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    Seeing the boys burst into tears when England lost was fucking horrible to see, told them we’d do something cool tonight to make up for it. Came downstairs to pour another G&T and remembered the three gammons in our street who ripped down their England flags after the Scotland draw had been setting up fireworks in the afternoon. I stood at the kitchen window having a drink watching them try to light the fireworks in the pissing rain, only, the only one they could even get to start was a Catherine wheel that fizzed out after about 15 seconds. I just watched pissing myself laughing, enjoying a gin and told myself off for ever doubting England wouldn’t find a way to fuck it all up.
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    I hope every gobshite who laughed their bollocks off at Gerrard and us in 2014 and who sing about how he fell on his arse, and the same gobshites who thought it was so, so funny when Karius handed Real Madrid the European Cup, who also pissed themselves when we got 97 pts and couldn't win title and who flooded social media demanding null and void when we were on verge of title are absolutely gutted tonight. Fuck them, fuck ingerlund.
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    Well the best team on the night won. I wanted England to win but after Jorginho went down for a break, England lost their early momentum and Italy recovered from their initial shock. I'm probably being unfair here but Southgate for me seemed to freeze, we all knew that it wasn't working and needed changes but he either didn't know what to do or was too scared to make them. In the second half at 1-1 England played like they were protecting a 1 goal lead, madness. The only person that looked gutted when the last penalty was missed was my 8 year old granddaughter and I felt sorry at least for her, she hasn't spent half a century watching the national team balls it up, she will get used to it. The luckiest person was my 3 year old grandson, who has been singing 'I'm going home' but had like most of the England team been fast asleep for hours when they lost. Players shouldn't have to avoid social media but I think it's about time they did. Also those platforms need to hunt out those responsible for the sickening racist abuse and provide the evidence so the perpetrators can be prosecuted. If they can't then they should be shut down, social media platforms need to start taking more responsibility for the scum that use it.
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    You'd expect such idiocy from england fans. But I'll be disappointed if Henderson doesn't hang up his international boots now. He went to a major tournament, granted, only over an injury, but was overlooked in place of declan backpass rice and kelvin Phillips. Why, at his age should he be wasting his valuable time with that. He'll add 2 years to his Liverpool career if Jack's them in.
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    I do feel a little bit sorry for some of the sound English fans. I am made up though that the little shit that crippled Van Dijk and effectively ruined our season didn’t end up being the hero of the hour. For a few horrifying moments there it was looking likely after the Jorginho penalty save. Also I had money on Italy to win outright before a ball was kicked so happy to make a few bob in the process.
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    Society is almost finished as we know it. Everything has been politicised and weaponised. Its a far cry from the communities I grew up in where everyone would pull together for each other regardless. A crying shame for my children to endure.
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    To be honest , the summer / international break could not have gone much better for us with barely anybody playing much , England getting Hendo fit for us , VvD and Joe back in full training and the likes of Mo and Sadio getting their first proper break for years.
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    I wonder if England will ever end their penalty curse. It's pretty impressive how many big games they've lost on penalties in major tournaments. I like Southgate as a person but it was pretty clear from day one that he's not a good manager and last night he was completely out of his depth. That said, he's done better than most England managers.
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    Good morning! And what a beautiful, glorious, rainy British morning it is! There were loads of English knobheads in the ground (in the ground) There were loads of English knobheads in the ground There were loads of English knobheads Loads of English knobheads Loads of English knobheads in the ground And the footy team from Italy shot them down (shot them down) And the footy team from Italy shot them down And the footy team from Italy Footy team from Italy Footy team from Italy shot them down
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    Disappointed for Henderson. I didn't like Southgate taking the captaincy from him. I don't suppose Henderson did either. But he reacted like a captain should. Class player/person.
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    Last one before I go to bed.
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    Best team won. England did the best they possibly could. Easy group and played a clapped out Germany to have a dream run to the final. Knock outs had 3 big games at Wembley. No serious injuries. At the end, they were too negative, and still took it to the wire. But for the manager to bring in 2 kids just to take pens - kids who have no experience, had no time to touch the ball, and aren't even the regular takers for their clubs - is absolute madness. There's nothing else to add to that. Tactics, shmactics. They set up not to lose from day zero, and to rely on the quality of Kane and Sterling. That's what took them to the final, and that was always how they were going to play the final. Well done, Italy. They got everything they deserved, playing exciting and positive football, beating Belgium, Spain and the defacto home nation on the way.
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    Come on, who hasn’t been walking the streets of Spain and heard an Italian accent and been able to attribute it to the specific city they were from?
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    Should use some of that charity money and get that fixed.
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    I’ve given myself the day off so I can enjoy maximum footage of all those who won’t watch another football match until the World Cup crying over a result they don’t really care about other than how many ‘likes’ pictures of them feigning devastation on social media garner.
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    England and Southgate reverting to type in the end. They played well in the first half but after Italy tweaked their tactics and personnel at halftime, and fully seized the initiative, Southgate did his rabbit in headlights act. Waited too long to act, made the wrong decisions, failed to beef up the midfield where Veratti and that horrible twat Jorginho were running the show. Too many speculative passes on the occasions they did win the ball back, too little composure, too many hoofed clearances. Hard to tell what formation England went to after they reverted to a back four. Saka certainly didn’t seem to know. It seemed to end up as a 4-1-4-1, but it was shambolic whatever it was. And how did Mount stay on the pitch so long? Maybe Southgate, like the rest of us, forgot he was there! Ah well, we can fully focus on the serious business of the transfer window and pre-season.
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    The three lads who missed the penalties are already being subjected to the usual vile racist abuse on Twitter and various other social media platforms, and plenty of vids doing the rounds of Italians and coloured people being filled in for no good reason. Does it ever end? This is the main reason why I had no problems seeing England get beaten. I genuinely feel sorry for the decent people who support England, and all the kids who are getting caught up in this football fervour, perhaps for the first time. Unfairly tarred with the same brush as the knuckle dragging flagshaggers, until those brain dead bastards are finally completely disconnected from the international side then many of us won't support England and side with xenophobes, racists and cunts. After a tournament where England gained much, all gone to shite at the 11th hour.
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    Can we stop this bollocks about it being a toss of the coin/luck who win shoot outs. Its not, it never has been
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    Yeah that was dead awkward because I’d drunkenly told my bird when she had rumours on when we were first “courting” that was mine and my exes song and she had already come in for a cuddle on the couch before that monologue. Cheers BBC you Tory cunts. Nothings been said yet but that was the most uncomfortable 4 minutes I’ve had since I was under fire.
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    Winning the crocodile soft toy throwing competition at Pontins Prestatyn Sands. My greatest, well, only, sporting achievement.
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    Colonel Kurtz, Captain Howdy and the lads getting ready for the big game tonight!