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    He’s a sneaky little shithouse prick whose last minutes in PL management should be watching his team concede goals 4 and 5 against us against a backdrop of Liverpool fans singing ‘Ole’s at the wheel’. Once he’s been sacked he should spend the rest of his days rocking himself in a darkened room muttering ‘fucking Jurgen Klopp, we deserved all our penalties ’ on a long continuous loop until he finally shits himself into oblivion. Fucking odious little cunt.
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    Couldnt give a fuck whether they sack him I want us to wipe the floor with the cunts
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    I greatly enjoyed my birthday yesterday. Top red me.
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    Nabbed this from a Watford forum. Fair play, it’s quite funny.
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    Wonder what rashford thinks about that? I'm In the rather strange position of hugely admiring a utd player. Said it before but I honestly domt get the whole "nice guy 'image he has. There was a piece in the Sunday mirror a while ago saying he is one of the nicest guys in football. No he isn't, he is a snidey contemptable little gobshite who never gives anyone else credit and looks for exercises whenever they get beat(wonder where he got that from?when the super league was mooted both klopp and pep criticised it. He kept his mouth shut Fucking rat.
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    I see Klopp is the only one yet again to raise the human rights issue. What a guy.
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    I fucking love George. Remember him coming to our school and regaling us with stories of travelling around Europe with the club. Spoke about Heysel and Hillsborough emotionally and clearly. He was witty with everything else and everyone was hanging on his every word. Mad seeing him in person when you’d only heard his voice. Best stadium announcer going our George. Love his dulcet tones
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    The value is keeping a genuine world class player at the peak of his abilities and keeping a team which has been underinvested in competing for honours. Salah's value isn't going to drop rapidly anytime soon. He's a massive asset not only on the pitch but a huge global icon. Whatever FSG have invested personally in the club they are massively ahead in terms of current value and assets. The tight cunts need to step up. That isn't just renewing Mo's contract but much more investment in January or next summer.
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    Watford again, they must be sick of mo. Fantastic result.
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    Results took longer than expected but she's gonna be fine!
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    This country has been fucked for a long time & will only get worse. Too many thick working class cunts voting Tory. Labour being finished as a political party doesn't help. The left and centre left faction has grown too wide and has basically split the party. Starmer is a pathetic spineless wanker who in opposition to the worst government in the history of the country has done nothing to expose them. He must be a fucking shit lawyer as well as anyone with half a brain in his position could have the majority of the government on criminal charges. The lies, deceit and money laundering is plain to see - there's a clear paper trail.
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    Cooked our lad his first proper breakfast this morning. Might have missed the window of hunger and alertness due to him getting up at 5.30 today, so might not go as well as I hoped! This is the grown up version…
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    Danny Rose should sue him for intentional infliction of emotional distress stress and creating a hostile work environment.
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    And fuck you Daisy, you miserable fucking cunt!
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    ive been reading the last few pages of this thread and quite frankly the level of stupidity on show is mind boggling We're fucking blessed to live in a time where we can basically create a "cure" for something so serious in record time, yet some people, for some crazy reason dont want to sign up to it. as i read somewhere, its now becoming a pandemic of the stupid, and thats about the best description you can get
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    The Corbyn movement was massive and given more time would have flourished further. It emboldened a whole new younger generation in politics. The problem was it was hamstrung on two accounts. Corbyn isn't really a true leader, he's an idealist and a genuine proper campaigner. While that is also is positive that he's a genuine person who actually gives a shit about people I think it stopped him & his team from really playing the political game which is now absolutely necessary in modern politics. He failed to take on the mainstream media & make them accountable for their lies & biased reporting. He also failed to be ruthless with the very vocal & influential centre left part of the party who in the end basically stabbed him in the back. I said it a few years ago that the whole world would be in such a better place if Corbyn & Sanders were national leaders but there's no chance the modern political machine would allow two genuinely nice people to be in charge. There's simply too much dirty money flowing domestically & internationally to allow it to happen.
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