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    And people said Everton wouldn't be in the dock before 2024.
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    So the trophy room then - no one would think to look there.
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    Had to go for an ultrasound on my bollocks yesterday as I'd found a lump, turns out it's just a cyst, so I asked the female technician and female nurse what happens next and she said 'nothing, it'll either go or it won't." So I said 'It's a good job I'm already married then.' to be met by awkward laughs. At this point, for no explainable reason, I put my sunglasses on - even though it was indoors - and walked out. Been cringing ever since.
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    I went on a mixed coach in 84. Mixed car in 86 and mixed coach in 89. Wished them luck in big games when the local blues drank in our pub. Then it all changed, discussions became arguments, snide comments from family and friends. Not because of Heysel in my opinion, but pure jealousy of our success. Now, every mishap/bad luck/shit season/police investigation etc, I fuckin relish. Small time cunts Fuck them all. Family and friends. So happy I no longer have to associate with them and I still haven't seen a shite kit in Turkey markets.
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    One of my favourite players from our Div 2. I was kid just starting to go to games. What I liked about him was that he rarely went into tackle without winning the ball.
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    First club to have a member of their coaching staff unable to go on a US tour due to their criminal record.
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    Gutted for everyone on here who’s lost a dog. One of the worst feelings I’ve ever known. This little lass is around 18 years old now. Had her for coming up 9. She survived her second encounter with mast cell tumours this year after the same in 2017, nearly died during the removal op as her blood pressure dropped through the floor, so they had to bring her round immediately and stitch her up conscious. 26 weeks on Monday, so I’m told the danger of recurrence is now back to the same as for any dog who’s never had one. Touch wood and then some. She’s got cataracts in both eyes which won’t ever be operated on now - only life-saving anaesthetics allowed in future - and is deaf as a post, but she’s a little machine who the vets say is healthy, strong and still getting plenty enough quality in her life. Won’t hesitate to make that decision with the heaviest of hearts when required, just soaking up every single day in the meanwhile. Fucking apple of my eye.
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    I was sort of with some girl for maybe four months once when I was 18/19, and the main reason for it was that she had a job in the canteen at work. Free full English breakfast every morning break, then a bacon & egg butty or something at dinner time. They used to let us all have a tab which we were supposed to pay every Friday but my name was always conveniently left off the list. I would sneak up to the canteen for a snog sometimes but she was one of those professional Scouse birds (“Ay giiiirrrl. What’s up chickkk”) so one or two of the lads that knew what was going on would rip me for it. The only other times I’d see her were at like 3am-4am every Sunday morning when we’d turn up at each other’s houses after closing time for a quick tumble. She left the job and we quickly drifted apart but her replacement was a lad that lived around the corner from me who I instantly befriended to keep my free food privileges. It bloody worked as well. He’d feed me all week and I’d buy him a couple of pints in Hunt’s Cross or Woolton every Friday after work. Never got to have any sex with him though but we’re still in touch so you never know.
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    Thanks mate - there’s loads of similar stuff flying about it seems. Fucking horrible day. Just glad to have got him home and hoping the docs are right that he will recover soon. Poor little lad. This fucking heat isn’t helping either? It could do with fucking off really
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    Can we at least take a look at what we would have bought?
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    I genuinely would be sorry to see Nat leave, if he does. He's obviously got his career and game time to prioritise, as he should do. Getting £15m for him is also good business for the club considering he was loaned out to a Bundesliga 2 club. If we do let Nat go, I hope we include a sell on clause, maybe even a buy back although I think the latter might not be included. Nat will also go with my appreciation for the part he played last season plus, he did notch as well!
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    They might think twice before throwing their kids on to the pitch.
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    Send her email address to stacksy
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    As funny as it was to hear Newcastle fans singing about a Sunderland player whose name rhymes with noncin', I'd cringe my skeleton out if there were any songs or banners about this at Anfield.
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    Everyone out there protesting about bizarre stuff that varies wildly. Makes you wonder why a couple of posters on the GF have chosen this week to go to London… Why can’t us “rational” folk organise a mass scale protest against genuine government corruption? Even just a couple of hundred thousand people marching “against knobheads” would suffice and restore a bit of faith in humanity. Candlelit vigils for murdered women have the police going in swinging, but there’s people on Westminster Bridge chanting about all MP’s being satanic ritual nonces and then going on their merry way. It’s mental. Most people don’t give a fuck. Out of those that think we do, the majority of us tut at them on the internet and stick another box set on Netflix. Next weekend they’ll probably bring Whitehall to a standstill because Chinese 5G gamma rays are harming baby dragons in Westeros, whilst we’re all self isolating and trying to find blag copies of the new Space Jam film so the kids will stop talking for an hour.
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    The 2021 season is firmly in the rear view mirror now. Champions League qualification starts tonight with Celtic up against Midgetland, who you’d imagine are a much better team than them, based on the last few European campaigns. The number of Everton players under investigation for noncing currently stands at one but there is of course plenty of time for that to change. Other interesting things to look out for in ‘other football’ this season are the removal of the away goals rule, Spurs failing miserably in the most uninspiring competition since the SportPesa Cup and FIFA attempting to fundamentally change the rules of the game forever, switching everyone off for good and allowing Dave U to close us down and focus on his golf website. https://hypebeast.com/2021/7/fifa-new-football-rules-trials-30-minute-halves-sin-bin-throw-ins
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    I think we should deffo keep him. Can't honestly think of a game when he let us down and if klopp had played him more times instead of trying to shoehorn Firmino and Henderson in then we would have got top four way before the final game Matip can't be trusted to play more than one game a month, this new kid may take time to settle and VVD and Gomez are coming back from serious injuries which usually means you pick up niggling ones through the season So I think he will get game time and plenty of it
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