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    The hotel actually looks nice. The Duncan Ferguson suite is modelled on his cell in Barlinnie prison. The Bramley Moore suite is invisible behind an old exposed wall photoshopped blue. If you stay in the Commonwealth games suite you can book the room but then phone Joe Anderson asking him for money when you check out. The Arteta suite has a suitcase full of cash in there somewhere but only Bill Kenwright is ever allowed to stay in there. Every phone in the hotel has a z cars ringtone. You can request a cuckoo clock for your room if you want an early morning wake up call. There's no red on the taps in the bathrooms. They only serve bitter in the bar. Anything else is Kopite behaviour. You are only allowed to stay there if you live on county road. They had to take the flags down outside because Tim Cahill kept running out and trying to fight with them. People with the surnames Thomas, Collina and Clattenberg are not allowed to stay there.
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    Bjornebye shouldn't be starting these threads: he should have a proper pre-season, or he could be in danger of burning himself out by Xmas.
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    People who take their dogs out, then pay no attention to what they're doing. Got confronted by a fucking huge doberman hurtling towards me today, all pricked ears and docked tail to look tough. It wouldn't leave my dogs alone, and all the owner could say was "Don't worry, he's friendly". Coincidentally the standard line of every owner whose dog's just mauled a toddler, so you'll forgive me if I don't take your word for it. Perhaps focus more on recall and giving a shit what he's doing than assurances of friendliness.
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    I sent the daughter down to the butchers this morning to get me some food and made this. She's maybe gone the wrong butcher though as it's not my normal sausages and the bacon did a bit of shrinking and the black pud was alright, but again not my normal. For some reason I didn't feel like beans today. 2 eggs, 3 sausage, 3 bacon, 2 black pudding, 3 Ulster fry and a fried slice.
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    Q. How do you tell the difference between a weasel and a stoat? A. One is weasely recognised; the other is stoatally different. Glad I could contribute to the discussion.
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    Well I've hit the jackpot this morning. Unfortunately it was in Southport, but it was worth the visit and I'll be back for breakfast. Where: Lords Cafe Bar, Lord Street Southport. Cost: £7.75 for the "Big Platter Breakfast". Extra : hash browns @ 85p In terms of quality, everything on the plate was good quality food and cooked perfectly. I'm struggling with what to complain about... And about the best I can come up with is there was only white pepper and no black and I do love my black pepper. Maybe they could make their own hash browns rather than frozen, but they were really nice as it was. I am picking as I don't want to give a 10/10. Where is there to go from there? 9.5/10
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    At what point though does he stop being James Bond and just become another action hero? Why can't we make Rocky an articulate and technically-gifted boxer? Or Bruce Wayne a well adjusted individual? I'm not fussed about the colour of tja actor, as that's nothing to do with the character. But Bond's character traits are that he's a gambler, a womaniser, a high functioning alcoholic, patriotic and ruthless. They're what makes him Bond, else he's just Jason Bourne. The lobby driving the call to 'modernise' him aren't the anti gambling, anti booze, anti violence lobby nor are they Dianne Abbott and David Lammy, they're by and large the kind of women who drive the likes of Germaine Greer off Twitter by accusing her of selling out and who, by and large, probably don't have a whole lot else to do with their time. He's a cultural battleground that a certain section of our society have pinpointed on a map and they're manoeuvring their panzers of outrage info position as we speak.
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    Go ‘ed, Elvis. This thread is bubbling up nicely now. Just need someone to call LFD a dickhead or TK421 to stay up drinking through the night and we could end up in the Hall of Fame.
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    Whilst being sat in your Chelsea shirt.
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    Wait until you're forced to order your room service of a Francis Jeffers Burger on a blue phone shaped like Funes Mori's head.
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    Stig starts the thread. Liverpool win in style. Caramac is the git that keeps on giffing. It's like we've never been away. This is already my favourite season.
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    Injuries are increasingly not my concern - it's fatigue. The lads turned up for pre-season on Saturday. Salah's season finished that day, Firmino's the day after and Mané's is still going. They are not going to be remotely ready for the start of the season - a season where we need to hit the ground running more than we ever have done before, because the margin for error has never been so low. We cannot afford to blunder around bringing those three off the bench late into games because we're struggling. We have one of our best starting elevens in history, one of our greatest managers of all time and yet I feel we could do so much better with even one more forward.
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    Flying Welsh winger? For Ryan Giggs enter Daniel James. Defensively solid, fairly dull but useful right back? For Gary Neville here's Aaron Wan-Bissaka. Massive centre back with a monstrous head who can twat the ball dead hard? For Steve Bruce get Harry Maguire. Solskjaer - because it's literally the only thing he knows how to do - is going back to the "we loved the 90s" nostalgia handbook and getting the old band back together.
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    SPORT Philippe Coutinho 'approves of Liverpool loan transfer' Coutinho has been linked with Man Utd but he is said to be keen on an offer from Liverpool to take him on loan Coutinho has been linked with a move after struggling to nail down a place last season - with Manchester United having been touted as a possible destination. Antoine Griezmann's arrival at Barcelona appears to have narrowed Coutinho's Barcelona chances further, although the fact that the Frenchman was given the number 17 shirt rather than the number seven was seen by many fans as a sign that the Brazilian midfielder would be staying at Camp Nou. However, speculation continues over a Coutinho exit, with the 27-year-old having been touted as a makeweight in a deal to lure Neymar back to Barcelona from Paris-Saint Germain. But now, European champions Liverpool appear to have joined the race - and a return to working under Jurgen Klopp is thought to be a tempting prospect for Coutinho. Coutinho has given his backing to an offer from Liverpool to take him on a two-year loan with the option to buy at £88million, according to Calciomercato . From Mirror I'd be all over that, and in two years tell them to fuck off were not paying 88mm
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    One of the things that does my head in about this type of thing is that you can't have a debate without walking on eggshells or coming under attack. "Sharon Davies just said men shouldn't be allowed to swim in women's races - the Internet responded!" As I said earlier up the thread, there's probably a core of people impacted by this who have struggled mentally with it and if they can get some sort of peace by going through the process then great. But as with many things these days it's been hijacked by people who equate appearing to be liberal with intelligence, and like to use it to appear somehow intellectually of morally superior when in actual fact, beyond the realms of Twitter of hipster beer garden chat, they don't give a toss either way.
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    Is it just me who’s glad we’re not really involved in this bullshit this year? I’m pretty happy with our squad, I don’t think there’s a lot we could do to improve it, not in this market. It’s very well rounded and packed full of talent. Im sure if a player we really like becomes available then we’d make a move, but we’re not bending over backwards to take part in a complete shitfest - and I like it
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    # Cou* was a man we thought was not a moaner, But he knew it wouldn't last, Cou* left his home for Nou Camp, Barcelona, And some Catalonia grass, Bad back! Bad back! Bad back for when you wanna be gone...# *I hated when anyone called him that by the way! ** I know it wasn't one of Harrison's songs!
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    Take it easy with all those suitcases and avoid any unnecassary heavy lifting you little shit.
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    I would even go as far as to say almost no one has their kids on a lead anymore. It's unbelievable!