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  1. Before joining Blondie Debbie Harry was a groupie of repute. Slept with members of whatever bands were in New York at the time, three or four in a bed were not uncommon events. She eventually bedded the record producer who offered her the chance to front Blondie. The rest is history. The source was an original article in GQ magazine, or some other lads mag, in which Debbie Harry was quoted as saying it was a lifestyle choice for which she had no regrets.
  2. Tourt

    UK 2020: What’s Not Shit?

    Premiership starts in 3 days time. Beavers are thriving in the UK. Bernhard Doherty plays Blues for two hours on the radio every Thursday evening. Netflix will soon broadcast Scandinavian and Belgian crime series that are said to be exceptional and weird. Publication of a new Ray Celestin novel is imminent.
  3. Of course not, this forum is an internet frivolity not the letters page in the Guardian. If I’ve upset you, I apologise.
  4. Fair enough. If you must be pedantic, slut.
  5. Your right, it should have read: Superb innovative west coast musicians. The rest was spot on.
  6. Shameful. Are you Tony Blackburn in disguise? John Peel must be turning in his grave.
  7. Innovative west coast musicians v Spice Girl wannabee pop songs sung by a slag. Nothing against former groupies, but the floozy’s style of music was atrocious at best. If Debbie didn’t look so deliciously filthy, what on earth would Blondie be remembered for?
  8. Tourt

    Thiago Alcantara

    According to today’s Sunday Mirror, they have offered £10M and we are asking for £15M. One of the Saturday rags claimed John Henry is unhappy at the prospect of keeping Ginni for another year before he is released on a free. If these reports are true it looks like the transfer is imminent. Considering Pogba cost £80m, Barca are getting a bargain.
  9. Tourt

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Not true. He was made Duke of Wellington after his victory at Waterloo. The Wellington in question was a small market town in the West Country with which the Duke had no connection what so ever. To accept the title he had to be a Duke of somewhere, the town was chosen at random. The Duke was unimpressed by grand titles following his difficult relationships with Portuguese and Spanish allies during the Peninsular Campaign who exalted in grandiose appendages to their names. The choice of Wellington was a private joke, a one fingered gesture to his former allies. The Duke never wore dominatrix style willies when on campaign in India, Portugal or Spain. He found them uncomfortable in hot climates and wore sturdy, infantry style boots instead. He did wear his famous boots at Waterloo simply because he left his usual footwear in the UK. The source of pointless trivia is Elizabeth Longford’s, Wellington: the Years of the Sword.
  10. Tourt

    Unique words in pop song lyrics

    His producer bet Bob Dylan he couldn’t write a line that rhymed with Mozambique. Hence: With my baby down in Mozambique, we were dancing cheek to cheek. Dylan sang it with a straight face too. A lesser man would have burst out laughing.
  11. Fabulous clip, a real treat to listen to. Well done that man.
  12. I totally agree. November Rain is one of my favourite songs, but voted Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Eventually.