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    What the fuck has happened to us ? How have we let ourselves become so fucking downtrodden and apathetic ? We're continually fucking shafted at every given opportunity and we do fuck all about it. It makes me fucking sick. Thatcher has been out of power for 29 years and dead for more than six of them yet we're still in the grip of what she did. People are depending on food banks for survival that we make the donations to while £300m + can be found to put new plumbing into Buckingham Palace. Banks and financial institutions are allowed to bring the country to it's fucking knees and get richer on the back of it because we bail them out. MPs and their fucking second homes and expenses scandals. Those poor fuckers in Grenfell Tower still waiting to be rehoused. Homelessness on the increase. HS2 and the ever increasing costs. Fuck knows how much to repair the houses of parliament. Retirement age upped. The NHS in shreds. The emergency services on their fucking knees. The justice system is a fucking joke. I could go on but what's the fucking point ? The shit will continue to be thrown at us and we'll just continue to lap it up. What has happened to the will to fight for ourselves and our rights ? Rights that previous generations fought for and and some cases made the ultimate sacrifice. We could have 20 years of a Labour government but nothing will really change, because the people with the real power wont allow it. We'll get nothing unless we get up of our arses and fight for it. But we wont will we ? We'll just keep on lapping it up while the rich get richer and we get poorer. The people of Hong Kong have put us to fucking shame.
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    It's all about tipping points. People essentially want the same things, they want food, shelter, safety, predictability and they want the same for their kids. They won't fuck with the programme as long as they have that, or think they have it. The only time the working class has fought for something better is when it literally had nothing else to lose, such as after Second World War. Blokes came back from horror, came home to nothing, and they knew how to use guns. Needless to say, the powers that be were amiable to a national conversation. Over the next two or three decades (in the States and the UK) the economy and society boomed because the wealth was more evenly distributed. The working classes had money to spend, and they spent it. The money went back into the economy and in turn created and protected jobs. As time went by attempts were made to claw back some of that newly distributed wealth, subtly at first and then via the atom bomb of Thatcherism. Thatcher's 'genius' for want of a better word was to make us complicit in what she was doing. It was an Impreial strategy. When you look at how the British conquered 25% of the planet they didn't do it through force and fear (that doesn't work, just ask the yanks) they did it by buying off people they could do business with, who in turn would do the ruling for us. Said it before, but if we'd invaded Iraq in 2003, both of Saddam Hussein's sons would be at Sandhurst and they'd have a half decent cricket team by now, while Peter Mandelson's oil shares would be through the roof. That's what Thatcher did with us. She divided and conquered. She clobbered people she couldn't do business with (the miners, the unions, infiltrating them with MI5, upping the wages of the police and the army and stockpiling coal before executing Order 66). The ones she could do business with though, she tempted with an apple. The image of the barrow boy, the willing working class 'go-getter' for whom greed was good. It's still going strong now. People who swan around in flash shit even though they're not actually that well off. Fancy phones, fancy tellies, not much under the bonnet. If they need money it's on the blower to mum and dad. Over the next few decades as the council estates fell, they were replaced by the new build estate and the working class chap done good. Estates bereft of community, of family, of friendship, but where it was all about image. Now, that's pretty much all most people have. The house, the car on the drive, it's not a lot - but they don't want to lose it. New Labour was a trendy face of the same ideology. Updated for the 21st Century, but it still didn't deal with the underlying issue - the fact that wealth was unfairly distributed. Instead of tackling that root truth, the cause of most of our ills, it put money in our pockets that wasn't real, allowing us to borrow more and allowing the property market to overheat. We could keep on spending, but it wasn't real money. When that 'popped', once again the ruling class and its ideology found yet another way to use that to its advantage, making private debt public and selling off most of our assets. Still now, the situation is dire and most people still don't have real money to spend. The economies of major city centres outside London are built around things like student debt. Anyone who'd point this out of course is denounces as a Marxist loony lefty. It's pretty easy to make people be satisfied wit this, all you have to do is put the shits up them and then gradually reduce their expectations, settle things down a bit and then whatever is left becomes the 'new normal'. When I started my last job for example, I was on worse pay and pension than the person who started five years before me, while the girl who started two years after me was on worse than me. Yet the company was owned by two billionaires who lived on an island and owned a newspaper. Such was the fear caused by the credit crunch, and the subsequent rounds of redundancies that lasted years, that people were just glad to 'have a job' when the dust settled each time. HR told us that was actually a strategy, to create uncertainty when people were being laid off, then gradually bring things back to normal. It's like the way some people react to domestic abusers. Sooner or later, the absence of abuse, even for one night, feels like a benevolent act. All of this being said, I'm not particularly dewy eyed about the English working class. I think it's traditionally been quite right wing anyway and only largely got of its own arse to protect what little it had. The Unions in Liverpool for instance were more fixated with protecting their own members' jobs and getting their kids jobs than they were about changing the world. Most of any social movement along those lines have come from the intellectual left. The likes of Atlee, Benn etc who were to the manor born but were able to think outside of themselves. The English working class feels, I think, that it's above other working classes, that it's somehow benefited from Empire even though it hasn't. It has a generally servile sensibility. That's why slavery never took hold in England, it didn't need to.
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    They must be in meltdown tonight. It's funny, our game can fuck my weekend up and I fucking hate losing the 12.30 Saturday kickoffs the most as it goes through my weekend. But can you imagine those obsessed twats, their team hasn't even played yet and it's like they've lost twice already. It won't matter what result they get tomorrow, their weekend is already fucking ruined! Haha. Brilliant.
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    Well fuck me sideways. I've made it in to The Good Beer Guide 2020. Four years of hard work doing what I love doing and I've got a CAMRA pub of the month award plus this under my belt. Fucking made up.
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    Beast of a day this one. Benn Alligin. Torridon is take your breath away spectacular. Had a brute of a walk up with the wind full in my face all the way up and was convinced I wasn’t gonna get over the ridge the other side to get over “The three horns of Alligin”
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    Things have gone past the rivalry and having two clubs in the PL is good for Merseyside. Fuck them, i hope they get relegated and drop down the leagues. Their fans are a fucking abomination.
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    So basically, West Ham's former reserve keeper that was signed on a free is of a significantly lower standard than quite possibly the best keeper in the world right now, and our best ever in living memory? Quite unbelievable, Jeff.
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    Once again this week we've seen the Lib Dems for what they are, political bottom feeders and opportunists who don't really care about the natinal good, only their own brief moment in a spotlight and their party's positon. They had the chance to hold the line and form a nonagression stance (if not a pact) with the other opposition parties, with the chance of either forming a government of national unity or helping to carve up a Tory majority at the upcoming election. They could have stood shoulder to shoulder, putting differences aside in public. But nay, she's come out to scrap article 50 altogether and she's said Corbyn shouldn't be PM. And for what? So they can gain probably another 10 or 15 MPs from the Tories in the South West and welcome Anna Soubry on-board yet knowing they'll never have the numbers to implement their own policies anyway, while jeopardizing the ability of any wider alliance that could actually smash down the Tories and no deal. "The non cunts of Britian wanted to get across the river and the Lib Dem said 'jump on my back and I'll carry you across'. But you'll sting me? If I did, I'd drown too. Half way across the river the Lib Dem stings them. "Why did you do that? Now we'll both drown!?" I can't help it said the Lib Dem, it's in my nature.
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    It all started with the right to buy, inadvertently brought in by Thatcher at a time when she was trying to brake the unions and by bringing that in, from there people became more insular, the have's and have nots appeared within working class streets and the social fabric of all mucking into together and supporting one another, was lost. Society is so stuck up it's own arse in this me me me, bucket list, nimby society that we live in, that any dream of bringing back a wide spread community spirit, is pretty much dead and buried. As a socialist, 30+ year union member and Engineering manager, dealing with so called 'union' men, makes me weep with their self centered 'what can the union and this business do for me mentality' makes me sick. maybe thats why I'm a fucking cunt with them at times and thats not right to say, but this modern shower of shite so called 'union' men, want fucking off and shooting, the self centered shithouses. *rant over* soz
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    When Mourinho was at Madrid, I have to admit the sheer magnitude of his cuntishness and my contempt for him blinded me to Guardiola. I just couldn’t see at all what a sour, churlish, passive aggressive, weird, entitled little princess the twat really is. Contrasting him with Klopp and the way he refuses to get embroiled in any sniping with rivals is embarrassing. Fucking helmet.
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    It was as if the voices of thousands of plastic, soulless fans screamed out as one in terror and were suddenly silenced.
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    My manc uncle rang me last night to ask if he can send me his Firestick to sort out, hopefully with access to BT Sport because he refuses to pay for it on top of his Sky bill. My reply of “Why? Are you even in Europe this year?” didn’t go down too well. Then we spoke for ten minutes. Him begrudgingly telling me how great he thinks Klopp is and me agreeing whilst repeating that they’re fucking shite. Thirty years I've waited for this.
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    Stroll in the park. Although we were quite sloppy early on, we didn't have to get out of 3rd gear for the whole of that 90 minutes. Just more care in possession and purpose and movement in attack and we'd be all over them. So it proved. Good goal by Willems. Excellent equaliser from Mane. Great hussle and vision from Firmino to win the ball back and set up Mane for his second, which owed a lot to weak goalkeeping from Dubravka who failed to gather the initial ball in. Then Bobby with a touch of the sublime to set up Salah for the clincher. That was just pure sex that one. We could still have scored a hatful even though we weren't in scintillating form. Robbo was unlucky not to score. Trent could have had a couple of goals. Ox showed great energy even if his first touch got away from him at times. Fabinho and Gini were rock solid in midfield. Gini nearly scored a goal-of-the-season contender with a brilliant first touch and deft volley over the keeper and just over the bar. If there is a negative, it's the sluggish way in which we started. We had nearly all of the ball but weren't moving it around quickly enough, or pulling the Newcastle back 9 out of position. Maybe Origi's early knock played its part in that because he didn't look that mobile and able to find space. He should have done better to test the keeper with his headed chance but otherwise he struggled. Origi's knock meant he had to come off early and he was replaced by Bobby. Bobby hit his stride very quickly and his touch, vision and movement were outstanding all afternoon. Some of his link-up play has to be seen to be believed. The only thing missing from his performance was a goal. On song, Bobby is such a great player to watch. 5 games, 15 points and a trophy in the bag going into our defence of our European crown. Can't really ask for more than that.
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    What a time to be a United fan. Cheering on your title winning local rivals in the hope they stop your most hated rivals the current European champions from winning the league.
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    A mate sent me this drooling. Thought of you twats.