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    Liverpool, 15 trophies since 2000 Everton, 15 trophies since 1878
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    I would like to place on record my thanks to Jordan Henderson. His selflessness and dedication to this club is a sight to behold. Took on the that thankless task of captaining this side after possibly the greatest player to pull on a red shirt. Not only did he make the captaincy his own, excelled in professionalism and leadership of this club. For him now to win every trophy possible at Club level is no less than this man deserves. When my lad grows up and asks about this team I will first point to Henderson and say he set the tone for the success this team had. So here’s to you Jordan Henderson. Thank you so very much.
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    What a day. Edinburgh TSOP out in full force. @Mook; @Champ; @Mudface legends all. Too pissed to go home, kipped on Mooks couch. Can of lager for breakfast. On the bus home with an order to buy and cook a fry up. My wife's fucking sound. Up the fucking reds.
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    Just woke up for a wee and remembered it's cup final day and I'm excited like a kid on Christmas morning.I'm 65.! You never lose the love.
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    Got back from the hozzy at 8:00 managing to escape the result and just watched the game so I'm late to the party. GET THE FUCK IN !!!!!
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    As long as I live I'll never get tired of a Liverpool captain lifting silverware
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    I haven't watched us live all season. I just can't do it. The jeopardy is too much for me. I follow most games on here waiting for a Sadio!!!!!! or a Bobby!!!!!! moment and dreading the ffs or there it is. This is the best team we've ever had and I'm watching from behind a cloud based sofa. I really need to get a fucking grip. So today I'm off to the pub to watch the game, bravely stepping out into the sunshine and if we get beat then I was right all along. Oh, and Martin Tyler is a cunt.
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    Loved what Alisson did getting ball each time and taking it and handing it to our players on edge of are to stop their keeper getting in our players faces/fucking around. Class.
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    I managed to get a ticket out of the blue for this so I’m fucking made up to be going. My FA Cup Final record is pretty good. Seen us win 4 and just the one loss to Wimbledon. Could go either way this although I was quietly confident before Fab got injured. If Kante is still out I’d fancy us to do them as they’ve been a bit inconsistent since we played them last time.
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    Brexity gobshite in "being a forelock-tugging mug" shocker. Go suck Boris Johnson's cock.
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    I want to enjoy it. But I want us to win. But I want to enjoy it. But if we lose, I'll be down. But I want to enjoy it. But I want us to win. A poem by JCT Jennings.
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    Any of you going today, travel safe and enjoy the day. Wish I was there. Allez,Allez!!!
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    For the 89 final my Dad got 2 tickets but travelled down to Wemblet with me and my brother. I was 14 and my brother was 9. I was a bit worried going in on my own with him after what had happened a few weeks earlier. My Dad waited for us outside. Loads of people legged it before Stuart Mcall scored and the gates were open. My Dad asked one of the stewards if he could go in and he got to see all the extra time (the 90 minutes was boring as fuck apart from the two goals). My dad also saw a couple of women get their tits out after some fellas shouted at them to do it in celebration as Liverpool had win the cup. He was grinning all the way home on the coach.
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    Just say we thought it was Harry and the hypocritical cunts will be calling us heroes.
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    Fuck the daily mail, fuck the tories, fuck the monarchy, fuck "william", fuck the dirge that is god save the queen, fuck all the little ingerlunders who will read that headline tomorrow and have their piss boiled by it, fuck those who slag us off over it, fuck the establishment.
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    Kostas Tsimikas: "I'm not the Greek Scouser, I am a Scouser who is Greek!"
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    No europa. I'm tired of this talk that city and liverpool help each other. No they cheat and we have to compete with it.
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    Can’t believe you’re abandoning the match to watch the Spielberg classic. Disappointing.
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    Been awake since early, 6 of us going, I’m bang up for this. Safe trip to all who are going and may your glasses remain full if you aren’t. Lets get in there and tear them a new one, Up the Reds!