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    Just had a call from the hospital and it's some good news, my ma is fighting back, she better than yesterday when they said she couldn't eat, drink or speak, she's still confused due to the bowel infection but she's talking in sentences . All her veins had collapsed but they've finally managed to get a drip into her for the first time in around 5 days and they're giving her intravenous antibiotics trying to fight the pneumonia. Yesterday they said that my mother's left lung had been completely filled with infection. The bad news is that those antibiotics will kill the good enzymes in my mam's bowel and enable the CDIF infection to run wild, but given the covid implications it's far more urgent that my mam's lungs are as clear as possible. The CDIF bowel infection will have to be attacked later. Because of the delirium caused by that CDUF infection my mam has been spitting out the steroidal medication though. She's also managed to eat half a bowel of porridge. I was told not to get my hopes up though because it's quite common that when a patient hits rock bottom that they suddenly perk up and improve only to go back downhill again quickly thereafter. All we can do is pray / keep our fingers crossed. I was also told that many younger people have died with the level of covid infection which my mam currently has and she has confounded doctors thus far, but she is still a long way from being out of the woods.
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    At 3:28am this morning my beautiful little Ma passed away. I was at her bedside. I am broken beyond repair. No more suffering, no more struggling, no more pain. Rest In Peace my little mother, you leave a hole in me which can never be refilled. x
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    Got a call from the hospital about an hour ago telling me that my little Ma has taken a turn for the worse. The next 24 hours are critical and given my mam's other ailments, infections and underlying health conditions they're not at all hopeful. I feel completely helpless and broken.
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    My girlfriends grandad didn't make it. 70 years old, had no major underlying health conditions.
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    Bruce Wayne doesn’t fight crime at business meetings
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    All of them, I genuinely despise all of them from the outright vicious Gove, through the entitled, and remarkably stupid, cunt Johnson, the empty headed failing upwards and complete unsuitability as foreign secretary of Raab, ‘Regional fireplace sales man of the year 2009’ and the man, obviously, most suitable to dictate the educational, and larger socialites, futures. The self hating nihilism of Patel. The simple fucking Simon in charge of the NHS’s response to its largest, and most existential, crisis. Rishi ‘isn’t everybody's father in law a billionaire?’ Sunak. Alok fucking who? Jenrick is a slimy spiv who you can guarantee has a little black book of ‘boys who are willing to do nasty things for cash’. Eustice is just an old fashioned Tory prick and where the fuck did they dig up that empty vessel Dowden? My special loathing though is for the career incompetent, Liz Truss. How one complete imbecile can hold so many positions of influence and not have a functioning brain astounds me and incapsulates the complete moral and intellectual void in today’s government. She has failed at everything, achieves nothing, yet is still there to show the whole world our over abundance of mediocrity. How fucking dare she put her name to something as shameful as ‘Britain unchained’ when she literally offers nothing apart from being friends with the right people. Fuck her, fuck them and fuck anyone who looks at this rabble and says ‘Yeah, they’re my guys’ cunts one and all.
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    She's clinically an inconsiderate bastard?
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    Honey badgers are insane i saw a video where a python had one in a headlock and then a coyote came over for a pop too, little while later the honeybadger was the proud owner of a new snake skin tie and some furry slippers.
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    At this point the reason I like masks is twofold. I think they help protect me and the people around me and they piss off a bunch of cranks. Win-win.
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    First club to use their rival fans images on their own club merchandise
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    Shift meet Phoenix. Phoenix, Shift.
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    First time they've had a nap together tonight.
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    Donald J Trump. The J stands for Genius.
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    Boils my piss how anybody can allude to him being some kind of sicknote because of his absence. It was an assault of a challenge. Utterly disgraceful. Can’t wait to see him back for us.
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    Still get a fucking surge of rage when I see that, the horrible little cunt - not fit to strap the sock to the knee he’s trying to take off, and his little fucking cunt pal Digne making a joke out of it before he tries to rake an Achilles’ tendon off someone else a week later. Not generally one to wish ill on football players but I do hope someone does the same back to them both, see how funny it is or how big an Everton legend they are then. Pair of little fucking cunts.
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    So Liverpool have buried a time capsule at their new training ground to be opened in 2070. Everton have complained to the premier league as the opening of it clashes with the opening of their stadium at Bramley Moore Dock.
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    when you hear the lad talking about being hungry and going without food as a kid, i think he comes across as genuine. maybe he is doing it for publicity, but i don't think he really need to do that when he earns £1m per month playing as a striker for one of the most followed football teams on the planet. And why would you expect him in an election to come out and tell people who to vote for? he's a 23 year old kid (22 at the last election), he shouldn't be telling anyone to vote for anything. he shouldn't have to be political. He just got involved when more and more kids were going hungry as a consequence of the pandemic and he was able to empathise with their predicament and help get food in their mouths. We should be glad there are some footballers left who can show a human side and have their feet on the ground and not blame them for failing to rally support for a political party that was incapable of supporting itself. What were you doing when you were 22? i could barely think past my next pint and smelly fanny to put my dick in. In fact nothing much has changed except I watch a bit more CNN.
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    Well they're fucking wrong with that 'first team on Merseyside to win the FA Cup' because 'Merseyside' didnt exist until 1 April 1974 and we all know who won the FA Cup in May 1974, dont we? When they first won it, Liverpool was in Lancashire but they cannot claim to be first club in Lancashire to win the FA Cup, can they? It's like that shit 'first club with a church.' FFS they were trying to buy the ground the church is on to increase the ground since they moved to the shit hole but the diocese wouldnt sell.
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    First club to have a list of firsts
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    They are effective in both directions. Are they perfect? No. Are they better than nothing at all? Yes. Do they do nothing at all? No.
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