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  1. PestiRed

    Euro 2020(21)

    Gulacsi will need to be Grosics for that to happen but it would be very sweet to get a bit of payback And Bern wasn’t a miracle - the cheating bastards were all on meth
  2. PestiRed

    Euro 2020(21)

    Unfortunately not as it seemed like a good game. We have a ‘nearly decent’ team at the moment so it’s a shame we’ve got the worst possible group - best we can hope for is that we embarrass one of the bigger teams
  3. that steak doesn’t look good, either in quality of cut or how it’s been cooked. How was it? edit: just seen that it cost £13 so that probably answers the question
  4. PestiRed

    Boris Johnson

    Same category as Priti Patel but you might let her go on top
  5. PestiRed

    Boris Johnson

    The dress is fucking awful and matches the general Laura Ashley bullshit of the flowers on her head. And the scruffy cunt hasn’t even pressed his shirt. Put that stuff on a council estate couple and you’d get Daily Mail readers sneering at them. And all this from the people who think they’re too good for John Lewis
  6. I object to using the word semifinal when there’s more than two of them
  7. I’m not convinced you can make a sausage from chicken and chorizo is a sausage so why would you need chorizo-style? You need to up your sausage game
  8. Fucked up egg today and that bacon needs a bit of fat on it
  9. If it was a proper sausage and not a frankfurter then it would be passable as a starter breakfast for a young child
  10. Who serves chopped tomatoes on a breakfast plate? Dirty beaners, that’s who I’m also curious as to how they turned the fat on the bacon to charcoal whilst failing to cook the meat
  11. People who proudly announce that they call a spade a spade
  12. One in 12 people think they could fight an elephant or a gorilla. Did they take this poll in Newcastle on a Friday night?
  13. has anyone actually tried this? Simon’s version sounds disgusting but to be fair the most popular choc bar in Hungary is Turo Rudi that is basically sweetened curd cheese wrapped in chocolate
  14. PestiRed

    How annoying are Coldplay ?

    Music for people who don’t really like music but don’t want to admit it
  15. PestiRed

    Elections 2021

    The British public are clearly insane