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    My stream is so far fucking behind our sponsor is crown paints.
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    Just won my second CAMRA award. Leeds pub of the month for March. Get the fuck in.
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    Have LFC Just Dropped A Huge Hint To Bald Man City Supremo Pep Guardiola That We’re Winning The League? Click Here.
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    They could have released it before the EU referendum. Wankers.
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    This sums it up quite well Same goes for discussion of single-sex spaces. If you’re proposing to radically alter the social norms around entry to spaces where women get undressed, and you don’t even think that should be critically discussed, you’re a joke and a disgrace.
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    There was some bloke stood in front of me in the queue in the shop earlier with a bottle of hand sanitiser attached to his belt like fucking pepper spray. Is this some new form of social boasting by melts? I was sorely tempted to start dry coughing over him to see if I could make him run, but didn’t want to spook the other people stood there. By all means carry a bottle in your pocket or bag, but strutting around with it on your belt like some sort of gunslinger? Fuck right off.
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    Love VAR. Since being brought in refs shit out of making any decisions, then it goes to VAR which rarely changes anything. End result - worse decisions. Great stuff.
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    This is decent for anyone that wants a cheap way of punting on Tuesday - https://www.888sport.com/bttc-racing35/?utm_source=aff&utm_medium=casap
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    Benteke one on one with the keeper trumps it mate
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    Milner taking no shit from Tierney. Good lad.
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    I can't help thinking they should be having another look.
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    We need to be absolutely horrific if we win the league. I am going to go on about it forever just to piss the cunts off. You would think that they would have some humility or get back in their fucking box after our reserves humiliated them in the FA cup but they just carry on. I hope they fucking choke on their own vomit in April or May
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    My missus said that this morning as well. To be fair, it was 3:30 am and I'd just fallen over taking my trousers off and woken her up, but still.
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    You're probably all bored with my repeatedly posting cat pix on holiday, but frankly my dears, I couldn't give a damn. You're worth it, as are they. This is the Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas in Ho Chi Minh City. Guess who Roger found hiding in amongst the ludicrous iconography....?
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    I'd have preferred him staying off the pitch.
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    Writing 'fuck off' in about ten threads is not something most on here will do. It's basically spam,or luncheon meat if you are posh like me.
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    Someone will soon do a 'Downfall' clip about Hitler's last days. I'll piss myself.