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Tory Cabinet Thread


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29 minutes ago, Section_31 said:

Reckon that Badenoch will be toast soon, she's accusing the post office bloke she fucked off of all sorts and being a liar (most of this via twitter) but he's kept records of it all apparently.


Like Raab and Patel, she's that horrendous combination of arrogant bully and absolutely thick as fuck. About as cunning as a fox who got a third class honours degree in Cunning from the university of Salford, then was turned down for a Masters in cunning at the open University even though she was willing to pay all the cash up front.

She didn't deny it.

Just said there was 'no evidence 

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9 hours ago, Manny said:

Fucking hell, as someone who works in research that's an utter clusterfuck of a question that's designed to do nothing other than give you a few soundbites rather than any kind of meaningful plans. The fact that the only headline you can get is zeroing in on a small group of people who fulfil not just one (ex Tory voters), but two (ex Tory voters who are undecided on their next vote) criteria says it all. At most it gives you a bit of insight into why they might have changed allegiance but in the absence of any other questions about other factors that may have driven them away, it's utterly meaningless.


Propaganda dressed as 'research' - boils my piss.

Absolutely - from the torygraph unsurprisingly 


Cunts - Some really horrible, hateful cunts write for it too, the articles are always horrible, pompous and shitty in their tone and totally lacking in any sort of balance - I keep an eye on their stuff to gauge the bile levels...some of it is fucking vile.


There is one cunt in particular on there who has a raging hard on about what he calls laziness and WFH and is also full of the worst Tory rhetoric  - Matthew Lynn, he is one of their main financial columnists, horrible horrible cunt - constantly peddles propoganda about the economy and how Labour would 'destroy' it.


Here are some of his recent article headers:


"British business is terrified of Labour – you should be too.


A Starmer government would do catastrophic damage to Britain’s economy"



"The workshy are about to get their comeuppance


If Labour plunge the jobs market into crisis by ramping up 'rights', it's those doing the bare minimum who will suffer most"


"Britain’s CEOs have earned more than the median salary this year. It's a disgrace it took so long


It is grievously unfair that British executives are paid so little"



An absolute turbocunt.

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3 hours ago, Tj hooker said:

BBC News - Cameron government knew Post Office ditched Horizon IT investigation


Another day Another Tory cover up no wonder Cameron has fucked off to the Falklands, he must have been tipped off this was coming the fraud 

absolute nap

as soon as they story broke,they were blaming everyone else

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1 minute ago, Tj hooker said:

BBC News - Scott Benton: Lobbying scandal MP loses suspension appeal


They just keep giving and giving these corrupt bastards,  seriously are any of them not fucking bent 


Imagine being from Balackpool, which is bottom of nearly every health and social stat in the North West, and voting Tory. Absolute, unabashed, 110% lunacy.

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17 minutes ago, skend04 said:

Badenoch is in a bit of schtick this morning. The PO ex-Chair has produced memories written at the time backing up his claims from the weekend. Oh dear.


That's the Tory right wing darlings leadership dreams down the plughole. Well in Kemi. 


Plus Cameron with questions to answer.





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