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  1. PestiRed

    Local elections 5th May

    Don’t like puppies, love beans You’re basically Jimmy Saville reincarnated
  2. Was the bacon halfway through defrosting when it was thrown in the pan? I’m curious how they managed to burn half of it to a crisp whilst leaving some of the middle bit raw and obviously negged for the beans
  3. PestiRed

    Local elections 5th May

    hurray. What’s a Gribbo?
  4. PestiRed

    Tory Country

    Already left the country and the delightful Priti Patel has made it impossible for me to return with my family. Some days I am actually pleased about this
  5. PestiRed

    Local elections 5th May

    Hoping that most of these old folk have more than one kid, should dilute it a bit
  6. PestiRed

    Local elections 5th May

    Bit early but some of these maps appear to show the South leading the way in telling the Tories to fuck off whilst the North is generally sticking to Boris. Has England gone completely mad?
  7. PestiRed


    if it’s just the right side then a monocle is the way to go edit: reminds me, you never see kids with a pair of glasses with a plaster over one eye anymore. You should bring that back as a fashion thing
  8. PestiRed

    Beans on a fry up

    This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen and I live in a country that wraps cottage cheese in chocolate as a snack for children
  9. PestiRed

    Sydney Sweeney

    Anyone else disappointed that this thread isn’t about a TV show on Australian Cops?
  10. PestiRed

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Haven’t watched them this season until today. Didn’t realise quite how bad they have managed to become. Playing a derby for a draw when you need three points to get out of the relegation places is truly fucking dreadful, they’re going down
  11. PestiRed


    eight pillows in a king size bed is insanity also, serve breakfast
  12. PestiRed


    So if I stay at yours then I get one duvet cover, one and a quarter towels but ten and two thirds pillows? That is a fucked up B&B
  13. PestiRed

    Boris Johnson

    Boris will be the gift that keeps on giving. It won’t stop with Partygate, there’ll be plenty more to come
  14. PestiRed

    Boris Johnson

    I think Starmer wants the Tory party to back Johnson as much as possible for as long as possible until it becomes painfully impossible for them and hence he is going early. Long term he wants to taint the entire party, not just remove a leader quickly and allow them to recover
  15. PestiRed

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    Well, the last few pages have proven that we don’t really need TK