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PODCAST: Chelsea 0 Liverpool 1 - League Cup Final Match Reaction

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What a day! The Reds secured a tenth League Cup with a dramatic extra time win over Chelsea at Wembley to keep us on course for a glorious end to the Jurgen Klopp era.


A true captain's goal from Virg averted the drama of a shoot out, following another topsy turvy final in which fortune favoured the brave. However, it was the Reds Academy graduates rising to the occasion against the billion dolla blues that will live long in the memory.


Chris Smith is joined by Julian Richards, Paul Natton and TLW Editor Dave Usher to celebrate a win that sits proudly amidst the pantheon of our all-time great final triumphs.



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  • dave u pinned this topic

One thing I think might have flown under the radar was the three or four occasions where Clark got in front of Gallagher and won/retained the ball under pressure. Was excellent as Gallagher thought he was going to run the show after the changes and Clark put him in his place. 

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15 hours ago, lifetime fan said:

He’s obviously spent the money he’s earnt the last few years sticking it up his



21 hours ago, lifetime fan said:

Game of two halves from Paul mind. 

Started brilliantly and then came out with that Road House bollocks. 




Harsh on Paul that. 

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Just finished the pod now.  Nothing to say really other than there's nothing better than watching people trying to throw each other under the bus.  I enjoyed that.  


I felt the crowd in extra time with the 5 minute Allez Allez Allez deserves it's own mention as I believe it gave the players that extra boost to get this over the line.  Carra got it right in commentary that it was just a big thank you for what the players were doing, regardless of the final result.  It was a great moment of what true support looks like and made it even more special.


Finally, I really liked @Chris sign off.  It's so true that a club pathetically spending over a billion quid to try and cheat the process of creating a team and an ethos, and failing miserably doing it, is glorious. 

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No need to feel for me! I had a shocker. I need to set myself a two beer limit for these celebratory pods because that last half an hour or so had around 4,000% too much me. I'd ask someone a question, immediately interject and then ramble on for another ten minutes. Was cringing and telling myself to shut the fuck up by the end. Lesson learned: Know your role and shut your mouth, Jabroni. 

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