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  1. Nunavut Patrick

    Who is your Florida Man

  2. Nunavut Patrick

    The GF Marmite Thread

    Time and place for everything and the place for Marmite is not stuffed into a pizza crust.
  3. Nunavut Patrick

    Happy St Patricks Day

    When I come back to the UK I always have a pint oF Guinness quickly. You can get it easily over here but it’s so much better in the UK.
  4. Nunavut Patrick

    Happy St Patricks Day

    Grandparents on my Mum’s side born in Ireland. Have no real connection to the Emerald Isle but it seems loads of people in Canada go to Ireland to reconnect with their heritage, which usually involves rolling into some village and going to a pub and not understand a word anyone says. Those ancestry.com kits I’m convinced are a scam ran by the Irish tourist board. Guiness is good. And soda bread.
  5. Nunavut Patrick

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    I should never have doubted you. You and Barry have possibly saved the thread, nay, saved humanity.
  6. Nunavut Patrick

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    They deep fry chestnut mushrooms over here. Also pickles. I think it’s wrong.
  7. Nunavut Patrick

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    The Fuge had a great effort there but I am a little suspicious that the mushrooms may be tinned. A proper fried portobello mushroom and accompanying tomato can really push a breakfast into the 9 and 9.5 range. Sorry Mook.
  8. Nunavut Patrick

    Bayern Munich 1 Liverpool 3 (Mar 13 2019)

    Didi was majestic at the tree felling for a free kick. i bet he dreases up too and all as he reads the racing form smoking.
  9. Nunavut Patrick

    Best TV/Film Car

  10. Nunavut Patrick

    Gunes: Karius does not really feel part of Besiktas

    Karius confusion reigns in Turkey. Where the fuck is Bezema to roll the ball to?
  11. Nunavut Patrick

    Fries vs Chips

    Well we never serve peas with seal. To be fair the Newfoundlanders who were all clubbing seals went out to Alberta to work in the tar sands. Mind you we can't get a pipeline built to export all that dirty oil so they may be heading back..... and those fucking seals had a voraciuos appetite for cod.
  12. Nunavut Patrick

    Fries vs Chips

    Poutine has been bastadized it used to be a delicacy now the hipsters put pulled pork and chicken and hot dogs and all sorts if nonsense on it. The gravy and cheese curds are what makes the poutine. 95% of poutines are made with Industrial based powder gravy and shit cheese curds. Not a huge poutine fan though, its like our equivalent of a 2am kebab. But done right (gravy thick and from scratch, Bothwell, St Albert or Balderson cheese curds- white never yellow/orange) and thick cut fries (ie- chips) it can be delicious. Many a Canadian has woken up next morning with gravy stains on their shirt.
  13. Nunavut Patrick

    Fries vs Chips

    Mushy peas turn your brain to mush. if someone sent you out to the supermarket for a tin of mushy peas and they were out you could go to the baby food isle and buy ten jars of peas and it’d be the same thing.
  14. Nunavut Patrick

    Fries vs Chips

    Not sure what peas you consume but they usually had a sweet smell about them.
  15. Nunavut Patrick

    Fries vs Chips

    Chips. Malt vinegar bit of salt. Why is this even a discussion? Mushy peas however are evil; never understood mashing a pea. I get that chasing the circular little green fuckers around a plate is annoying but no need to mash them into a consistency of a dog turd.