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  1. redinblack62


    Dont ever conflate us in any way shape or form with those absolute cunts
  2. redinblack62

    Irritating celebrity fans

    Rubbish like this kneads to be raised with the highest authorities.
  3. redinblack62

    Little Richard - RIP

    You right. He was Ein Held.
  4. redinblack62

    Little Richard - RIP

    He was great. What a fucking shite week. 3 heroes gone
  5. redinblack62

    Instant cunt identifiers

    I was replying to Stig to say you were right about the Catholic Chuirch.
  6. redinblack62

    Instant cunt identifiers

    Hes right though
  7. redinblack62


    Its Ok were I live on the A51 all these cunts would have been mown down.
  8. redinblack62


  9. redinblack62

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    The total OTT-ness of business speak. People arent looking forward to things, they are "super excited" People dont just want to do their jobs to the best of their ability and get paid, they "have a passion for........" People wont suggest you mail them or phone them up, you should "reach out" Fuck Off the lot of you.
  10. redinblack62

    This VE Day thing.

    As a kid I worked in a British Legion club, and you knew a lot of those old fellahs had been through some terrible stuff. My generation have been pretty comfy really...so far.....
  11. redinblack62

    Graeme Souness the Player

    I loved him. When he was on the pitch, nobody fucked with LFC. I dont think we have had a better midfielder, he could do everything.....and sometimes everyone...
  12. redinblack62


    The "Our Boris" thing does my fucking head in. Hes A Cunt.
  13. I remember my 40th like it was yesterday, down to very small details. That was 17 years ago.
  14. redinblack62


    Fuck Off the pair of you
  15. redinblack62


    I was having a discussion with a pro Brexit Tory voter before Lockdown and I was talking about food banks, shabby treatment of the sick and poor and she said "yes its terrible". I said "well you voted for it". She was most indignant and said she didnt, but I then said "Ok its something you were prepared to tolerate as long as you got Brexit and as long as you and yours werent the sick or the poor". And there was no answer. Thats were we are, in my view. And I dont see it changing any time soon.