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    Mine are brown, now.
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    Is it gone yet?
  3. They are, the lives just aren't as important as they used to be in the 1970s and '80s..
  4. It's a shame these interviews aren't done in a questions and answers type setting where there are people to challenge them. He says because there was a break in the middle that that makes the season nonviable? What break is acceptable for him? Is two weeks too much? Is every league that has a winter break also not viable every year? If only some teams had to stop then ok, but every team stopped? So hows that an issue? As for likening the season to an actual, real life marathon? So is Deeney now demanding that all 38 league games must be played back-to-back from now on? Clubs are going to need pretty big squads. If you want to speak about fairness and asterisks then 1988-89 after Hillsborough is a sad example of where it's nonviable. Liverpool having to play 8 games in 23 days including extra time in a Cup Final while Arsenal only had to play 4, is an example of unfair. This is perfectly fair on every club. It seems the whole "Health issue" is taking a back seat for Deeney. It's now the "break was a bit long"?
  5. On the other hand, we could lose 7, draw 1 and win 1 and City pip us on goal difference.
  6. I think there’ll be some “funny” results at the start due to the weirdness of it all, but I don’t think it’ll be as dramatic as you fear. The players will feel the exact same as us and want it done. Teams in mid-table with nothing to ply for may find it hard to switch back on. I wouldn’t be surprised if a win and a draw does it for us. Or even one win.
  7. Obviously my sources need to remain anonymous so I changed the dates by a bit. Can’t believe you didn’t get that. Anyway, I was right.
  8. My sources are telling me June 20th restart date
  9. I was in Chicago for a few days this week working. I had some time, so I went for a walk around the town. I took a few photos and wanted to post a couple of them but wasn't sure where, so through I'd start this thread. Show your photos and explain why you think they're cool (if it's not immediately obvious). The Untouchables is a favourite movie of mine, and this is the spot where Costner's Ness first meets Connery's Malone. And that's my gormless head. This is Union Station where the shootout on the steps happened in the same movie and they caught the bookkeeper.
  10. "Void" has been ruled out by the PL. So it's either played to an end, or PPG.
  11. Yep. I think we as a fan base are overthinking this and reaching for conspiracy theories. Germany has started. Spain and Italy will start soon. If England is the only big league not to start up then it will be extremely embarrassing for the FA, PL and the clubs. All the stories coming from the clubs now are positive. Even the ones with genuine issues like Kante are quiet and being respected. Unless there is a big, genuine, spike with a lockdown coming back into force, this league will start and Man City fans will be able to tell us how shit it is.
  12. The problem with the idea that the "bottom clubs will be pulling every trick in the book" is that we know for certain now that the season is ending either on the pitch or PPG. So if it ends by PPG then the bottom 6 already know who goes down, so 3 will be trying to not have it end that way, and 3 will be happy for it to end that way. So even then we've got counter views. We as Liverpool fans would rather it was ended on the pitch and all games were played, so I think we're over thinking this. No club is going to start pulling tricks and cons to get the season ended because they'd get caught. In this modern age nothing major can be kept secret. And also, bar that West Ham lot, the bottom 6 aren't going to act like that I don't think. I don't even know what tricks people think they could pull?
  13. While it's a bit daft to try and protect next season over this season, I get the PL trying to put a hard and fast date down. They will be trying to protect FA Cup weekends and international breaks next year and all that no doubt too and so want this season done. However if there is a second spike and this season is ended, then that spike will threaten next season. And if next season doesn't start then football as we know it is in real trouble. And while many will say "good, it's shite" to that, the billionaires getting a hit is 0.1% of the overall issue. There is a huge human consequence to a club going out of business. Imagine Liverpool going out of business? Think of all the little businesses that would disappear to: The chippy vans, hats, scarves & badges sellers, unofficial merch sellers, hotels and B&Bs, ground staff at Liverpool Airport for the busy weekend traffic of fans travelling, coach companies for away games, etc, etc. The list is endless of middle to lower income jobs relying on clubs, big and small. This could be the defining time for football. We need to be careful before we cheer the end of multi-million pound entities.
  14. JohnnyH

    The Space Thread

    I've never seen the ISS. To be fair, I've never looked for it, but when I see people say they say it, or post a picture of a moving spec in the sky I always think I must head outside for a look. Is there a schedule type thing where you can get a round idea what time it might be visible in your part of the world?
  15. Very hard to disagree with that. Thompson and Sami might flip, but it's close. Hyypia never gets the credit the real credit he deserves I feel. An absolute rock of calmness and ability.
  16. I think Mane is/was much more likely to leave. Salah has made a move to a "big club" (yes, it's Chelsea, but they'd won the CL only 2 years previous) and have it all go wrong, so I think he'll be more wary of moving when he's on to a really good thing already. Mane though might see this as his only chance to play for Real or Barca (that's still a thing isn't it)
  17. JohnnyH

    Alcohol consumption during lockdown

    I drank every single night for 60 days. I’ve piled on the weight and felt awful. So I stopped drinking last Sunday and feel loads better and the weight is already coming off. I’m going to stay off the drink until at least the start of August. I’m combining it with no takeaways and trying to not eat junk. I’ll be a ride at the end of this
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    Random Football Observations.

    Virgil van Dijk is the only player who actually looks cool when playing it cool after scoring.
  19. Fair enough. Anyone who's not comfortable shouldn't play
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    Annoying Americanisms

    Fair enough. Still think you're a bit evil now though.
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    Annoying Americanisms

    Fine with that. We went on a 3 day bender for my granddads funeral 20 years ago. Down to the West of Ireland where he lived and he was laid out on the kitchen table and properly waked for 3 days as he wanted. By day 2 there was empty bottles of whiskey sitting on the table beside him and the family loved it because that's how he waked his dad. I'm also fine with people saying "died" to others. Once it's appropriate. But some people will avoid the word completely when speaking about a loved one because its so final, and abrupt a word. "Passed" just sits a little easier for them, so I'd never say "died" back to them. You can celebrate lives. You celebrate Jerry Stillers life. But you don't celebrate the death of a 30 year old. And if their parent says he "passed", then you say it too.