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    Fuck sky, fuck the media, fuck the negative miserable cunts whining on and on. We’ll go top again on Saturday. 3 points clear, same games played. City will begin to tire as we near the crunch period. They’ll be stretched to fuck regardless of the size of their squad. We could have almost everyone back after a 10 day break before Bayern then Utd. Time to reset for the run in. We are into one big game after another which suits us. It always felt weird we were so far ahead this far out. I’m not too bothered just yet. This will go to the wire. We will win the league this May. C.S. Don’t bother. Fucking button it you tormenting cunt.
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    I've genuinely never encountered a sporting entity like Everton. In every other sport, at every other level, whether it's women's curling or Southport rugby club, pleasure is derived from the simple joy of competition and of hoping one day for success, no matter how unlikely it might sometimes feel. But Everton isn't defined by what it is, but by What it's not - Liverpool Football Club. Its only measure of success in their fans' view is trying to frustrate or stall another club's success. It's anti-sport. They're a skidmark on the underpants of sporting life.
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    I'd say its a little bit more than an injury.
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    Can we just go full out gangnam style and win this game 4-0 and shut up the talk about bottling. Thanks Reds
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    Since they hold United in such affection they should follow the Solskjaer route once Silva is the latest to be put out of his misery. Appoint someone who implicitly understands the club, it's DNA and what it's all about.
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    Just to be quite clear, anybody surrendering the title race with a third of the season still to go - and with Liverpool level at the top with a game in hand - needs to stop watching football and go and do something they're capable of enjoying.
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    Nice to see you’ve got a new word, Hades.
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    It's not over by a long shot. We win our next game we go back to the top. The top. Of. The. League. We got there on merit. We have an absolute shit load of points. The team need us. Stand up 12th man. We do this or we go down fighting. No giving up. Ever.
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    Perhaps we can get away with playing those three in the latter stages in the CL or in away games we're not supposed to control (City, Chelsea, Utd?) In the rest of the games I think they become much too static, and none of them will take on a player in the opposition third. Gini might on a breakaway, but that's about it. Think I stated last time Milner and Henderson played together that I never wanted them to partner up again in MF. I still don't know why we've moved away from the 4-3-3 that has served us so well in the past, possibly Klopp thinks the two deep midfielders give us a more solid base. It mitigates some of Wijnaldum's strenghts, and I thought he had his best games this season as a 6. Both him and Fabinho are comfortable receiving the ball under pressure though, so they can both cover the role of the player next to the DM. My choice of lineup in a 4-2-3-1 would be: ---Trent--Gomez--VVD--Robertson ----------Fabinho------Wijnaldum--- ---------------Keita/Shaq------------ Salah---------Firmino-----Mane--- and playing 4-3-3 with one DM it'd be: same back 4 ------------Fabinho----------- Milner/Keita--------------Wijnaldum --Salah----Firmino----Mane-- Fabinho and Wijnaldum need to play if they are fit, and our back 4 and front 3 are untouchable when they are fit and firing. Whether you put Milner, Keita or Shaq in with them (or even Henderson) is much of a muchness imo, as they've all got huge flaws for a team trying to win the league. Against the dross I think I'd go with Keita, as his ceiling is higher than all the other CM's bar Gini (who imo is our best MF), and he's about the only one able to (and willing to) take on the opposition players. Does my head in when we aimlessly pass the ball around like we've done the last two games with the game on the line. Go straight at them, challenge YOUR opposing players, draw a tackle (or a foul/card even), anything to ruffle the opposition a bit. There practically no use in us switching play from side to side for our FBs swinging their crosses into a packed 17-yard box, when our attackers are about a head smaller than the opposition defence. Speaking of crosses, why can't we consistently try to swing our corners and FK's from the sides INWARDS instead of outwards. I know we're atop the league in goals from set pieces, but so SHOULD we be, creating the number of FK's and corners we do (as well as having decent height in our team atm). A FK/corner delivery towards the keeper with players running full pelt is imo much more dangerous than the outswingers we're now doing, which normally land 12-15 yards from the goal. We might create something from the 2nd ball inside the box, but very rarely will headers from that distance trouble the keeper. The added bonus if nothing/no-one hits the inswinger (from FK's) is that often the keeper will have trouble saving it anyway. Anyway, derailing the thread a bit with this. Back on topic, Henderson is about the last player I'd want in a game we're favourites in and trying to force a win... I'll take all of our other midfield options (minus the current version of Lallana) instead.
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    Not so much about "State of the Union" more "State of this Cunt"
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    A few on here would make good Evertonians. If they aren’t already.
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    Bit intimidated by all these new handles with thousands of posts. I won't show it though.
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    Politicians of all persuasion have an element of twattery about them. They are spouting more inflammatory rhetoric on this than you would see from countries on a war footing with one another. Clowns
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    It is genuinely sad how the rivalry has degenerated in recent years.
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    Yeah, I was just thinking that myself. (I wasn't. I have no idea what that jumble of unrelated words is supposed to mean.)
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    Yeah, win against Bournemouth is a must. Then a bit of time to regroup and get firing.
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