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  1. Nunavut Patrick

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    Tinned juices should never be combined. If you’ve have your jab it’s now ineffective. You may also have bad, bad AIDS.
  2. Nunavut Patrick

    Golf thread / my new project

    Doug Ford lolz
  3. Nunavut Patrick

    Golf thread / my new project

    Yeah I when I applied I was 38 which was 4 years below their cutoff. Now all I have is The Lumberjack Song
  4. Nunavut Patrick

    Golf thread / my new project

    Orange balls. Just like football was when it actually snowed in England regularly.
  5. Nunavut Patrick

    Golf thread / my new project

    I lost out on a career with the RCMP (Mounties) because of golf. Anyway it’s been 25 some years since the incident and I’m thinking of getting back into it. I actually played lot when I was in my late teens/early 20s and was in the low 90s which I don’t think is all that impressive but I enjoyed it (the courses were not difficult). My parents actually got me a golf bag for a present (not even my birthday or Christmas) and I used my Dad’s clubs which were Slazenger irons and Wilson drivers from the 1960s). Apparently a club pro said the sweet spot was small and I’d improve greatly with newer and more forgiving clubs. Anyhoo, because of the pandemic I’m sure equipment prices have skyrocketed so I guess I’m stuck with the 1960s clubs. Also lots of fit women on pof seem to like golf and I did win Longest Drive at the 1991 Blackburn Arms Pub tournament.
  6. Nunavut Patrick

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    Only looking at the pint really... But there are some positives- beans are safely in a ramekin prison the one lonely sausage looks decent (the one on the plus not the Wombles) tomato is real
  7. Nunavut Patrick

    Living Remotely or Off Grid

    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada And it’s still snowing. Saturday I was on the patio at the local getting a tan. It’s also called heart attack snow as it’s the heavy kind and people have coronaries shovelling the stuff.
  8. Nunavut Patrick

    Living Remotely or Off Grid

    Fuck off 15 cm snow today
  9. Nunavut Patrick

    Prince Philip...

    Haven’t seen that on pornhub. Yet.
  10. Nunavut Patrick

    The Masters 2021

    He should have that puffer poison fish dinner on the menu at the green jacket dinner next April.
  11. Nunavut Patrick

    Russia v Ukraine

    Oh and leave the Slauvitich brewery alone as well.
  12. Nunavut Patrick

    Russia v Ukraine

    We must send Remmie there his massive pigs would foil any mission guidance system and save the Donbas. Or Crimea. Possibly both. I dated a woman whose mother’s side was Ukrainian and her uncle had to cancel a trip home for fear of being conscripted. It didn’t last long which is a shame as apparently her Baba made goose neck stuffing which was to die for.
  13. Nunavut Patrick

    The Masters 2021

    Lots of pine at the Masters and we know he loves the pine
  14. Nunavut Patrick


    Was there a year and half ago and can confirm the mountain is still there.
  15. Nunavut Patrick

    Prince Philip...

    Won’t someone think of the corgi’s
  16. Nunavut Patrick

    Kicking off in Northern Ireland again?

    Bus driver was unscathed. The rest of them can have at it but leave the bus drivers alone.
  17. Nunavut Patrick

    Katy Perry

    I walked home from work about a month ago; it was probably -20C and with the wind even colder. It’s about a mile and a half. Because I choose wrongly for a wife I had to make my own cup of tea, it was orange pekoe. I found some Club Orange in the cupboard. There is a specialty store that sells them (along with real HP sauce, custard, etc). I dunked those bastards like a Marine waterboarding at Gitmo and savoured every bite. These are the moments that make life worth living.
  18. Nunavut Patrick

    Katy Perry

    The middle photo is not proper AC Slatering form. Now assuming she’s not in there for a pooh- It looks like a lot of belts and zippers and buckles to undo: so I’d much rather have a cup of tea.
  19. Nunavut Patrick

    Arsenal 0 Liverpool 3 (April 3 2021)

    Only Pier Luigi Collina was cool. He had those seething blue eyes and massive dome. And looked like he could at any moment make a call and send you to sleep with the fishes. European refs have a bit of style to them. The Turkish fella Cunet looks like he could order off a michelin star menu while the likes of Friend and Atwell would have trouble deciding if the wanted gravy or curry sauce. Atkinson would not be out of place as a cunt insurance adjuster. The rest of them alternate between the PE teacher who’s let himself go or over baked sun lounger like Mariner.
  20. Nunavut Patrick

    Generation covid

    Harold Wilson. I turned out alright.
  21. Nunavut Patrick

    Vaccine - Hands In The Bucket...

    I just started doing meth as the homeless people that are living in bus shelters seem to be doing okay and they’re always injecting meth. Downtown Winnipeg looks like a scene out of a George Romero movie.
  22. Nunavut Patrick

    Dog Pics

    My daughters dogs looking at the northern lights.
  23. Nunavut Patrick

    Neil Young

    I walk by his old school in Winnipeg on my way to work. Earl Grey School.
  24. Nunavut Patrick

    Signs that you're behind the times.

    In late 80’s I was a pizza delivery driver and had a ‘79 Honda Civic and the starter went on it. Luckily the shop was basically on the top of a decent incline. I’d roll the car out of the back parking lot and then down the incline and off I’d go. I loved that car.