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  1. Imagine being one of those young lads that played tonight, and seeing or hearing that quote. FMD you'd be walking on air for days.
  2. Brooks. And how could he not at least send the ref to the monitor for a challenge that has seen a player stretchered off, FFS?
  3. Cleared by Brooks. Nothing to see here. Oh, a player is injured from a reckless tackle? Tough shit. Unbelievable.
  4. Shaping up as a fairly spectacular day of Test cricket right now. 27 years this Saturday since the Windies last won a Test on Australian soil...young Joseph has immortalised himself already after 2 Tests.
  5. Don't want these cunts winning a door prize this season, let alone a trophy. Not now.
  6. You make an interesting point at the end...if City were found not guilty and/or only given the proverbial slap on the wrist, the announcement of a breakaway Super League minus City would get a lot more backing than the original proposal.
  7. It's crazy- more media would kick up a fuss about a player skipping a drug test, as he might've taken a hit on a bong at a party the night before a game and panicked when the testers came knocking. Yet this shit rolls on year after year and fuck all is said.
  8. Was expecting Dirk to get a shout. Alas...
  9. A left-footed Gomez, essentially. Would do nicely.
  10. How Odegaard escaped a single yellow for dissent, I'll never know.
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