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  1. PestiRed

    Booze Free Booze 0%

    There are some decent tasting alcohol-free Radlers around that can substitute for beer on a night out
  2. PestiRed

    US Election 2020 Thread

    So are we saying that asking for a cake with “Congrats Barry & Dave” written on it is NOT the same as asking for a forum in which you can plan murderous acts of domestic terrorism on government institutions? It’s PC gone mad
  3. PestiRed

    Should the vaccine be compulsory?

    Just ban people from doing anything that might put others in jeopardy if they don’t have a certificate saying they’ve had the jab.
  4. PestiRed

    US Election 2020 Thread

    Trump got her killed when he legitimised conspiracy theories like QAnon. He created a situation where his supporters ended up going down crazy conspiracy rabbit holes leading them to take actions with dangerous consequences
  5. PestiRed

    New Years resolutions for 2021

    Turns out that the most difficult bit of veganism is that my wife has somehow taken it as a criticism of her vegetarianism and constantly bangs on about how I am not really serious about helping animals, have no deep-felt convictions and just want to do a challenge
  6. PestiRed

    New Years resolutions for 2021

    Doing vegan January as a test. My wife is veggie so I don’t eat masses of meat anyway but want to see if we can cut down on eggs and cheese in particular. I can’t see it becoming permanent but would like to view animal products as a weekly or even occasional treat rather than a standard go-to
  7. PestiRed

    2020: Positive Memories and/or Reflections?

    Alcohol consumption is practically zero and I’m thinking of keeping it that way
  8. PestiRed

    What are you most looking forward to in 2021

    Getting back to travelling, spending my days talking to people face to face instead of via VC from my home office, seeing the U.K. family again and doing stuff with my wife and daughter that isn’t just based on being outside in a park. 2020 feels like a lost year
  9. PestiRed

    Wikipedia, what's the point?

    Whilst I would agree “Boris is a cunt” is factual, you can’t be that surprised that someone is removing it from every paragraph of his page. You need to be subtler
  10. PestiRed

    Christmas 2020

    That beautiful part of the morning when the wife has gone to the bathroom, the daughter is playing with grandma and her new toys in the room, the cooking prep has been done and there’s nothing now to do except have a quiet coffee and read the internet
  11. Looking at the absolute shite in the list we should just skip this and have a final between Nick Cave and Fleetwood Mac (on the basis that they were banned from the real tournaments for being a mix) Nick Cave should win
  12. PestiRed

    Christmas Wish. What’s Yours?

    I’d like them to just get it over with and fuck each other. My money is on on Stig sucking and Stronts receiving
  13. I voted no because I’m not a filthy animal who eats beef on Christmas Day. Goose, duck or turkey are the options and none of them involve a beef gravy starter
  14. PestiRed

    Donald Trump

    Fair enough, I was under the impression that the troops were more in favour of ‘Mericans can do no wrong on foreign soil. Probably I was under-estimating them On the mad rush to executions, I haven’t seen photos of all of them, but are there any white people that aren’t women?
  15. PestiRed

    Donald Trump

    He’s trying to side with troops after calling them losers On the other hand, he’s decided that he needs revenge on the Republicans and is demanding they up their stimulus cheques from 600 to 2000 a head as the Democrats want. Sometimes you can be in the side of right for all the wrong reasons