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  1. RedSand

    Tom Werner Interview

    Cheers for posting that. Enjoyed the read. Was gonna ask in the Wolves Match Thread, (somewhat in jest) did Edwards get a lap of honor?
  2. RedSand

    Thiago Alcantara

    Cheers for that. Enjoyed this line: ”Thiago has been quietly masterful playing just behind on the left of midfield, a footballer who spends every moment of every game diligently rewiring the house, grouting the bathroom, stitching together the floor joists; and above all playing cold, his entire presence based on the idea that there is always time and space, that this is simply another moment in his own ongoing deep personal relationship with the ball.” There’s also one comment (a Guardian Pick) to that article that is well written and summarizes him well.
  3. Amen. Him and Fernandinho. Cunts of the highest order that keep getting away with shockingly dirty and snide behavior. Casemiro is another one to watch out for in two weeks. From the same school of Cunts. Oh and cheers for report as always Dave.
  4. RedSand


    Sorry to hear about your grandson. Hope the little man doesn’t suffer too much. Your symptoms are very close to mine. Especially the aches behind the shoulder blades. Hope and wish you get your treatments quickly and steadily. Wish your whole family a steady, safe and speedy recovery. Wish everyone suffering here the same sentiments.
  5. RedSand


    Boss came back from an overseas trip last Wednesday. Came into work on Thursday and Friday. Left home early on Friday as his wife was Positive and he confirmed positive on Saturday, but didn’t tell us till Monday. HR did send a generic someone in the office has Covid notice. We are fully masked at work but that still didn’t help this time. After doing stuff with family and friends over the weekend I start feeling shitty Sunday night. Come up Negative on an antigen test. Monday morning feeling worse, still negative on an new antigen test. Go and get a PCR test done just to be sure. Feel like dog shit with strong flu like symptoms Monday and Tuesday. Heavy head, stuffy nose, bastard of a sore throat, body aches, hot sweats and cold chills and interestingly a feeling of pins and needles in my nostrils. Covid positive confirmed on Wednesday but slowly getting better. Continue recovering the rest of the week. My 19mth old daughter suffered badly on Wednesday and Thursday and is only now coming back to her playful self. The wife got it Thursday and is still going through it today. Hopefully by the end of the weekend we all clear it. Thank FUCK for the vaccine and boosters.
  6. That Cunt has a shirt in his profile pic that says Fuhrer and the number 88. That stands for Heil Hitler (H being the 8th letter of the alphabet). Fuck that guy.
  7. RedSand

    PODCAST: Villa 1 Liverpool 2 - Match Reaction

    Cheers for putting this out so quickly lads. Battery wars and docked points for shite songs. Second that.
  8. RedSand

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Bottom pic is from the Guardian’s MBM.
  9. RedSand

    Liverpool 2 Everton 0 (Apr 24 2022)

    Cheers mate. Didn’t know that.
  10. RedSand

    Liverpool 2 Everton 0 (Apr 24 2022)

    Cheers for the report Dave. Especially after all you’ve been through. Their shithousing tactics are a good warm up for Villarreal. They may not play the low block, but they have proper footballers and tactically astute players (better than Everton anyways) and they are well versed in being dirty, snide, diving cheating cunts. Lo Celso and Moreno especially. I hope we learn from Sunday. As for the game, we found a way to win even if we weren’t at our best. The Mentality of these lads shone through.
  11. Educate? How about banning the fuckers. I get it, that’s a slippery slope and all but fuck them. Oh how I wish we they too were relegated along with Everton. Wallowing in mediocrity isn’t enough, I want them to collapse under the weight of their own self importance.
  12. The NBC feed mentioned the Forest game. They said the BBC put a special highlights package together for that game and broadcast the same night because of the Liverpool masterclass.
  13. He could have been Man of the match and clobbering Silva would still be the best thing anyone does.
  14. Cheers Dave. Really enjoyed that. But also little disappointed that you’re being so fair minded to those cunts. I would have preferred much more vitriol at that lot and at Atwell. You are better man than me. Strongly agree with this: “We won and I’m obviously made up about it, but if we’d lost I wouldn’t have had any complaints” And that was my mindset too. Until Upson, Atwell, Rudiger and Cunt-in-Chief Azpilicueta got to me. Throw Reece-James in that mix as well, the arrogant finger sushing cunt. Winning is a habit. To win in that atmosphere, with that tension, that level of stress and tiredness kicking in will surely add to our (already strong) mentality. How blessed to be watching this team. I hope it crushes those plastics as much as it lifts us. And it will lift us. Cheers for the report. Onto the podcast.
  15. Ha. Out of rep. Been out of rep for a while. I’ll sort it out tomorrow.