head held ( justifiably) high.