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    I had a few of these style try-ons last summer. Always follow the same template. Matched them on one of the apps, asked me to take it to what’s app immediately, started issuing demands there and then that I delete my app account and form a serious relationship with them. Oddly, I wasn’t convinced, and decided to have a bit of fun with it. Anyway, this is the sort of thing which eventuated, until ‘she’ started getting very annoyed. Really helped pass the tedium of shielding alone if I’m honest, just hoping the Albanian mafia can’t use GPS to trace my locati...
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    It’s a tough situation. I live in the US and my Dad is in his last stages of cancer in the UK. I went back last October. Quarantined for two weeks. Spent the second two weeks with him. It’s tough when a parent is ebbing, but there’s a time for preparedness. You can make your peace. Unexpected loss is much crueler. Especially in these times. My heart goes out to Alisson. God Bless Fella.
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    I'm 42 & would rather have a cup of tea these days if that helps.
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    I've got a Hotmail address I've had since I was 19. When I got a Now TV box I was pissed off because they didn't include a scart lead, only HDMI. I don't understand, nor want to understand, Instagram and Snapchat and tik tok, and can't get my head around the fact young people seemingly aren't into Facebook and consider it to be yesterday's news. I've got no interest in phones at all or their advancements, or any electricals including tellies. My mate gets fuckung 4k, 8k HD bollocks with Lilt Man and Status Quo tribute act as standard, and I can't be arsed. I just want a telly that shows telly. I've no understanding or awareness of the concept of YouTubers or influencers, and when someone told me once most kids don't watch telly it genuinely freaked me out for days.
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    Come on mate what Shanks said was very much tongue in cheek. I think it's a bit crap the way that keeps getting thrown about and at his memory when there's a tragedy. Incredibly heart-breaking for Allison and his family , it's bad enough losing a parent but that is just tragic
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    With regards the lock down lifting at this point it's a hard numbers calculation, I do fear running a considerable background rate will still; gum up the NHS, result in more variants, increase excess deaths for other conditions as services are still under a heavy strain. About 2 weeks ago we had a horrible run of 30 somethings hitting ITU having had a very quick escalation of the virus post initially being picked up, thankfully that seems to have calmed down and was just an anomaly produced by people in that age group being more exposed in workplaces as the ID work didn't confirm a variant we are unaware of. I note among neighbours and some staff the lack of understanding of large data sets and statistics is linked to lockdown scepticism/susceptibility to media and PR narratives around quicker opening of society and the economy. One of the issues in the UK is the poor levels of Maths within the population at large and the ability to convey risks associated through graphical form. The vaccine clinic work is going well, good to be firing through the ICU staff and high risk renal and haem patients with second doses. One thing that has been observable is the number of people coming to be vaccinated who are staffing food banks and other voluntary outreach organisations seems to be pretty considerable when compared with local government staff in social care, perhaps if the government were to invest a bit more in the latter they might not need as much of the former.
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    Nobody is bigger than the club.
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    Used the wrong driver.
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    Betty Boo brushed past me many years ago at a rave just outside Paris set up by the Face magazine, she was all dusky, tight and fit and I, I'd had 3 doves down me neck and had a face that looked like it was made from plastic and had been left by a radiator for too long. As I looked in to her deep dark brown eyes and she looked back at my melted face, i sweetly whispered into her ear "buses are great aren't they". I was such a catch back in those late 80's early 90's rave days.
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    Next week's article will be Gini Wijnaldum talking about his all-time favourite player, Thiago Alcântara, and the irony of their respective countries being Protestant/Catholic enemies in the 16th and 17th centuries: "Thiago and I often joke about what may have happened if William of Orange - my favourite Dutchman of the 1600s - had been born 150 years earlier and married Thiago's favourite Spanish historical figure, Catherine of Aragon".
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    Deserves a thread of its own.
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    We can talk about a bad season and injuries ect but things like this and Klopps mother are real tragedies
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    Just can't seem to send or receive anything on WhatsApp.
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    Origi has made the team worse every time he's played this season. He absolutely stinks. He used to blow hot and cold; now, at least, he's consistent.
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    Two or three times a day. That’s the most I can cram in between the incessant wanking.
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    Walking. I hate running even when I was young and fairly fit. I don’t even run for the bus. Still don’t, mainly because I drive the fucking thing. (Greatest job perk is watching people in winter run for the bus and inevitably tumble on the snow/icey sidewalk and then either pop back up right away and continue running and arms flailing and waving or just give up.) Last year was just over 20st (6ft tall) and had a doc appointment and he did blood work and it turned out everything was elevated- cholesterol, ferritin, triglycerides, A1C, ALTs, and then he did a blood pressure and the bottom number was 105/110 so I said I guess I need to go to the gym (this was 3 months shy of lockdowns) and he said ‘under no circumstances do you do any strenuous exercise with that blood panel and high BP’. So I changed diet, and started walking everywhere. Averaged 5 miles a day. At first a 2 mile walk and was fucked. Old ladies would pass me. Eventually the walks turned into brisk walks. In 14 months lost 4st. One of the biggest things was changing work schedule to evening shift from early morning so get a proper 7-8 hours sleep now and wake up naturally. I did join a gym in summer but just to do weights but then they closed due to lockdown. Save loads of money on petrol and does improve mental health. And even more surprising women tend to want to bang less fat blokes more....which in itself helps burn calories. As well all blood work is now normal with the exception of ferritin but the hepatologist says that is due to fatty liver which will eventually reverse or hemochromatosis which he ordered a test for. Still take a tablet for BP but at one point was on three. I loved cycling when younger but where I live its not a year round option.
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    Glad that's helped a few people. I just stumbled across it earlier trying to find some info for my Dad as he was told by his GP he'd need to wait a bit longer. Not sure why it isn't publicised.
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    Well I have to agree with all the posts on this thread, and I have to say that after 60 years of supporting the lads and watching top class football I have now given up on it. I watched the European cup game last week and really enjoyed it, good football ran by competent officials. I have finished with the premier league, full of 6 foot twelve one footed wonders, and totally incompetent referees who seem to think that they are the stars of the show. Managers who delight in killing the game with so called pundits who support them. I feel sorry for Jurgen, a good man and a sportsman, who thought that others in the league believed in the same values. You don’t stay at the top of the English league by being a sportsman, you do it by being a cheat (Ferguson and others ), it’s football by numbers now, no individual skill, no characters, just pass the ball to death until you lose it, with eleven defenders in their own penalty box it’s a job to know what to do, but I know that it’s shit. I started turning the tv on a minute before kick off because I couldn’t stand the sky soap opera. Then watching it with the sound off because of the relentless garbage coming out and it was only then with no sound, atmosphere or anything that I could see how bad this English league is. Best league in the world my ass, and they can stick it
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    Fair play to all you guys running on the treadmill. I just can't do it. 10 minutes feels like an hour. I got myself fitter during the lockdown than I've been at any stage in the last 8 years. I dropped over two stone. I'm doing 3 home workouts a week, along with running 2 or 3 days a week. I've gotten my 5k time down to 23:30 and my 10k time just under 49 mins. Running alone got me fit, but I've gotten a lot fitter since I've added the workouts. I do a bit of everything, HIIT, cardio, weights, Kettlebells. Hopefully with the weather picking up, I can add in a cycle at the weekends too. Great idea for a thread this. Brilliant to read about everyones progress.
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    We get our bonus at the end of February so everyone was looking at their payslips this morning, I had a quick look at mine to see how much I'd been taxed on it (it's usually only a couple of hundred quid anyway) only to find there was nothing about any bonus. I had a bit of a rough year last year, some of it of my own making, some of it not really my fault at all & knew from speaking with my manager that I had to have a better year in 2021 but neither him nor his manager (who I had a meeting with yesterday) thought to tell me that I wasn't getting a bonus. Cowardly fucking cunts. That is the last time I'll bother working my bollocks off for them that's for sure.
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    My Mrs had her jab a couple of weeks ago and as soon as she read she may get a sore arm and feel sick for a few days then hey presto, instant symptoms. Obviously I offered zero sympathy and told her she might as well go straight to bed. I couldn’t be arsed listening to her and there was a good film on I wanted to watch. I got mine on Sunday and my arms still in pain this morning and I feel grim and my Mrs keeps asking if everythings ok with a smart arse smile on her face. There’s no way I can show weakness, so I’m gonna cause a minor argument and take myself to the spare bed for the day. Let her be the petty one.
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