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  1. PestiRed

    Anyone been to Budapest?

    Saves me typing out a bunch of stuff. Let me know if it changes and also what typeof stuff you like to do
  2. PestiRed

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Site is broken again. It appears to be randomly recycling posts from 2008
  3. PestiRed

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    What the fuck was Lawrenson doing wearing the number 10 shirt? Never noticed that before
  4. PestiRed

    Spurs vs Liverpool, Sat 15, 12:30

    Anny is registered The new site knows
  5. PestiRed

    New site feedback

    Wavering on this Get rid of the shitty hearts for repping and I may just be in favour
  6. PestiRed

    Think, talk or talk, think.

    Ask a clarification question to give yourself some time to think up an answer.
  7. PestiRed

    Corporate bellendary at work.

    The idiot decided that allowing people to take out cash on their corporate card. Dealing with the fall out of that decision
  8. PestiRed

    Things that make you proud to be British

    Budapest Two separate towns until a bridge designed in Britain, mostly manufactured in Britain and assembled across the river by a British engineer united them and a city was born Tip: Hungarians love it when you tell them that the British invented their capital city
  9. PestiRed

    The Foodie thread

    I have no fucking no idea as to how you think this might have a place on the foodie thread but please be assured that you are wrong
  10. I had a XC60 for a couple of weeks while waiting for the new car. Tbh, I don’t see how they can be that safe when they don’t handle very well Back to topic. I bought a roof rack and a box today and not for anything cool like snowboarding. I can’t wait to be able to use it
  11. PestiRed

    Favorite childhood desserts

    Forgot butterscotch, add that to the favourites list
  12. PestiRed

    Favorite childhood desserts

    Vanilla and banana were my favourites. Would imagine I’d hate them now but would still love Arctic Roll Remember when Viennetta was a posh treat?
  13. Would make (would have made) Sorry but that’s annoying me
  14. PestiRed

    Someone's having a real laugh - shitcoat to Utd.

    Shit, I’ve been doing it wrong for 40 years
  15. PestiRed

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    2 red cards in the first 3 games doesn’t seem to be very Corinthian. Although it may possibly be another first in football