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    Pep being Fanchester City was quite the slow reveal.
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    Thank you all. As you can see I’m having a belter already
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    I hate using the FFP as an excuse. Sounds like a boy coming home from school with a bleeding nose, complaining how unfair it all was as the boy beating him was two years older. Never mind that, son, only one thing to do: Go up to him again and try to beat him. If you can’t do it take pride in the fact you tried. Injustice is the name of our planet. FFP doesn’t even reach top 100. And it's not over. Go to your local bookie and ask for the odds on both MCity and Liverpool to win their remaing 3 matches. I bet you'll get more than 1:1 on that. We might be the one who fails, then again, maynbe maybe it's them.
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    I think it's over. I hope I'm wrong. We are a wonderful side. I hope we win our next two League games and make it go down to the last day. We deserve that at the very least. And if we end up losing it with 97 points, us old cunts can console ourselves emptily with the thought that in the old 2-points-for-a-win days, we'd have won it by a point. I can curse a couple of draws as losses. And yet we might end up "invincibles", but for one game. Oil etc. The shitness of modern football. Perhaps we'll win the European Cup. This team deserves something great. Perhaps there's a miracle somewhere in the League yet. A hand of God. Something. But it would be a miracle I think. I'll keep hoping.
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    If we don't win it I have no complaints about our season. Yes we could have won some games that we drew etc but we've shown immense character this season, mental strength that I haven't seen from Liverpool team for years. We've played fantastic football and have been immense defensively, couldn't imagine teams from 7/8 years ago doing what we are doing now. Unfortunately we are up against a club who had about 5 years head start on us to build a squad and improve on it every year whilst building a winning mentality. We aren't bottlers, far from it and we are the only ones in the next few years who are going to challenge these cunts. If it wasn't for us the league would be like Ligue 1 or Serie A. The Mancs, Arsenal and Chelsea are all in disarray. We need to put some daylight between us and them, Spurs will be strong but may lose their manager in the next few years. We have a good base to get even stronger and the experience of a very mentally challenging title race. Oh, and fuck those no mark blues who treat our failures as their success. They can still talk about their imaginary stadium in 7 years time.
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    I was just thinking about how odd people's reactions are. Last season, City finished on 100 points and everyone accepted that there's nothing anyone else could do except stand back and applaud. This season they will finish on 98 points and plenty of people will laugh at Liverpool for being so shit that we didn't beat them.
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    Its over. City have won 11 on the bounce and there is no way they are not beating all of Burnley, Leicester and Brighton
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    He needs to buy the best 4 or 5 players from Molde, players he knows and trusts, and build the team around them.
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    Seriously how the fuck has Carlton Pogba the biggest waste of 90 million that anybody has seen get in the PFA team of the year it's mind blowing there are probably 5 or 6 better midfielders than this show pony
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    Some stretches and some exercises help a lot. As does the occasional trip to the Osteopath.
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    I hope people on here have learned a valuable lesson about wanting Man Utd to win a match.
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    I'm not giving up yet even if it goes down to the last day. They are not unbeatable. Boring and cliched but lets just worry about our games
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    Dislike Pep if you want, but I can’t see anything wrong in what he says. He’s right both teams deserve to win the title. From his position it’s maybe a bit defensive, as it does sound a bit like an excuse in case they fail. Pep’s a good manager immediately addressing the obvious problem his team might face by thinking the most difficult hurdle is passed. Burnley is as big a test, probably even harder that their match yesterday.
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    What makes me laugh is that fans of these Manc clubs put words on the boards about how we are thinking and how gutted we are, bottlers etc when in the majority this couldnt be further from the truth. They think they have a handle on what we are thinking. There was a sense of inevitability about last night. Even with cheat mode switched on, they have had to pass the significant tests, which they have done. It probably is all over, and I have made my peace with that in that it will not be a crushing disappointment. We always seem better with chasing then being chased, and the crowing and wanking off elsewhere last night may be a tad premature.
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    Dead rubber or not mate, let's just get the job done.
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    As brilliant as we have been this season I've no doubt Klopp will strengthen in the summer and hopefully that little bit of improvement might just get us over the line next season should the inevitable happen this year. I don't really see how City can improve on what they already have but I think we can , but heres hoping they still drop points anyway.
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    I cant see us matching this seasons points tally again if im honest. That may be ultra negative but there you go. How do you compete (regularly), with a team who has that squad depth, over the course of 38 games. We are possibly going to lose the league due to the amount of draws we have. Tonight is a perfect example of why City are so hard to compete with and are unlikely to ever see so many draws. If a game is drifting, they have so many players, who are quality, to come on and change it. Tonight was Sane, changing a draw into a win, We dont have that depth, nobody does really, and its all down to money.
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    Videoing on my phone doesn’t do it justice. The flashing as it changes from one colour to another looks all crappy when you play it back. It’s the absolute dogs bollocks though. I keep catching my missus taking admiring glances at it and she’s been sending videos to her mates. Boss.
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    Blinkered. Hes been Cities best forward all season. Sterling owed us nothing, Rodgers did as much to push him away as his agent.
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