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  1. A_S

    Porto (A) Champions League 17/4/2019

    - Liverpool beat Cardiff - Newcastle beat Southampton - Newcastle 10 points clear of Cardiff with 3 to play, ie safe! - Rafa plays his u23s against Liverpool as a show of appreciation. - Warnock's head explodes.
  2. A_S

    Cardiff (A) Premier League 21/4/19

    Who'd have thought Cardiff away would be as big as Barcelona away? Yet here we are.
  3. A_S

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Funny how the lack of VAR cost them against Liverpool, yet the use of it this season cost them again!
  4. A_S

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Given the crazty nature if this game, how both teams respond will be fascinating to watch. Technically, City won at the Etihad!
  5. A_S

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    No dodgy FA loopholes to prevent VAR this time. To think they should've been out of the Cup and only scraped the LC on pens too.
  6. A_S

    Porto (A) Champions League 17/4/2019

    Yep, exactly. Physically less games, yes, but emotionally that is about the worst way to go out. Utterly deflating for them, fucking hilarious for everybody else!
  7. A_S

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Am I the only one who missed the last 20 minutes of the reds' game to witness that hilarity?? What an utterly deflating way to go out.
  8. A_S

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    City go to Brighton on the final day, so it could be a massive scrap there potentially.
  9. A_S

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    If there's one cunt who wouldn't get tired of the 'balmy night in Barcelona' shite, it's the smug little goblin. Unless he wants a balmy night in Baku, he'd probably want to get his team up for their derby.