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  1. Vincent Vega

    Mohamed Salah

    He’s definitely a blue, did a stint at the Daily Post years ago. Oliver Holt did as well but he’s actually a Manc who pretends he supports Stockport.
  2. Vincent Vega

    Mohamed Salah

    The soft shite doesn’t see the irony in him getting paid around £200k a year for writing shite like that, I bet he doesn’t see himself as extremely fortunate not to have to worry about the bills. And to get all snotty that Mo is staying at some plush villa, I bet he’s never treated himself to some five star luxury has he? Football journalist in shock at the fact top footballers are very well paid is one of the most boring topics they do.
  3. Vincent Vega

    Boris Johnson

    Interesting from Cummings about that Johnson and Carrie cuckold at The Scum.
  4. Vincent Vega

    American Politics

    Surely if they tried that shit we would just see a large number of Democrat states looking at enacting secession from the union? The USA wouldn’t be half as powerful as it currently is without the money generated from New York State and California.
  5. Vincent Vega

    Mohamed Salah

    Love this.
  6. Vincent Vega

    Mohamed Salah

    I wouldn’t call that long term. Edit - I’m guessing it’s a typo.
  7. Vincent Vega

    Mohamed Salah

    Get in.
  8. Vincent Vega

    BBC Glastonbury Coverage

    Enjoyed Snoop Dogg before on BBC2, good to see him do so much from the Doggystyle album. Gorillaz on now, not really big into them, but they've sounded pretty good from what I've heard so far. Anyone I should be looking out for apart from the obvious?
  9. Vincent Vega

    Irritating celebrity fans

    I had 5 Live on earlier before the match started and that Colin Murray was the presenter. He makes out he is Liverpool's number one fan, but seems to have been one match in his life (Istanbul) and was quick to tell everyone he had a tattoo done in honour of number 5. Anyway, he starts going on about Everton being turned down for the stadium this week and then goes on to pronounce Kirkby as kirk-bee and tells the listeners that this is in the Wirral. What a fuckin' gimp!
  10. Vincent Vega

    BBC Glastonbury Coverage

    Jason’s succinct reaction on Twitter to the 2019 election result was my favourite. ”Gammon Mad Max”
  11. Vincent Vega

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    £55m is more than City paid us for him, and I would say he’s hardly moved on from the promising young English player we sold. He’s also a year away from being able to leave for nothing.
  12. Vincent Vega

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    Chelsea are still getting had off regardless.
  13. It’s mad how small Anfield looked before we started to redevelop post the Taylor report. This is from 1989.
  14. Vincent Vega

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    Sterling to Chelsea for a reported £55m when he’s got just a year left on his contract has a whiff of City over inflating the transfer fee received for ffp purposes. But why would Chelsea play along now they’re under new American ownership? Surely Chelsea aren’t actually going to pay £55m when they’ve seen Mané go to Bayern for £35 including add ons?
  15. Vincent Vega

    Fuck UEFA And Fuck The French Lying Cunts

    Somebody is worried about their job. What a volte face.
  16. Vincent Vega

    Keir Starmer

    Even more alarming.
  17. Vincent Vega

    Boris Johnson

    The Madness Of King Boris.
  18. Vincent Vega

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Malachai still gives me nightmares to this day.
  19. Vincent Vega

    BBC Glastonbury Coverage

    I was pissing myself at his patches on his denim, Pink Floyd, Slayer and The Strokes. I bet the soft twat would shit his kecks if he heard Hell Awaits.
  20. Vincent Vega

    BBC Glastonbury Coverage

    McCartney has fucked this. Nobody is here for Wings or any solo self-indulgent shit, it needs to be wall to wall Beatles especially as it’s likely to be the last time he headlines.
  21. Vincent Vega

    Scruff Behaviour

    Haha, that was me but with pineapple instead of potato salad.