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  1. Exactly. They probably won't drop out of the top 4 to qualify for a tournament they've been banned from. They are also more than 8 games behind Liverpool with only 10 to play. And they have their eye on taking Liverpool's European crown.
  2. It will be also interesting to follow the studies being done of the link between Vitamin D deficiency and increased risk of CV. Should that become solidly linked, it would theoretically change a lot of the lockdown protocol.
  3. A_S

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Shh-uperb, that! Damn, I miss Richie. One of the greats.
  4. A_S

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Saw Noel do an acoustic set in Melbourne around 2006 or so. He asked if anyone was from Manchester, to which he got a number of cheers. His response- 'If it's so great, why'd you move to the other side of the fucking world?'.
  5. This could be great. Win #19 in very unusual circumstances, with all the motivation in the world to do it again in front of their supporters. A 2-for-1 maybe?
  6. A_S

    Other Football - 2019/20

    His elbow to Karius' head certainly didn't help matters though.
  7. Fucking hell, what an incredibly self-absorbed answer.
  8. It's hilarious reading Sterling's comments re going back once it's safe for the staff too...then apply it to the people of UAE, who the owners of his team have direct influence over.
  9. So Danny Rose is talking about his mental health issues one minute, then says he doesn't give a fuck about the nation's morale in the next. Am I missing something?
  10. Arguing that neutral venues compromise the league's integrity then in the next breath wanting relegation scrapped...fucking hell.
  11. Penetrated by Elton John! Ah well, maybe he could sing a few tunes while bumming me.
  12. One hand, one bounce for backyard cricket. That way you can still hold your beer while fielding.