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  1. A_S


    His footwork approaching the goal line says it all. He knew exactly where he was.
  2. A_S

    Virgil Van Dijk

    His 5 games qualify him for a premier league medal, yes?
  3. After the last 2 matches where there were 3x deflected goals, a season-ending injury resulting in a free kick against and a late winner denied by an absurd offside call, I think this team is allowed a little luck. 3 points, a clean sheet and no further injuries is massive after the last couple of weeks.
  4. A_S

    Virgil Van Dijk

    So they tell players to play to the whistle, then tell officials to put the whistle away until the latest possible moment, then say all that occurs in between is void due to the retrospective whistle that should've theoretically been blown already. What. A. Farce.
  5. A_S

    Other football - 2020/21

    No, VAR has come to their rescue again. SAVED!!
  6. Fucking hell, while they're busy drawing their bent lines, the actual ball leaving Thiago's boot is an elongated blur! There is no way they can rule an exact line while not being 100% certain of the moment the ball leaves the boot.
  7. If they want to create a scenario where players keep playing well beyond the actual offside incident, then fouls should be able to be called as if it were a normal phase of play. Tim Cahill even called it reckless FFS
  8. Where'd you steal that picture of me??
  9. On a personal note, brilliant timing for this game. Aussie Rules semi-final tonight, then this huge game starting not 15 minutes after it's completed. Perfect.
  10. A_S

    Jurgen Norbert Klopp

    What a man
  11. Speaking of Robbo, a back pass that bounces up and hits the keeper in the midriff is not a good one. Adrian could have obviously done better with one less touch, but that pass did him no favours at all.