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    To be fair to Pep, if I was on cheat mode on football manager spending a billion pound in 3 seasons and I was getting my arse handed to me by a manager that had a net spend of 70m in the same period i'd be pretty pissed off too. A manager that has also been to successive champions League finals, winning one and beating me on the way to the first when that's my prime goal. Losing when you're cheating hurts. Makes you feel even more of a worthless fraud.
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    I’ve been round Asda twice now - noting which food and non food items they have on offer. I’ve spoken to the manager of the store and he said he’s happy for me to buy a certain amount of produce, and I’ve checked with the missus to make sure said items will fit in the cupboards. She said they will so I consider that a key milestone to enable me to move forward. I just have to look down the back of the sofa to see if I can find any money to buy something. If I can’t find the money, I’ll make an appointment in Asda again, this time next year, and see what’s what.
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    Glad they’ve all raised publicly that booing Sterling gets into his head and puts him off his game, that’ll definitely be the end of it now football fans know for sure.
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    I'd like to announce that 98% of people approve of my plan to let them spend an hour playing with Kelly Brooks' tits. The response was overwhelmingly positive. What happens next? Now I simply have to convince Kelly Brooks to let people play with her tits for an hour *z cars plays over a siren*
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    When Gerrard was 14 he was playing Junior Football for a team called Denburn (I think) in Liverpool. The club I was involved with had an “agreement” at that age group, that some of Denburns lads would play for us in Cup competitions on Sundays, and some of ours would play for them on Saturdays. I remember seeing this gangly lad turn up and then take this one game by the scruff of the neck, score a couple of screamers, then come off with ten minutes left, job done. There were other lads playing who also went on to play for league clubs, Jason Koumas being one, but Gerrard stood out. Conversations were of the “Who the fuck is he?” type. Shortly after, the FA stopped kids associated with professional clubs playing two or sometimes three games in a weekend, which was a good thing really, so we didn’t get to see much more of him but everyone knew who he was. I don’t think many professional players, let alone Tom Davies, will ever be as good as him.
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    I’ve been trying to find a quiet corner of the internet where I can argue about something other than politics. There was only ever going to be one place I ended up. Redcurrant jelly, my arse. The gf has gone to the dogs in my absence.
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    I think the only decent thing to do here is for the FA to ban any Liverpool player from ever playing for England again.
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    He’s such a class act. What a player we got there, and totally from out of the blue. We’ve missed that type of player since Didi left. Being in the middle of the park you see much more of the game and you pick up a bit of wisdom about game management. He’s a smart cookie for sure, knowing when a short simple pass, or a defence splitter, or a cheap foul, or a shot, is the right decision to either speed up and keep the tempo flowing or slow the game and buy a bit of time and have a breather. him and Virgil seem to run the game at the easy pace they dictate and allow the others to run tag arse doing the damage. it was a big statement that he got dropped against villa to avoid the suspension for the city game and hope to god he stays fit and available for the rest of the season.
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    Was in a hotel last week and there was a wedding on. I thought I’d stumbled onto the set of a period drama. Half the blokes were dressed in the most ridiculous clobber. I’m not just talking about a Peaky Blinders Cockbonnet; this was full on tweed suits tucked into socks, pocket watches, the full monty. What a shower of beauts.
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    What the hell is Redcurrant Jelly? It sounds like something they’d have put on roast swan in the 1600s. I’m a traditionalist - apple sauce with pork, mint sauce with lamb, horseradish with beef, bread sauce with nothing, ever.
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    I hate Liverpool players playing for England. Always have, always will. They should all take Milner’s lead
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    He's a diving, cheating cunt who has just motivated the entire Liverpool squad to destroy him and his corrupt teammates. For him to get three threads on a Liverpool FC website is the World Wide Web's equivalent of a backheel to the bollocks.
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    Having not eaten beans for the best part of 18 months, we were in the supermarket the week before my op, and i said to the missus, lets get a couple of cans in, I’m gonna be licking beans like a motherfucker post op. She said that was something to look forward to.
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    I've disagreed with a fair few of the football posts you've put on here, but by far the worst thing you've ever said or done was admitting to eating at McDonald's when you were in Sicily. I mean, I can understand wanting some variety to the Italian food, but a quick google tells me there's a highly-rated cheesesteak place AND a cart that does German beers and wurst right in the same shopping centre.