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  1. Nunavut Patrick


    The Germans will just run it over eventually.
  2. Nunavut Patrick

    Miscellaneous fine alcohol

    Usually an Alan Sex ‘stroke of luck’ does not involve tequila.
  3. Nunavut Patrick

    Featured: That was the week that was (Apr 18-23 2021)

    Hahaha....I remember this. McMahon was pissed at the NFL commisoner Pete Rozelle and wore the head band with Rozelle on it. Back when the NFL had some character....Dikta changed from a polo shirt to a suit so he would be more calm on the sideline, McMahnon showed up for practices in a full length fur coat.
  4. Nunavut Patrick

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    Tinned juices should never be combined. If you’ve have your jab it’s now ineffective. You may also have bad, bad AIDS.
  5. Nunavut Patrick

    Golf thread / my new project

    Doug Ford lolz
  6. Nunavut Patrick

    Golf thread / my new project

    Yeah I when I applied I was 38 which was 4 years below their cutoff. Now all I have is The Lumberjack Song
  7. Nunavut Patrick

    Golf thread / my new project

    Orange balls. Just like football was when it actually snowed in England regularly.
  8. Nunavut Patrick

    Golf thread / my new project

    I lost out on a career with the RCMP (Mounties) because of golf. Anyway it’s been 25 some years since the incident and I’m thinking of getting back into it. I actually played lot when I was in my late teens/early 20s and was in the low 90s which I don’t think is all that impressive but I enjoyed it (the courses were not difficult). My parents actually got me a golf bag for a present (not even my birthday or Christmas) and I used my Dad’s clubs which were Slazenger irons and Wilson drivers from the 1960s). Apparently a club pro said the sweet spot was small and I’d improve greatly with newer and more forgiving clubs. Anyhoo, because of the pandemic I’m sure equipment prices have skyrocketed so I guess I’m stuck with the 1960s clubs. Also lots of fit women on pof seem to like golf and I did win Longest Drive at the 1991 Blackburn Arms Pub tournament.
  9. Nunavut Patrick

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    Only looking at the pint really... But there are some positives- beans are safely in a ramekin prison the one lonely sausage looks decent (the one on the plus not the Wombles) tomato is real
  10. Nunavut Patrick

    Living Remotely or Off Grid

    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada And it’s still snowing. Saturday I was on the patio at the local getting a tan. It’s also called heart attack snow as it’s the heavy kind and people have coronaries shovelling the stuff.
  11. Nunavut Patrick

    Living Remotely or Off Grid

    Fuck off 15 cm snow today
  12. Nunavut Patrick

    Prince Philip...

    Haven’t seen that on pornhub. Yet.
  13. Nunavut Patrick

    The Masters 2021

    He should have that puffer poison fish dinner on the menu at the green jacket dinner next April.
  14. Nunavut Patrick

    Russia v Ukraine

    Oh and leave the Slauvitich brewery alone as well.
  15. Nunavut Patrick

    Russia v Ukraine

    We must send Remmie there his massive pigs would foil any mission guidance system and save the Donbas. Or Crimea. Possibly both. I dated a woman whose mother’s side was Ukrainian and her uncle had to cancel a trip home for fear of being conscripted. It didn’t last long which is a shame as apparently her Baba made goose neck stuffing which was to die for.