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    So this conspiracy that whether by VAR, PEDs, referees or other teams.... it's all just come together this season? A cast of thousands including many of them that hate us have come together to ensure we win it? Sounds legit. If only they had put their heads together to sort Brexit, global warming or global peace instead. What we are seeing here is a coping strategy. Rather than deal with the truth of a situation it's far easier for some to invent a strategy where there's a seemingly logical explanation to explain it away. So Liverpool aren't brilliant, it's that everyone else is shit, or refs want us to win, or VAR is somehow gifting us something. Coping strategies are normally a good thing but when the person using them is blocking reality then that is where the trouble begins. I put some of it down to participation trophies, you're teaching kids that nobody loses. When these weaklings come across a situation (i.e. real life) in which they're not suddenly winning when losing then they lose their heads. I understand city being angry, deluded, bitter etc. Imagine if you will that you play monopoly professionally and that it is televised. Now you've been on Ebay and you've bought a shit load of monopoly money and stuffed your pockets so much with it that you can hardly walk. Now each time you play you simply blow everyone else away and everyone congratulates you on how well you played. Now imagine if suddenly a player that simply was skilful starts winning instead, you'd be incensed, how the hell are they winning? They must also be cheating. I've actually read city fans crying about us cheating and of course they totally miss the whole point that they have been financially doped and if they hadn't been they'd be currently playing in the Sherpa Van trophy in the championship. They literally bought a seat at the top table and of course Sky love them. Yes coping strategies come in all shapes and sizes and the more extreme the strategies the more that person must be hurting. It genuinely makes me warm inside that rival fans (and bitters) are hurting so much, believe me you retarded fucks, IF we pull this off we are going to make your lives as unbearable as fuck. We put our kids out in a competition we didn't want to win and we outplayed your first team with your European cup winning manager. What a total disgrace of a club they are and the joke of the city.
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    Volume difference between talking and sound effects on TV. I can't hear what they're saying so I turn it right up and then there's an explosion and I have a heart attack. I've forever got the remote in my hand adjusting the volume level. I'm sure I've brought this one up before but it's a major first world problem.
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    The 23s host Southampton at the Academy this evening. Kick off at 19:00, with live coverage on the offal from 18:30. Alles ist gut will post the team news once he sees it, and I'll likely duplicate his post a brief moment later...
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    The house of delusions is cheap to build, but drafty to live in.
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    Worse than on here ? Fuck me I'd pay to see that
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    Report by Dave Usher Theres been a lot of bollocks spouted in the aftermath of this game so let me cut through all that before going any further: The truth is that Spurs were shite and deserved nothing. Anyone suggesting otherwise is talking a steaming pile of pure Zlatan. I know they missed chances and some of them are kidding themselves into thinking they were ’unlucky’ (if they want to completely overlook the chances we missed at the other end). That’s the predictable narrative spun by Mourinho, but it’s fucking nonsense. It’s all about trying to justify his cowardly approach to a crowd who have always been staunchly against that type of ‘football’. Maybe some Spurs fans will swallow it, but that doesn’t make it true. Here’s what happened. Tottenham tried to Mourinho the shit out of the game and to some degree it worked, but they lost. Tough shit. If you play with that kind of cowardice you don’t get to cry about what you ‘deserve’, especially when you ‘deserve’ nothing. Maybe if you’d shown even the tiniest bit of ambition you might have gotten something, but you didn’t, and you didn’t. So fuck off. The only time Spurs looked dangerous was when we gave them the ball through our own complacency. Why were we so complacent? Because they were fucking shite and it was too easy for us. They played like a plucky underdog in a cup match. Or to put it another way, they played like a Mourinho team. He did this with Chelsea and Man United and he did it against far less accomplished Liverpool sides than this one. So Jurgen will have known exactly what to expect. This is who he is. It’s what he does. He was probably made up that Kane was injured as it gave him the excuse he needed to park the bus. “Look at us with all of our injuries, trying to take on the best team in Europe so short handed. We had to play like that, aren’t my lads brave”. His brand of football is ten years past it’s sell by date. Enjoy, Spurs fans. This is your new reality. It’s incredible how far we’ve pulled away from Spurs in the last 12 months and with him in charge that’s not going to change any time soon. From the first few minutes of the game I thought it was glaringly obvious just how big the gulf was between the sides. They looked terrified of us. It shouldn’t have been like that because Spurs have got loads of good players and have shown plenty of times they can win without Kane. In fact, Son and Lucas Moura worry me far more than Kane does. We’ve generally edged the meetings we’ve had in recent seasons but they’ve always gone toe to toe with us and given us some of the most difficult games we’ve had. They could have tried to go toe to toe with us again because they know they can do it and besides, what did they have to lose really? The league table shows how much better than them we are but in head to head games it’s always been difficult for us. It’s not as though the result was going to be season defining for them, so they could have given it a go. It says everything about Mourinho though that nobody ever thought for a second they would. This game was too easy for us and that was the thing that caused us a problem. It really shouldn’t have been as close as it was because Spurs played with a massive inferiority complex and we should have buried them by half time. This is just a teaser, click to view the full article Please note that Match Reports are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
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    So we draw a couple of games game and it hands City the title ? Christ you have no faith in this team at all, and your maths is skewed to fuck. Last I checked we were a fuckload of points ahead and not behind, and City will still only be given 3 points for a win. And as for striking fear into opponents, there's at least 7 teams this season they haven't done that to. They might even go unbeaten to the end of the season but with their current defensive frailties they'll be dropping more points along the way. They're simply not going to win every game. They can't afford to drop ANY points now, and we can. I don't see any realistic scenario that has City winning every game now and us losing 6 or more.
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    We’re getting her Thursday afternoon...
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    Southall is probably my favourite, followed by Reid. Trevor Steven and Arteta get honourable mentions. Oh and that little ginger git who scored in the 89 final - inconsistent but could turn it on every five games Finally a nod to Derek Mountfield who had a quite magnificent tache
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    Scrapper Blackwell - Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
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    Bollocks to losing seats for a screen..... you want to watch a screen watch it at home.
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    It's your finger we're worried about.
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    Somebody clearly didn't have the makings of a varsity athlete.
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    Every time I put socks away or get socks out of my sock drawer, when I close it there's always a bit of sock poking out. Boils my fucking piss.
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    Really want us to bum these dead hard. Never ever forget what these horrible bastards have been like for about 20 years of winning everything....time to rub their fucking noses in it good and proper. 20 fucking years of those horrible manc bastards lording it over everybody... Mocking us, rubbing our noses in it. All the media kissing their arses. Referees favouring them. All the last minute winners they got. Trophy after trophy after trophy. The smug horrible bastards winning everything. Now they are literally shite, their dynasty over and a club in dire straits....and it is time for us to kick them and kick them hard whilst they are down. Have no sympathy for them, don't even look at them and shrug and call them irrelevant - enjoy every moment of their decline, and hopefully it will last and last and get worse and worse for them. Enjoy watching the horrible fucking rats suffer.
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    Dusty has been in to get her fanny operated on...
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    Have you tried discussing politics with her?
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    No shit...I was getting score updates on that game in the waiting area of the hospital while they prepped my wife for an emergency C-section. Within an hour my twin boys were born at 27.5 weeks! This was yesterday. Fair to say they've been good luck charms for Klopp's Red Machine. Cheers boys!