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  1. I’ve opened a thread to keep AFCON news in one place. From a purely selfish point of view it’s so I can see how soon Egypt are out.
  2. Can’t overstate my admiration for Dave’s ability to shoehorn his hatred for Arsenal into every pod. Happily picturing himself in with the Spurs fans chatting shite about Arsenal was outstanding levels of hate.
  3. JohnnyH

    Russia v Ukraine

    The ‘ra are gonna kick Russia’s arse.
  4. JohnnyH

    How do you view someone who doesn't drink?

    It wouldn't even enter my mind to form an opinion on someone based on whether they drink or not. If I was in a pub with a bunch of people and was getting a round in and one person said they don't drink I'd just move on with the conversation and it wouldn't enter my mind again.
  5. A nice little subplot is that Martin Ødegaard had the option to join Liverpool or Real Madrid, chose Madrid and as a result is now at Arsenal bottling matches and waving Liverpool off to Final.
  6. Nobody. We'd play Henderson, Milner and Fabinho and we'd go out.
  7. If the Henderson, Milner, Fabinho midfield stats tomorrow then we 're out. It just doesn't work.
  8. Now I am confused because I am a cunt.
  9. I've now finished the episode. Jules going full Rafa "I am focussed on coaching and training my team" with his Arsenal non-prediction comment of "such is my dislike of Arsenal I will make no prediction on this game" was something I can get right behind. Something I can't get right behind, or understand though, is calling a manager who won us a European Cup a "cunt". That's mental stuff. I accept people don't like Rafa, but a cunt? Nah, that's much to far. I expect that kind of support from Arsenal fans (their treatment of Wenger at the end my reasoning behind that), not us.
  10. Just a quick note on this Arsenal/Man City/Owners are cunts podcost. It was good as usual. Dave's Arsenal hate is wonderful. Hope Arsenal chant that "You're only here to see the Arsenal" throughout the match on Thursday. I've written to Sky and asked for a 'Dave Cam'. A special note of gratitude to Chris for the length of his half way through add for the podcast. It's the perfect length to get your phone out, flick it on, hit the +30 button, and you're straight back into the chat. On a more serious note, Daves comments about appreciating this team are really important and I tend to forget that far too often. It's not fair to judge what we're doing with those cheats 11 points ahead of us. Any other (rolling) decade and we'd have at least one other title and a few other great title races. We need to remember to appreciate what we've got.
  11. *must not just pick great songs* *must not just pick great songs* *must not just pick great songs* *must not just pick great songs*
  12. I’m very concerned for today game. I wanted you all to know that.
  13. JohnnyH

    2021 Africa Cup of Nations

    That triple save in the space of 2 seconds was brilliant.
  14. So you’re saying we should have gone after Kieran Tierney’s dodgy ankle?
  15. I’ve bitten the bullet and listened to the first 15 or so minutes. I’ll get the rest later. But I wanted to mention something Chris brought up about early substitutions. I agree with him totally, but would go further. I found it interesting when Chris mentioned “etiquette” around taking someone off during the first half, and Dave immediately said “should have changed at half time”. I’m still astonished that there is that etiquette out there, as there clearly is, in football. The Irish lads on here will tell you that in Gaelic Football changes after 20 mins are fairly commonplace. If somethings not working it gets changed bloody quickly. And there’s no stigma to it. The player comes off and that’s that. Perfectly normal. This match was the prime example where Milner should have been off and Jones or Ox on the second Arsenal went down to 10 men. As Chris said, the circumstances have completely changed, so react and change too. However, not changing it at half time is totally inexcusable.
  16. JohnnyH

    Alternative 'rona thread

    That's glorious. It totally fucks all his bullshit. Fucking chancer spreading crap that'll end up killing people. What a prick he is
  17. JohnnyH

    Mohamed Salah

    It's 5 years he wants isn't it?
  18. JohnnyH

    Mohamed Salah

    So would you give him the £400k a week contract if that's what he's asked for?
  19. JohnnyH

    Mohamed Salah

    I didn't say anything about paying everyone the same. I reduced the VVD salary by £100,000 a week in the example I gave. But it's about the precedent. We pay Salah £400k a week and then try and replace Mane with Bellingham in the summer ad then Bellingham is then saying well I'm worth £250k a week if Salah is £400k
  20. JohnnyH

    Mohamed Salah

    No way they'll pay £400,000 a week if that's true, and quite a few papers are reporting it so that's what the club must have briefed them. It's too much. If he gets £400k then what's to stop VVD demanding £300k. The precedent is awful.
  21. JohnnyH

    Jury duty

    I'm doing this tomorrow. Initially I thought about trying to get out of it, but after hearing that this is now very difficult to do, and given that I do feel a bit like maybe I should do it anyway, I decided to accept my fate and so I'll head in to the courts in the morning. Anyone any experience of this?
  22. Liverpool - Souness Non Liverpool - Michael Laudrup