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    Roll up! Roll up! Step up for the TLW competition of the decade. A quiz where YOU may be the answer!! It's a quiz about all things TLW. How good is your knowledge of the forum? All questions and answers are to do with legendary posts and posters. Become the envy of the forum by becoming the "Official TLW guru". A link to the quiz will be posted this evening in this thread and the quiz must be completed by tomorrow evening 21:00 UK time. Only one entry per forumite. (multiple attempts will be disqualified and you will be lampooned on the forum). You'll enter a nickname on the quiz. I must be able to work out your forum nickname from your entry. The faster you answer - the more points you get. Prize 3 months membership. (I'll pay you Dave @dave u - unless you want to offer a better prize). If you already have TLW mwmbership and don't want the prize then the prize becomes the Kudos that you are the decade's TLW champ and you can use "Official TLW guru" as your 'forum rank;'/title throughout 2020. I am sure there are loads a way to cheat/ruin it - but I've put a load of work in here, so do your best to play in the spirit intended. Good luck!!
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    Just One per account. So about six hundred for you.
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    OK. Here's a link to the quiz. I am going out now, so won't be able to sort out any issues until I return. At which point I will be steaming, and make it worse. The challenge ends at 21:00 01/01/20. Let's see how it goes. Hope you enjoy it.
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    All the best to you all from me in NZ.
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    So much to get through here to get this out before the New Year games, so I’ll dive straight in to the Boxing Day fixtures and start at Old Trafford where the Mancs were given several late Christmas presents by Steve Bruce’s Newcastle. Matty Longstaff had all but disappeared after scoring against United earlier in the season, but Newcastle wheeled him out again for the return fixture and he scored again to put them in the lead. Lightning couldn’t strike twice, surely? No, it couldn’t, unfortunately. Solskjaer’s side were given gift after gift after that and ran out comfortable 4-1 winners. Dubravka’s error allowed Martial to equalise, then Schar’s howler allowed Greenwood to make it 2-1 with a thunderous shot. United’s third came via the head of Rashford from a Wan-Bissaka cross. The ginger Longstaff had been smashed in the face by a McTominay elbow in the build up but as we know VAR won’t disallow Manchester United goals at Old Trafford for clear fouls in the build up. Maybe that elbow gave him a concussion as not long after he played a backpass straight to Martial to send him clear for the fourth. Basically three of the four goals were handed to them by Newcastle and the fourth was a present by the officials, but to be fair they were all finished superbly. United do have quality in the final third, even if they’re massively flawed everywhere else on the pitch. United twitter was cock a hoop with the Wan-Bissaka assist (his first of the season, for the record). Cries of “Trent who?” and “this is England’s best right back” rang out all over social media. Trent v Wan-Bissaka is actually a thing, believe it or not. Granted, it’s only a thing on United Twitter and nobody else gives it the time of day, but if you don’t believe me just do a search and enjoy. You can thank me later. The jist of their ‘argument’ seems to be that Wan-Bissaka is a ‘proper’ full back who can defend, and if he can just improve a little going forward then he’ll therefore be miles better than our boy. Here’s the thing. I’ve had a theory on this type of thing for a while. If you’re a full back who is shit going forward (Wan-Bissaka, Eric Pieters, Paul Dummett etc) then the general consensus is that you must a boss defender. Conversely, full backs who specialise in going forward (Dani Alves, Trent, Digne, Marcelo etc) are all seen to be lacking defensively. In some cases it’s true but it also tends to be wildly exaggerated on both ends. Ashley Cole would be the most obvious example I suppose. Believe it or not, there are people (mostly Evertonians) that don’t think Robbo is a good defender. It’s very rare you get someone who is lauded for his play at both ends. Generally though it’s just lazy, stereotypical analysis. Good going forward = shite defender. Shite going forward = strong defensively. Yet this so called elite defender Wan-Bissaka gave away a stupid penalty at Watford with a wild lunge last week. I also remember him being embarrassed by Josh King for Bournemouth’s winner. There’s two howlers just off the top of my head and I don’t even watch them every week. So he’s not that great at defending, is he? And he gives you fuck all going the other way. Trent isn’t perfect defensively but he’s better than he’s given credit for (he’s been a mainstay of the best defence in Europe for the last two years) and he’s by far the best attacking right back in world football. Trying to compare Wan-Bissaka with him is laughable, but this is where United are right now. Always looking for these little ‘victories’ that they can claim because they’ve got fuck all else to shout about. I even saw one of their fan accounts tweeting the goal totals for Martial, Rashford and Greenwood compared with Salah, Firmino and Mané. The United trio have scored more, which apparently means something (even though half of those goals have come against farmers and plumbers in the Europa League). You can have your little ‘win’ there lads, good for you. We’ll just completely gloss over the fact that the rest of our team have scored shitloads more than the rest of yours and we aren’t completely reliant on three forward players. We’ll also completely gloss over the 24 point lead we’ve got over them with only half a season played. You sit there knocking one out to your one assist right back and your three strikers who are apparently better than Sadio, Mo and Bobby. Good for you, Man United fans. Good for you. *condescending pat on the head* This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article Please note that PL Round Ups are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
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    My son went out with a Citeh fan and her Dad mentioned when they were "going to beat the Dippers". I called him out and he said it was "banter". I asked him if being from Manchester he would be comfortable with "kiddy fiddler" or "pensioner murderer" in the name of "banter". He wasnt. And my lad doesnt go out with her no more, which is good as she doesnt deserve him.
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    Same shit,different year.
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    You don't need to play for Everton to be an Everton player, but they are Everton players.
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    Why are City fans constantly invoking the "bus attack" as a reason to have no respect for Liverpool as a football outfit when there is footage of their fans attacking the Manchester United bus in a virtually identical fashion? If they're being logical, surely they should therefore have no respect for themselves? EDIT: this post is also a handy guide to the correct usage of there/their/they're, for any City fans reading
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    @Qwikage is a friend of mine in real life as well as on the forum. He's a smart guy, but I think he is trying to show their is no nepotism on here with this score:- 65 Qwikage 0% 0
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    You said you should be able to work out who it was, not that I had to use my username.
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    I'd buy it and make it insolvent. Sell off all their assets and wind it up. Then I'd turn goodison into the Steven Gerrard car park. The Dixie dean statue would be melted down and turned into a statue of Ian Rush and finch farm sould be turned into a land fill.
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    All the talk on social media and in the media is about the VAR calls and no talk at all about the fact as highlighted in the report that Taylor should not be blowing his whistle for our goal. If he blows it before ball goes in then it can't be overturned and that is bollocks - a bad call that costs a team a perfectly good goal and that can't be overturned is a very serious problem. I believe it has already happened to Grealish at Villa this season. The ref has to just let a situation like that play out and then come to the right decision with the help if needed..surely the refs know this and if they don't it needs sorting so they do, if they do then he needs fucking for it. Yet there is no talk about it at all. Says a lot about the state of the narrative that surrounds the game - OK beauts on social media who are partisan you expect to ignore this, but the media and the pundits who are in a race to the bottom on who can generate the most interest with their shite opinions should know and should behave better.
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    I would've thought Origi's got to play against the Ev? Otherwise how's this going to get another airing?
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    I like La Rouxs trackie
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    Happy new year all. Ended up on Skyrim at the College of Winterhold for midnight, trading with Faralda. I usually take pride in doing normal things at new year so that's not too bad I guess. Couldn't be bothered to drink and still have a full bottle of Baileys left for whenever so that's cool too.