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  1. Couldn't agree more about wanting more goals. I was a real greedy fucker when we were 5 up, 11 against 10 and over 30 mins left. Either way though, what a result!
  2. Hate him with a passion. And that fucking broadcasting showing him act like a fucking imbecile on screen every two minutes during the whole game. Made up we got him running in, like a 3yo not getting what they wanted when they wanted it.
  3. Brilliant once again. Thanks for doing these and especially this year. Couldn't have been easy.
  4. I can totally understand if he would do that and I wouldn't complain one sec about it but I'm glad he's still doing them. They're almost therapeutic to me. Me head's all over the place because of this and it feels good reading them as he's so good at putting words on this fucking misery.
  5. Spat my beer out at the Curthino stuff. Brilliant. Totally agree on Neco Williams. What the fuck is wrong with people.
  6. Paid up. 1. Trimm Trabb 2. AngryofTuebrook 3. Monster Masch 4. Bjornebye 5. El Diego 6. Alex K (not paid yet, but in) 7. Closer To God
  7. Ah right. You don't, why's that? He doesn't score and assist enough goals for you, meaning his numbers should've been much better?
  8. Cannot think of anything better than reading this with a 10,5% quadrupel christmas beer. Fucking love it and apart from kids etc makes my day.
  9. Fucking Macheda. I still haven't got over that goal, the absolute no mark. What's he doing now? Probably a caddie at the local run down golf course.
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