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  1. Don’t forget Jackson swatting the ball away at a corner with the palm of his fucking hand at Chelsea during the first game.
  2. How on Earth did you blokes get this out so quickly? Outstanding lads. Thank you.
  3. Been eagerly awaiting this pod. Kept checking for updates like a kid waiting for Christmas. Cheers lads.
  4. I like the look of their cars. So much so we bought a Y last year. Build quality is not on par with the wife’s Hyundai, but we knew that going in. It’s basically ann iPad on wheels. All in all glad we bought it and happy to answer any questions if you lot have any. But to your main point. 100%. I’m my experience the Tesla drivers here in San Diego and California in general just seem to be the arrogant, I’m so important, get out of my way dickheads and arseholes. They absolutely drive like entitled cunts.
  5. Lovely read. Condolences for your loss. The courage to come across the world in the 50s and build a new life in what really was a hope than a sure thing is remarkable. What strength of character and perseverance he must have had. Wish you and the family much joy, laughter and fond memories. And for some reason I thought you were based in Adelaide (I grew up there). Might be able to hook Jairz up with a cricket gig there. Maybe. Not that he asked, mind.
  6. Not to piss on anyone’s chips, but Paul Allen died in 2018. His will/estate/foundation or something along those lines sold his art collection, with proceeds going to charity.
  7. Notifications you say? Here is Tsha, notifying one and all: https://youtu.be/VG7ePskDBFM Can’t seem to embed.
  8. That yellow for Joe was supremely infuriating. The sheer arrogance to give us a card when Ben White (or whoever the fuck it was) took what felt like 10min for a throw in at the same part of the ground had me livid. That along with all the other inconsistent calls today. Add to that, the Cunt that is Arteta constantly moaning about throw ins, alleged fouls and anything else he wanted to whine about. Waving his hands around like one of those air filled tube men at the side of the road. Did anyone else catch the him, late in the game rush to the sideline as we broke their press and Harvey was trying to get away with the ball. I swear he was trying to put Harvey off. I completely lost my shit when I saw that. Screaming at the Telly. That was incendiary. Klopp should have collared him for that. Hopefully there’s a gif of that.
  9. Cheers for putting this out so quickly Dave. Well said/written. I’m still livid that we lost to that shower. Maybe you are right, it’ll come good eventually. I dread this season is turning into a rebuild rather than kicking on from last year. Plus a tough CL trip to navigate. Klopp has got us this far, I trust he’ll sort this out too. But it might take a minute. Coady being a dick was entirely predictable. You’ve been banging that drum for a while now and right on cue he delivers. Also that Patterson kid impressed me. Confident, tough, didn’t seemed fazed and almost bordering on cocky. And then that Cunt booted a ball into Robbo’s back when Robbo was on the floor well past the sideline. Fucking shithouse, shitstain, cowardly cunt. And worst of all nothing happened. I don’t mean Anthony Taylor not doing anything the twat. None of our team stepped up. Back your team mates lads. Arggggh so frustrating. We are too fucking nice.
  10. Hahahaha. I did love your Joe Royle, while subbing as a Floor Manager story.
  11. Looked the other way to me. Tuchel suits that’s club. Fucking snide cunt. Tuchel….. not you. Ah and nevermind saw your reply later in thread. Carry on.
  12. Yeah, really family and tourist friendly. A fair few things to do. But not so big that you get overwhelmed. Almost a good base to go to place from. Decent deep fishing charters including spear fishing too. Give us a shout next time you are down.
  13. San Marcos near Carlsbad. North County. Pretty blessed to be here. Very family friendly city. Tons of stuff for kids. LA can be fun. Hope you guys have a great time. Next time you are down give us a shout, would love to meet up. If not happy to provide recommendations as needed. Best Burritos in the country. And pretty good tacos too. Decent Seafood, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Italian and Taiwanese. Rubbish Indian food.
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