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  1. Tourt

    Loan Watch 2019/20

    The Sunday People reported Harry Wilson as MOM against Man U, with a game rating of 8 out of 10. That’s a decent achievement against mid-table mediocrity; let’s hope he can do the same against more accomplished premiership opponents.
  2. Tourt

    Champions League Final Playlist

    Claire de Lune. Nor too sure of the spelling, but the tune is memorable enough.
  3. Sorry. It's worth clicking on the link just to read Roy Kean's observation of the Night King. Sounds just like him.
  4. Breaking News: Alison injury, Karius set for shock recall. https://socceronsunday.com/article/alisson-a-doubt-for-final-klopp-recalls-karius-from-besiktas/
  5. Tourt

    New HBO Series: Game of Thrones

    Metallica putting the boot in. Bollocks, burnt my fingers, it didn't work.
  6. Johnnie B Good includes the lyric; He packed his guitar in a guerney sack. WTF is a guerney sack? I've tried googling it without success.
  7. June 1st is Epsom Derby day and has sod all to do with footie. My money’s on Klopp to win by a length.
  8. Message to you from me and Robbie Fowler: Bollocks and boo.
  9. That would be my team with one alteration, Steve McManaman for Terry McDermott. Macca won two CL medals with Real Madrid and was MOTM in both finals. As Robbie Fowler said of him: ‘I've played with many, many great players. Paul Gascoigne was fantastic and I could sit here all day and talk about Liverpool players – John Barnes, Ian Rush, Jan Molby, Ronnie Whelan and Steven Gerrard, who is an unbelievable player. He would probably be my number two. The best player I've ever played with is Steve McManaman ... he really was that good." Garry McAllister once said of football, “You are quickly forgotten in this game.” That is certainly true of Liverpool full backs. As good as our current pair are, they could not hold a candle to Nicol and Neal. As for omitting Dalglish; that's not an opinion, it's heresy.
  10. Tourt

    Liverpool 4 Barcelona 0 (May 7 2019)

    Shooters video, 4 mins 20 secs in, awesome. Have some of that you flash-harry cunt, courtesy of Scotland's finest.
  11. Tourt


    Lol. As post go, that's Droll of the Day.
  12. Tourt

    Who do we want in the final then?

    I would be amazed if it isn't Ginni and Henderson.
  13. Nice one Carmac, you can’t beat an R5 commentary. I watched on the telly but missed Robbo pushing Messi in the back of the head. Any chance of you providing a Gif or link to this ultimate act of Head-banging? Cheers.
  14. Don't let your friends get lonely, keep disturbing them.


    Bernard Doherty