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  1. BCM


    Blaming him for tonight...........Really.
  2. How is Adrian(2nd choice gk) getting the blame for our 1st choice strikers failing to create one decent chance
  3. Just came on to post the same. If i could pick one game to lose at the start of this season this would be it. We will win our home games and pick up at least another win out of the other two away. Focuses the mind for the weekend too, take it out on the rentboys.
  4. BCM

    VAR shit show 19/20

    Utter abomination this weekend. The Matip none call was an absolute joke. Then ive just seen everton's goal where the striker has pinned the defender with both hands before scoring. What is the point of having this technology if the numbskulls using it have'nt got a bloody clue...........
  5. BCM

    Alisson Becker

    As soon as i saw him look round my heart sank. Ruptured Calf or Achilles id say. Doubt we will see him till 2020 in my opinion. Another reason why transfer windows are a load of bollocks
  6. I'll play again if there's room
  7. BCM

    Positive Thinking

    Its the palace away, tottenham home, united away in the space of a week im looking at. I think that could be a massive turning point if we can hit some form
  8. BCM

    Mohamed Salah

    More of decision making really. He needs to get his head up more and make the right decision instead of always looking for gaps to shoot. I dont care if he gets the 50 goal thing this season or next season and neither should he. Id be just as made up if he got 1 goal and 12 assists than if he got 12 goals and 1 assist. Our decision making in the final 3rd is woefull and that goes for the other two as well. The back 5 have been carrying the front 6 for most of the season.
  9. BCM

    Mohamed Salah

    Couldnt finish his dinner at the moment. Id love to see someone like fowler coaching maybe one day a week, think it would benefit our front 3 massively. Seems a big problem with composure and decision making around the box
  10. BCM

    Positive Thinking

    1 point off the top on the 4th march. Love it. Wasnt too long ago our title challenges were over by november
  11. BCM


    He is a brilliant signing and will be a mainstay of that midfield for years as long as we are challenging for major honours.
  12. BCM

    Man Utd (A) Sun 24/2/19

    No bravery on the ball in the final 3rd at all. Does anyone know what book de gea was reading. Like said above we keep putting in performances like this attacking wise city will walk the league. Attack needs overhaul in the summer. I dont think mane did one thing right all afternoon
  13. BCM

    Man Utd (A) Sun 24/2/19

    Our attack has been shite all season bar a couole of games. Laid bare today. We need attackers in the summer. So naive in the final 3rd. Also kenny needs to teach mo how to protect a ball with his back to goal. Far too easily to bully off the ball