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  1. PestiRed


    Roasted a cauliflower yesterday with this recipe. Late to the cauliflower love-in but will definitely be using them a huge amount more in the future. https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/spiced-cauliflower-roast
  2. PestiRed

    Favourite Everton Player

    Southall is probably my favourite, followed by Reid. Trevor Steven and Arteta get honourable mentions. Oh and that little ginger git who scored in the 89 final - inconsistent but could turn it on every five games Finally a nod to Derek Mountfield who had a quite magnificent tache
  3. PestiRed

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    After 21 games we’re on the same number of points as Moyes got in his famous Top 4 finish Might be worth mentioning to any passing blues
  4. yep, not quite up there with his dandelion chased by Lego men description of Fellaini, but close
  5. “It is more for the sense of theatre and show, the complete domination of the gossip-industrial complex, a time when United are suddenly urgent and vital, illuminating the news wires with links and bids and pleas; a little late to the party perhaps, out of sync on some fundamental level, but still lit up like a desiccated Christmas tree, as rosy-cheeked and full of health as the steadily decomposing Santa Claus stuck in the cavity behind your chimney breast.”
  6. PestiRed

    General Election 2019

    Dennis Skinner gone, should have retired as this seems a poor end
  7. PestiRed

    General Election 2019

    Nigel Dodds gone, nationalists likely to outnumber unionists coupled with a de facto border in the Irish Sea. Not sure how much of the UK Boris will have left to govern in a few years
  8. PestiRed

    Should Jo Swinson remain as Lib Dem leader?

    Chuka’s out as well? Won’t be much left in Parliament from a leadership standpoint. Maybe Swinson does continue as party leader and they have a Commons leader as well
  9. PestiRed

    General Election 2019

    Depressing shit to wake up to. Think it will end up being a very hard Brexit. Good luck to you all in the UK for the next few years
  10. PestiRed

    Favourite Songs By The Following Artists?

    The Beatles - And your bird can sing The Rolling Stones - Let it loose Slade - Mama weer all crazee now David Bowie - Life on Mars  Pink Floyd - Comfortably numb The Jam - Going underground The Eagles - what are they doing on this list Dire Straits - you’re just taking the piss now Bob Marley - Buffalo soldier The Clash - Train in vain Elvis - Suspicious minds Elton John - Saturday night’s alright Beatles and Stones tracks are likely to change tomorrow. Eagles and Dire Straits are both dreadful. Surprised Oasis are not on the list 
  11. Number Name Function 1400 Dextrins Thickening agent 1401 Acid treated starch Thickening agent 1402 Alkaline treated starch Thickening agent 1403 Bleached starch Thickening agent E1404 Oxidised starch Thickening agent E1410 mono-starch phosphate Thickening agent 1411 Di-starch glycerol Thickening agent E1412 Di-starch phosphates Thickening agent E1413 Phosphatylated di-starch phosphate Thickening agent E1414 Acetylated di-starch phosphate Thickening agent E1420 Starch acetate Thickening agent 1421 Starch acetate Thickening agent E1422 Acetylated di-starch adipate Thickening agent 1423 Acetylated di-starch glycerol Thickening agent E1440 Hydroxypropylstarch Thickening agent 1441 Hydroxypropyl-di-starchglycerol Thickening agent E1442 Hydroxypropyl-di-starchphosphate Thickening agent E1450 Starch sodium octenyl succinate Thickening agen E-numbers relating to modified corn starch. And you could probably do a similar exercise for spice and herb extracts Companies don’t name e-numbers anymore as the general public aren’t keen on them
  12. PestiRed

    Lib Dems

    Flood spending equals flood planning plus post-flood fixing spending. It can therefore be correct to say that flood planning was cut whilst also be accurate to say that flood spending increased. Have a sweetie each
  13. PestiRed

    What's your favourite Roast Dinner condiment?

    Horseradish but must be freshly grated. You can add some sour cream if you absolutely must, forgivable with goose and duck but not really needed on beef or pork If it comes in a jar, then mustard edit: nothing with lamb and I don’t really consider chicken for a roast
  14. PestiRed

    What sauce do you have with steak?

    None although I’m happy if it’s basted with butter towards the end of cooking
  15. PestiRed

    Simon Green - Who Am I?

    He’s done well to get himself a Hungarian girl, she’ll sort him out Torn between the nightmare scenario of Simon accidentally destroying our neighbourhood and the comedy value of watching ambulances pick him up after he bites off one of his toes in a nail-clipping incident