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  1. PestiRed


    I’m gonna grass her up to Bill Gates. That’ll get her fixed
  2. PestiRed


    got 5 mins in. She’s mad and banging on about vaccines modifying DNA meaning that someone can patent and own you. Possibly insert animal DNA into you, stop you being really human and therefore own you as an entity
  3. PestiRed

    Food Amnesty

    This thread is a disgrace Beetroot? I bet you don’t tell your Russian wife about this deviancy Celery? How do you cook a decent base for soups and stocks or any creole food Horse radish? You live in fucking Germany, they have bowls of it lying around on tables Prunes? Not my favourite but they serve a very useful purpose and, based on this post, you clearly need to get some shite out
  4. PestiRed

    Food Amnesty

    sounds disgusting, possibly the only thing on the list that he got right
  5. PestiRed

    Food Amnesty

    What is pink sauce?
  6. PestiRed


    if you’re all immune, why do you have Europe’s highest daily infection numbers?
  7. PestiRed


    So basically everyone needs to ban UK visitors permanently to be safe in the long term
  8. PestiRed


    Let me guess - they outsourced hospital parking for a quick pay-off and now can’t afford the fees to provide it free
  9. PestiRed


    Anyone else vaguely addicted to watching James Hoffman on YouTube? I find his reviews unbelievably relaxing to watch
  10. PestiRed


    Tbh, the bare-faced cheek of the U.K. govt describing any other country as high risk is mind-blowing when they’re willing to send plane-loads of plague-infested Brits out into the world
  11. PestiRed


    Hungarian borders opened to all visitors from the EU. UK excluded from this Seems to be a common theme in the region that UK is either banned or require additional tests/certificates/self-isolation with only Czech Republic & Croatia opening up to them My family don’t get why they can’t come over. They don’t seem to understand that the rest of the world is generally horrified by the incompetence of the British virus handling and see them as a massive risk to a second wave
  12. PestiRed

    Boris Johnson

    The last pages or so of this thread are an eye-opener. I thought Dan Walker was just a mad, god-bothering football presenter - I had no idea that he was spear-heading the BBC’s daily morning political reaction. I also thought that Boris Johnson was the Prime Minister in an extremely busy period of crisis but apparently he’s odd-jobbing as a journalist writing Op-Ed pieces. What the fuck is going on over there?
  13. PestiRed

    Happy Birthday Captain Turdseye

    hope you get this for your birthday
  14. PestiRed

    The Foodie thread

    cheers, update us on results - duck is cheap here so I’ve tried burgers a few times but struggled to make a good one
  15. PestiRed

    The Foodie thread

    Looks great. Do you have a recipe for making the burgers?