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  1. PestiRed

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    Christ, Biden’s really scraping the barrel if that’s the best back-up he could get against China
  2. PestiRed

    Boris Johnson

    Did he divorce her before or after his behaviour drove her to be committed to an insane asylum for 9 months?
  3. Stop recommending processed food, especially out of tins. Too much of the vegan meat replacement food is stuffed full of over-processed chemical crap as well
  4. PestiRed

    Whats your current aftershave

    Anybody using solid colognes? Seems like a good idea but got no idea which of them is worth trying
  5. Christ, ten years on and this all seems unbelievably depressing. Cameron fucked the country up through austerity and his arrogant Brexit gamble, Nick Clegg went from Deputy PM to shill for a social media company that helped elect Trump, Theresa May was Home Secretary and became a hopeless prime minister, Boris went from Mayor of London to the most corrupt prime minister the country has ever seen and Keir Starmer’s role in the post-riot prosecutions should really have disqualified him from becoming the Labour leader. Thank fuck I decided to permanently leave the country
  6. PestiRed

    Plymouth Shootings

    I’m not convinced that he had mental health issues beyond that which most people struggle with. Nor do I particularly agree with the idea that he was “evil” which might be considered interesting. I think he was just a nomark piece of shit who was convinced by the internet that he had some sort of entitlement without earning it in any way. Fuck him, forget his name and focus only on the victims
  7. PestiRed


    Got to admit that I’m a bit concerned about the bollocks I’ll face when re-entering Hungary despite having all the right papers. Problem with land borders is that you’re often the first case that they encounter
  8. PestiRed


    That would explain why European border guards freak out when they see a U.K. passport
  9. PestiRed


    10 days in Croatia, spending most of it at the beach and it’s unbelievably relaxing after not getting proper holidays last year. Feels like the first time I’ve switched off in nearly two years. Had an odd experience with the border guard who kept saying Brexit to me as if it meant something. Fortunately his boss came over and explained that as I’m resident in Hungary and have an EU Digital Covid passport, the U.K. entry rules don’t apply to me. Haven’t seen someone that pissed off with letting me into his country since the last time I flew into JFK
  10. PestiRed

    US Election 2020 Thread

    How does one reform sodomy, asking for a friend who thinks it sounds fun
  11. PestiRed

    The annoying driving habits thread

    People who drive on your tail lights so you let them past and then they drive slower than you because it turns out that they can only drive at a decent speed when someone is in front of them showing them what to do
  12. PestiRed

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    If organised properly, there are also 1.5m Brits in Europe who would like nothing better than the chance of revenge for Brexit
  13. PestiRed

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    Bloody Australians stealing all the jobs, Bentleys and London property
  14. PestiRed

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    Do people still have landlines and why?