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Climate change - are you more arsed than you were?

How arsed are you about climate change now?  

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  1. 1. How arsed are you about climate change now?

    • Very. I do everything I possibly can to be greener.
    • Arsed. I do what I have to and a bit more as long as it doesn’t hurt my pocket.
    • It’s an issue and I do what I have to, but I’m not sweating it.
    • Climate change, schmimate change. I either don’t believe or don’t care.

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3 minutes ago, JagSquared said:

I reckon the real issues will manifest far sooner than that.

I’d take that as a compliment, Verbal 

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I care about it but realise it’ll take more than glib campaigning to change my shopping habits: it is a collective failure of governments around the world, most of which in the West have been infiltrated by the American far right libertarians like the Koch brothers, who’ve brought us Brexit, Bolsonaro, and long term damage to the fight for green issues, as well as warping public opinion of things like health care,  social security, and “big” government or tax in general. 

I’m only partly into the book that details it called Dark Money by Jane Mayer, but think of all those shadowy think tanks in the UK, and GB News. There’s a special place in hell for that Kate Andrews and her ilk. 

What chance do we as individuals have to make an effective change when the Amazon is being deliberately burnt down to grow soy or farm cattle, and Siberia is warmer than Ibiza? 

As has been pointed out, manufacturing was outsourced to China, and the goods created return in massively polluting container ships burning awful bunker fuel.

We’re all “guilty” as consumers, but the systems have been set up long before we were born: just think how coffee was originally from Ethiopia, or tea from China,  but spread with European colonialism and slavery, yet we all enjoy a brew first thing. 

As a species we don’t deserve this planet, and the space billionaires can get  fucked, too. 

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I'm a 2. I do what I can but it's pissing in the wind while Tesco et al have a couple pf thousand diesal burning lorries going up and down the country every day, amazon send a pack of batteries in a 2ft box and rainforests are decimated for farming meat. 


I try to:

Recycle what I can

Eat quorn 2/3 times a week

Use a sodastream to limit plastic bottle use

Use jars to store leftovers rather than tin foil/clingfilm 


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Not much reported on BBC but forest fires all over Turkey. Loss of life/houses as temperature hits 42 and rising. Really brings home how the world doesn't give a fuck about the world.

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