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  1. SammyAftershave

    Most hated Z list 'celebrity'

    Frankie fuckin Howard over here.
  2. SammyAftershave

    Most hated Z list 'celebrity'

    He needs his balls backheeling by Tony (repeatedly). That's working on the assumption he has any.
  3. SammyAftershave

    Nivea. Fuckin' Nivea.

    Ooooooohhhhh! Nivea, oh Nivea, say have you met Nivea:
  4. SammyAftershave


    Fucks sake. Is Sonia older than Teresa May? Come to think of it, is Nosferatu older than Teresa May?
  5. SammyAftershave

    Most hated Z list 'celebrity'

    That twat is also a food critic on Masterchef.
  6. SammyAftershave

    Holly Willoughby

    Sterling representations Shooter. Repped.
  7. SammyAftershave

    Virgil Van Dijk

    He has an urgent note to deliver.
  8. SammyAftershave

    Smarmy faces made to punch

    This imbecilic looking cunt (and alleged nonce):
  9. SammyAftershave

    Watford (A) - Saturday 24 Nov 18 at 3pm

    Just fucking no with that midfield. (ever again!!!!)