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    Finally back home after a bit of a nightmare. Thanks to John (Skaro) for posting a few updates for those who know me and those who are interested in a fellow formurite's well being. They don't mess about over here. I only called the hotline to explain that I'd been fighting a heavy cold for a few weeks, headaches, dry throat and nose, feeling weak and on Saturday coughing up blood. Never had a fever though, none of the time, although my temperature on Saturday was up to 38.3°C. 10 minutes later there was an ambulance at the door with a paramedic looking like a spaceman. He said that quite a few people had called in with more or less the same symptoms (especially coughing up blood) so they were gathering them all up to go to the Covid ward in the main hospital (flap time). Got there and was put straight onto the ward in a room meant for 2 patients but obviously in total isolation. One Dr after the other came in, chest x ray with a portable machine, shit load of blood taken then the Covid test with one of those large earbud things which they rammed up my nose. I was then stuck on a drip which they kept replacing with a new one, not sure what was in it and I didn't bother asking as I slept for ages apart from when they were doing their checks and whatever they were using was making me feel better. Thankfully the Covid test came back negative, think that was on the Monday morning. Here's the catch though, the Dr said that despite it being negative they can't completely rule it out, or that I had indeed had it and my immune system had fought it off. I was supposed to have another test but they've put that off until next week, maybe's because it ties in with this new test that can also say you've had it as well as checking cases who are still positive. They were worried that quite a few people had all called in withing a space of a few hours with the same symptoms but none with a high temperature as such. They took more blood which they are going to analyse as my SATS were, and still are all over the place, also high white blood cell count and although my breathing is way better I still get short of breath and feel dizzy when exerting myself beyond the norm. The thing is, due to having Sleep Apnoe my lungs were tested about 6 months ago with CT scan etc and they were fine. He said he couldn't divulge what the other patients results were but he did say the similarity with everyone was interesting and way above normal odds. I'm kind of hoping it is due to Covid and not that I have some lung issue, although I'll cross that bridge if it arises. I have to have a new CT scan in a local clinic, normally have to wait between 3 -16 weeks for an appointment but they want me to go in at 5pm today. I can't be arsed as all I want to do is go to bed, better go though. I also have to go back to hospital in 10-14 days for a Bronchoskopie and more blood tests. Obviously have to self isolate apart from appointments like this afternoon in clinics set up for it and use a car/taxi. I can go in the garden, so at least I have that. Family are fine apart from sniffles. Not sure if they'll be tested when this Health bod comes over to do that second test. Anyway, just thought I'd give you an update and I'll keep you informed as and when results etc come in. Desperate need of my bed, as although I feel much better I'm still feeling like shit, hopefully this CT scan will get sone quickly. Take care all, strange time we are all having to live through at the moment.
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    Prince Charles is isolating at Balmoral with Covid-19. Prince Andrew is isolating at Windsor with Jennifer 14.
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    Call me a cynic but instead of clapping on your doorsteps, vote a fucking decent party who cares about the NHS into power* *this is aimed at the British public in general, fucking shower of morons
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    My soon-to-be-stepdaughter has it. I called 999 a couple of nights ago as she could not breathe, couldn't stand or even sit up. 2 hours later, no ambulance, her breathing normalised, so I cancelled the ambulance. Following day, she was again struggling to breathe, so got a phone appointment with her GP who immediately phoned for paramedics. I carried her downstairs to the porch (the paramedics won't come into the house) where they confirmed she has coronavirus; she was examined for blood/oxygen levels as well as all the usual stuff. She's slightly asthmatic, so she's been prescribed steroids to minimise pneumonia symptoms as well as all the other stuff. Her mum and I both feeling fine, but I'm in the at risk group as I'm over 120 with mild asthma. If I'm going to get it, I've already got it.
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    Been laid low with this bastard virus. All three of us have had it. Adrianna is fine but me and Gail have barely been able to move since Thursday. I was doing the diary last week but was too ill to finish it. The last hour or so I've suddenly started feeling more like normal so hopefully I've turned the corner now. Will try and get it finished when I'm up to it, so will probably just do a two week diary and post up this weekend. I'd started on the match report from the 86 final too. Was making good progress on it until I got sick. Looking at posting that next Monday, as the plan is to post the reports up on Mondays just like normal.
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    My wife who is running an NHS department about to go onto the frontline. She's leaving behind her hunk of a husband and two kids, one who has autism and is struggling with the change of routine BADLY, to help those who need it most. She cried last night. Partly because of what she is facing in work and putting people into departments where they're open to the virus, and partly because we decided to pull our daughter out of school despite having a health care plan and craves routine. I went the school yesterday with her and she recoiled in fear when seeing the teachers in face masks and plastic gloves. Is it the right decision? Who fucking knows, we're in uncharted territory here.
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    Why flu? Let’s see if coronavirus is more deadly than the Lib Dem’s decision to sell out the country and back Tory austerity
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    Thought I was over it when I posted the update on here, but it came back with a vengeance and I've been in bed ever since. Feel much better this morning so hopefully this time I am coming out of it.
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    Posted this in the parenting thread. If anyone is home schooling and wants some resources, quizzes, challenges etc DM me your children's year group and an email address and I can send some over
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    They have had 30 years since their european ban was lifted and they haven't even been able to conquer their own fucking postcode
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    Moof: Finger blasted Penelope Cruz but now spends his time calling people misogynists for objectifying women. Presumably in the hope of some kind of mitigation of his sentence when it all goes a bit Harvey Weinstein for him. Mook: Likes Keith Moon, was desperately in love with his ex-boss and mostly spends his spare time shoving anything he can up his arse. Moo: Not Moof or Mook
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    All the financial institutions have been fucking boss helping my sister out who was made redundant on Monday. Santander have been fucking brilliant in bending their rules starting it immediately to ensure her mortgage isn't taken out on Monday (her payment day is 28th every month) and she now has a 3 month break. Their normal rule is 10 days cut off before payment date. A weight off my mind even though I'm ready to step in to help her financially if needed.
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    The guy in my local shop. It was my day off on Friday so I took the kids to school, I called in my local corner shop to try and get some bread and milk but i was in before they had their delivery, the man said it would be about 45 minutes, I said I would try and get back later on. Forgot all about it, went home went out for a few hours on my bike and went back to the shop in the afternoon to get some other bits I needed, unsurprisingly they had no milk or bread left. Went to the counter and the guy popped into the back and came back with a 4 pint of semi skimmed and a wholemeal loaf. Not only did he keep them for me, he remembered what types of milk and bread I usually buy. Not much but it is the little things.
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    Indeed. Austria-Hungary was a proud and beautiful nation long before manicures. Ask my Grandma and Grandad, who were born there - although it was Yugoslavia, unfortunately, by the time this shot was taken.
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    https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-us-wont-post-troops-at-canadian-border-ottawa-says-it-strongly/ VICTORY! SOON AS TRUMP HEARD STACKSY AND I WERE ON IT THEY BACKED DOWN! TWO BORDER WARS ONE WORLD POUTINE
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    Just got back from braving the world, shopping for some vulnerable and isolating people. Had to go into two shops to get an old boy his beans. Two. Does this make me better than some people? That's not for me to say. But yes, it does.
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    There's lunatics out there that think the government is going to try an microchip us. When in reality, we spend a couple of hundred quid for the privilege and carry it in our pocket.
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    Pistonbroke tells me he's tested negative for COVID... and feeling much better. Quite a bit else still going on with his Oxygen saturation, thorax and bronchi etc - they can't do further tests at the moment for fear of infecting operating rooms. They're supposedly sending him home this evening - to clear beds for the COVID situation - and will get him back in for MRIs, Bronchoscopy etc when they can.
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    Probably because he grew up a red, so isn't full bitter. I've posted it on here before, but will again as I think it's a cracker. I love his story about an 80s derby at anfield. He banged into a tackle on the touchline with Steve McMahon and fell into the kemlyn road stand. The fella he landed on screams at him you dirty blue bastard, he looks at the fella and it was his uncle!