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  1. redinblack62


    This is a joke right? Right?
  2. redinblack62

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Its on now as my Mrs watches it, "The Nest" on BBC1. Its horrible, fucking horrible in every way, the characters, the plot, everybody in it is just a cunt. Rated -10 out of 10. Thank God that I can come onto TLW and all the well balanced lovely "characters" to escape its awfulness.
  3. We are fucking brilliant. Thats what we are.
  4. I dont mean to be cynical, but I just am, but it could be that business bullshit of "under promise, over deliver"......Im assuming its going to be around a while myself...so if its under control earlier its trebles all round.......wish it was as simple as that.....
  5. redinblack62

    Revenge Neggers.

    Turf Accountant?
  6. Im not going to call you a cunt, but given we are in exceptional circumstances given the exceptional performances we have given - we have pretty much knocked fuck out of everyone we have played, not just beaten them - then ill take it. ANd then we will win it again over 38 games next season......virus willing.....
  7. redinblack62


    The GF. Remorseless. Unforgiving. The Moral Guardian Of The Western World.
  8. I dont see the bit where it is "handed to us". We have beaten everyone in the league. Everyone.
  9. redinblack62


    Chips and mayo works for me
  10. Go to the pub, buy several pints and read in the corner in peace and quiet
  11. redinblack62

    John Carpenter’s Prince Of Darkness

    If thats what you took from it then cool, knock yourself out
  12. redinblack62


    Hes trying to cover the fact that he said the virus was nothing and it would all be over soon, and did fuck all.
  13. redinblack62

    Frank Zappa

    Apostrophe was my intro to FZ and its still my favourite of his
  14. redinblack62

    John Carpenter’s Prince Of Darkness

    Theres an air of malevolence to the whole film which to a big wuss like me is really unsettling