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    I went back for another go yesterday. The above still applies, 9/10. A few minor differences - the sausages were cooked a little better this time, the eggs done separately (rather than 2 to a pan) and the mushrooms seasoned better (pretty much perfectly).
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    Three years in and I've just picked up Leeds CAMRA Pub of the Month which is a fairly big deal for us.
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    You should change your name to Bob Cuntbreakfast.
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    This thread is getting out of hand. People are complimenting Breakfasts. Outrageous. Time to rip this to shreds. Beans all over the egg. Bin it. Knife and fork the wrong way round, warm bread cut diagonally, a scab on one piece of bread, why have you let a dog curl out a turd on the plate, didn't know tongue was part of a full English, what the fuck is that below the top bread to the left? Eggs and mushrooms looks alright.
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    I've no doubt statistically it makes more sense to hold onto the ball and look for a better shooting opportunity. However, it makes us predictable. An inside forward, for instance, has to try beating a fullback on the outside a couple of times to mix things up and plant a seed of doubt. You can tell the ones who'll only ever cut inside, and they are easily shut out. We shouldn't just be Coutinhoing shots into shins at every opportunity, but we do pass up the chance whenever there's a clear sight of goal from distance. Defenders drop off and just shuffle from side to side, like it's Space Invaders. It doesn't have to fly into the top corner to be effective either. It creates space when defenders are drawn out. Plus, we've got some of the quickest forwards in the league, both in terms of ground covered and mental sharpness, who are capable of reacting first to anything that comes back off the keeper. Most defences that nullify us are made up of less mobile slab heads who're slow to react to the unexpected. Origi following in VVD's up and under being one notable example. They didn't expect Pickford's mistake, but watch Origi, he was moving as soon as it was hit. Tldr: mix it up a bit.
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    Used to have about six CD’s in the car. Now I use Spotify and utilise the extra space in the glove compartment for multi-packs of Extra Strong Mints, a phone charger and a rape kit.
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    Fewer goals but all direct from throw ins.
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    Passed my first placement on Tuesday. Meeting expectations in most areas good in two. Finish in this school next week, two weeks off to write another essay, two weeks back in uni with tons of assessments and then straight into my next placement. Its fucking intense. Hardest but most rewarding thing I've ever done. I don't know how i used to get myself out of bed to sit in an office every morning. I've not had a single day, even when I've had a 'mare (which had happened) that I've regretted jacking my job in to do this.
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    This mornings effort might also get slated, but here goes... omelette with mushrooms, peppers, onion, bacon and spinach and cheese with a side of avocado (avo), and a decent drop of Tabasco again. yum.
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    I have no love for physical media at all. I think I might even be opposed to it at this point.
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    You don't have to own a stadium to own a stadium but they did own it until they were evicted for not paying the rent.
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    Can tell you've played hide the sausage before
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    A textbook example of why we should ban the bean. The gravitational pull of the beans has fucked with the nearest egg, rendering it inedible. The rest of the sorry plate orbits the menacing central bean vortex. The toast is trying to escape on both sides but it's too late... It's like they asked John Squire to throw it onto the plate for his latest LP cover.
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    The reason I think many move away from physical media is one purely of space. Two of my mates run their own indie record label (White Sulfur) and one of them has had to give up 2 rooms in his house to vinyl, one for the business stock and one for his own personal collection.
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    Only if you let an idiot or a woman near them.
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    Bob's breakfast just doesn't know what it is. I'm all for an alternative to a fry-up but at least think about what it's supposed to be! At the risk of being too hipster, avocado on good, ideally sourdough, toast with a couple of poachies (proper fucken runny) and plenty of salt and pepper is great. Adding bacon is also great (the saltiness works perfectly with avocado) but beans, fried eggs and tortillas? Not for me, Clive.
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    Incredibly bad form -- no one who posts a brekkie should get negged, it is the threads lifeblood -- they should get ripped to shreds - not negged.
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    Couldn’t give a toss where they are from as long as our numbers are good. They are.
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    The last few pages of food almost certainly break international law.
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    Thats the first transgender meal I've ever seen.