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  1. BCM

    Positive Thinking

    Its the palace away, tottenham home, united away in the space of a week im looking at. I think that could be a massive turning point if we can hit some form
  2. BCM

    Mohamed Salah

    More of decision making really. He needs to get his head up more and make the right decision instead of always looking for gaps to shoot. I dont care if he gets the 50 goal thing this season or next season and neither should he. Id be just as made up if he got 1 goal and 12 assists than if he got 12 goals and 1 assist. Our decision making in the final 3rd is woefull and that goes for the other two as well. The back 5 have been carrying the front 6 for most of the season.
  3. BCM

    Mohamed Salah

    Couldnt finish his dinner at the moment. Id love to see someone like fowler coaching maybe one day a week, think it would benefit our front 3 massively. Seems a big problem with composure and decision making around the box
  4. BCM

    Positive Thinking

    1 point off the top on the 4th march. Love it. Wasnt too long ago our title challenges were over by november
  5. BCM


    He is a brilliant signing and will be a mainstay of that midfield for years as long as we are challenging for major honours.
  6. BCM

    Man Utd (A) Sun 24/2/19

    No bravery on the ball in the final 3rd at all. Does anyone know what book de gea was reading. Like said above we keep putting in performances like this attacking wise city will walk the league. Attack needs overhaul in the summer. I dont think mane did one thing right all afternoon
  7. BCM

    Man Utd (A) Sun 24/2/19

    Our attack has been shite all season bar a couole of games. Laid bare today. We need attackers in the summer. So naive in the final 3rd. Also kenny needs to teach mo how to protect a ball with his back to goal. Far too easily to bully off the ball
  8. I think the fact Brady has indicated he wants to carry on regardless of result, may spur Brees on to keep going for a bit, the Saints are very close to being a great team. Drew looks to me like he still has a lot left in the tank.......... Well when youve watched Eli all season he does.
  9. Can't blame you to be honest. Might be the worst blown call ive ever seen and in such a big game. With that and Dee Ford lining up offside on the interception should have two different teams vying it out
  10. Who's staying up for the big game sunday then. Cant help feel this superbowl is a bit tainted after what happened to the Saints. Saying that..... I hope the Rams win
  11. BCM

    VAR Thoughts?

    If you think VAR is going to cure bad decisions from officials you are in for a big surprise.
  12. BCM

    Leicester (H) 30/01/19

    This. Its all well and good singing when we are 3 -0 up. They need us when we are struggling. They need the crowd to give them a boost and put the shits right up the opposition. Anfield should be a bearpit for the last 7 home games. Your desperate for the league title........ well you should be going home fucked and hoarse after those 7 games.
  13. BCM

    Naby Keita

    His confidence looks really low at the moment. Not writing him off by a long way yet.
  14. BCM

    Leicester (H) 30/01/19

    Its called context though isnt it.. This side has accumalated more points after 24 games than any Liverpool side in history. After 24 games in rodgers title run 47 points After 24 games in rafas title run 51 points After 24 games in klopps title run 61 points
  15. BCM

    Jordan henderson: Captain

    Is that the one where the lad beat Matip and another and squared it in the box, if so yeh that was a mistake, but on the whole i thought he did well considering.