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  1. Could've only been better if Ederson had fucked up his spot kick.
  2. Cards for faking a head injury wouldn't go amiss. Fucking Ben Shite cunt
  3. Yep, switched off at 2-3, made the kids breakfast, checked again and it's 4-3! Hilarious, but also annoyed I missed it!
  4. Isn't Haaland meant to be at RM around that time too? And Mbappe?
  5. Doing zero favours for other women trying to make their way in the game.
  6. Fernandes should've had another yellow for dissent...petulant little cunt.
  7. Arsenal have Spurs away, Wolves away, Mancs away in April too...
  8. Aside from City and Arsenal drawing each other, this has turned out about as well as you could hope.
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