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  1. RedSand

    Atletico Madrid 1 Liverpool 0 (Feb 18 2020)

    Cheers for doing the report so quickly Dave. I’m still seething. We’ve known what Atletico play like for a while now. Plus we had good experience against similar in Qatar against Monterey and Flamengo. It’s not their shithousery that bothers me (and I’m livid at those snide cunts) it’s that we didn’t step up. Our play was too ponderous, too predictable, too monotonous against the best in the business at this sort of backs to the wall play. They played to their strengths and probably played to their potential. We did not. I hope we rip them a new one, but a lot might depend on the ref. Ideally we put the game to bed before the ref gets swayed by their bullshit.
  2. RedSand

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Yeah... as did the rest of the club. Even Bournemouth by the look of it.
  3. RedSand

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Brad Smith. At loan at Cardiff, from Bournemouth. We flogged him for 6m. I always thought he had a future with us. Had a good cross on him.
  4. RedSand

    Other Football - 2019/20

    The wage thief, I get but adding gerrymandering to it was genius. Gerrymandering wage thief. Superb.
  5. RedSand

    Did Trent mean that pass to Firmino?

    I was thinking the same thing, watching it Live and on replay and again the highlights later. It's a clearance not a cross. When things go your way, take advantage. And did we ever. With Ings' penalty denial and Trent's clearance. About time the luck fell our way.
  6. RedSand

    Virgil Van Dijk

    Ah..... cheers mate.
  7. RedSand

    Virgil Van Dijk

    AWS had a great quote from Julius Caesar in the Southampton match thread. The caption was under a picture of Bobby after his assist to the skipper. Ideally we should mock up that quote under a towering picture of Van Dijk. A colossus indeed. Reminds me of that Shankly quote when he first saw Roger Hunt in all red strip... or was it St. John?
  8. RedSand

    Bob Paisley

    Beautifully written. Had me choked up. Well played.
  9. I had a look for tickets at City before this West Ham game. Their bastard site said the game against us was sold out. If you find seats, I'll be all over that, cheers very much. Just say the word and the Venmo will be on its way. Me and every other supporter I'm sure, but regardless I'm in.
  10. RedSand

    Shewsbury Town 2 Liverpool 2 (Jan 26 2020)

    Cheers for the report Dave. A family friend recently remarked to my wife, 'Oh it's amazing how much your husband has grown, he doesn't seem to get as upset after watching football on the weekends. I remember last few years he was really unpleasant to be around if Liverpool didn't win.' My wife (who is also a mad Red, but shows greater self control) replied, 'Oh that's because we've been kicking arse for about a year now.' Anyhow, my 'mood' retuned this Sunday after that shambolic performance. I was filthy all day. Still undefeated all season and I was livid. Well played Town. They kept at it. Didn't pack it in after giving away a soft second goal. Well in the crowd too But now that I've recovered from my darkness, I'm kinda glad this happened...sorta. The 'thing' that makes us such a formidable opponent, is not just the attention to minute details, the herculean fitness or the flexible tactics during a game. Our mentality is what separates us from the rest. The unshakable belief in our excellence. In whom we are, what we do, how we do it and doing it again, and again and again. It's Shankly's line about..... 'We believed we were the best and worked hard at becoming the best.' What we learned after that game is that NOT everybody in the Team has this mentality. They are not ALL mentality monsters. And I'm referring to the senior players you mentioned. This is good news. Now we know, we either work with them to improve their mentality or ship them out. Clearly it'll be the former, as Klopp has guided, cajoled and mentored the entire Club into this mentality. But this is a good wake up call. Or.... we all just had an off game, at least it happened in this round and we'll sort it next game. Onwards.
  11. RedSand

    Roberto Firmino

    I don't get it? Why? Cause you saw a grown man cry at a Baptism? Or the Baptism itself? No worries either way. Just curious. And wasn't sure if you were joking?
  12. Holy Shit. That was quick. Thank you kindly Caramac. That makes even less sense having watched it a dozen times. The audacity to try it is one thing, but then to pull it off is on another planet. Skill vs Application or Theory vs Execution I guess. My point is that Klopp has instilled a level of trust, confidence and arrogance in the boys that is just helping them grow to new heights. Plus the hard work demanded, expected and put in during training. I want Klopp as my boss, my mentor, my dad.
  13. Thank you Caramac. Any chance of a gif of Trent's switch to Andy just in front of our box early in the game please? A cross field pass right across/through our back line. It looked outrageous. Almost like a quick stab that just arrowed to Andy.
  14. RedSand

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Andy with that incisive pass into the stands
  15. RedSand

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Newcastle are absolute garbage. Pub teamesque. On another note Calvert-Lewin is a snide arrogant cunt. Him and Richarlison.