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Israel - A Rant


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5 hours ago, Bjornebye said:


They aren't in the West Bank but it isn't stopping them there. this was never about October 7th or Hamas. That attack was just an excuse. They've been doing this for years, now they've got an 'excuse' to go full throttle. 

The racist, genocidal "Bibi" has been wanting to wipe out the Arabs since the 1970s. Evil cunt.

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20 hours ago, Bjornebye said:

The UN Security Council are anti-Semites obviously 

All started with the U.N. back in 1947. A home for the victims of the 2nd Holocaust, which is now the cause of the 3rd Holocaust. Oh…sorry…it’s just a Genocide.

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3 hours ago, Bjornebye said:



I can't work out if they're thick or they think the rest of the world is thick? 


They’re thick. They’re racist. They’re armed with a lot of weapons. And they’re bloodthirsty.


That’s a devastatingly bad combination, as the Gazans are currently finding out.

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*Fifty years ago, on Oct. 7, the second and worst day of the 1973 Arab-Israeli War, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan asked Prime Minister Golda Meir to mobilize the readiness of Israeli nuclear weapons (presumably to assemble the weapons) for a demonstration.*


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Israel's war cabinet has agreed to allow "minimal" fuel into Gaza, sparking outrage among far-right Israeli ministers. 

The cabinet approved allowing two trucks a day into the besieged enclave to help meet UN needs, an Israeli official told Reuters. The decision came after a request by the United States. 

The fuel will give "minimal" support for water, sewage and sanitary systems in Gaza to prevent pandemics, the official added. 

Following the decision, far-right Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich called on the Israeli prime minister to "stop this scandal immediately and prevent the introduction of fuel". 

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On 17/11/2023 at 01:16, Redder Lurtz said:

Hamas: Israel are committing war crimes.


Almost certainly true but from Hamas who murdered nearly 1500 civilians, kidnapped hundreds more and are still firing rockets indiscriminately into Israel? Do me a fucking favour. Cunts. 

I equate Hamas to the Jewish Uprising in the Warsaw ghettos as the Nazi death machine systematically ethnic cleanses Poland. Now if you asked the Jewish Resistance (a few hundred young Polish Jews retaliating violently) what their ultimate goal was, I think they would say ‘the total annihilation of Germany’


I mean, under such duress, and long term inhumane treatment, who wouldn’t hold such a grudge?


Am I being unreasonable with this comparison? Genuinely interested in your thoughts on the matter.


No, I have no solution to the problem, but, it does seem to me that since Israel was dumped where it is by the U.N. in 1947, Arabs (350 million) and Israelis (9 million odd) cannot live in harmony.


So who do we move? The Arabs or the Israelis? One slightly nasty little problem, is that Israel is armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons.

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Just now, TD_LFC said:


To be fair getting him out of Gaza was probably a good thing before he, and anyone near him, 'accidently' ends up on the sharp end of an Israeli rocket 


Or an IDF sniper. We know what they do to journalists who don't toe the genocidal line. 

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