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  1. elvis

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Nowt wrong with that , you pleb - you you just can't read it proper
  2. elvis

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Always thought of myself as pretty thick like , a point you seemed to agree with not so long ago . So .....?
  3. I've been on opera for ages and never seen that little blue vpn icon ever ? Wtf ?
  4. elvis

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Some nonsense here mate , he's a top player who was getting right into his prime scoring free kicks and goals from outside the box with amazing regularity - before his head was turned . He joined a club with no patience with both fans and board alike , and that was his downfall . Never was and never will be a 20 goals a season man , its not his thing . To say he's nowhere near the quality of salah and mane is wrong imo . Great number 10 but I'm not arsed if he comes back here or not - let Klopp decide that , personally I doubt he'll ever play for us again
  5. Hmm , started off slowly , picked up pace and then went a bit odd . 6/10 for me
  6. elvis


    I could live with that , them bears though .........
  7. elvis


    That's actually pretty funny Clap clap
  8. elvis

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Don't be so bloody fucking sensible , there's no need for that at all .
  9. Anyone seen The Lawyer ? , scandinavian thriller series Watched the first one last night , not overly impressed to be honest - is it worth persevering ?
  10. yup , same here - completely lost the plot
  11. elvis

    Report: Reds re-enter Coutinho race

    Just out of interest , how was he any worse than Suarez ? Until the semi with Barca pretty much everyone would have had him back . His antics in trying to force a move were a lot worse than coutinho's . His free kicks alone would be enough for me to swallow my pride . Not sure about klopp though
  12. elvis

    Who will replace her? NSFT

    Strange how there is no mention of this on the Beeb , so far as I can see anyhow
  13. elvis

    Rate the last film you watched...

    And I'm not smart . Hmm their you go