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  1. Anny Road

    Small pleasures?

    Was at the traffic lights earlier today and was going right. Car pulled up next to me going left. Little fella sitting in a high seat in the passenger seat looks over and smiles gives me the thumbs up. I returned it lights changed and we disappear. Spread of happiness from one little kid.
  2. Anny Road

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Thought into the wild was top draw first time I saw it. Watched it again and ir was ok. Rewatched Gravity this morning very good. Lovely arse. 7.3/10
  3. Anny Road

    What do you call a bread roll round your way?

    Here it’s a softie. A roll is somewhat squarer. Nonsense.
  4. Anny Road

    New site feedback

    Apparently I’ve won two days. Do I get to keep them?
  5. Anny Road

    TLW Deadpool 2018

    I’m no fan but they did have a certain appeal and undoubted talent.
  6. Anny Road

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    I know we are all meant to love the freedom and pleasure and short cues at Benidorm airport that the EU has given us but do people not even for one minute acknowledge that it is a capitalist, low wage wet fucking dream. cant get cheap Labour in Stoke don’t worry we will fly them in from Turkey. Fuck off with that.
  7. Anny Road

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Ask me again. Do i want to leave the EU. My answer would be yes I do. It is a pile of shite. Do I want a complete fucking disaster of a exit? Of course not. I wasn’t even asking the question in the first place. You asked me I answered.
  8. Anny Road

    Screen dependancy

    I’m posting on here on an iPad. While getting ready for the game on a laptop. Watching cops chasing baddies on the tv and sending my boss messages on the iPhone. Sorry have to go my mum is ringing on my personal mobile. mental
  9. Anny Road


    I think my bother was the fish and chips and curry yesterday. My body just went into shock at finally getting decent food.
  10. Anny Road

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    I would have settled for a few hundred thousand muppets like you giving a shit about other folk and not your next car. Then this thread would never have existed and your train may turn up on time.
  11. Anny Road

    TLW Deadpool 2018

    Probably Brexit related.
  12. Anny Road

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Yes chef. This Chef No chef. Open that tin of beans, Yes chef. Should we address everyone by their job title. Yes cleaner, No project manager, Yes bus driver. I am married to a head chef and she agrees to a certain extent. They are treated like heart surgeons when they are just making tea.
  13. Anny Road


    Good plan. *pulls sausages from arse*
  14. Anny Road


    Really weird yellow. And hits the water like carp ground bait. Some sort of yellow paste that breaks up on contact with water. Some sausages and bacon will stop this nonsense.