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    Mansfield vs Lincoln last night.... A stags fan on the pitch during half time was congratulated on him losing a massive 5 stone in weight.... His prize.. £50 Pizza Hut Vouchers.... You couldn't make that one up could you.. I suppose the self-service salad bar could become very useful for him..
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    An update on this; it ended up being a 3 hour interview instead of the 1.5 hours advertised with 3 people. I progressed to the 2nd interview with the 3 different people which lasted 1 hour. I didn’t get it due to lack of experience. I then had another TL interview for what would have been a pay cut, didn’t get that either for the same lack of experience line. Why interview someone whose experience is stated on their cv if you don’t think they are experienced enough? Anyway, ended up getting a job I interviewed for in December which is as close to my old role and salary as possible and am highly relieved.
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    I am doing the March and I did sign the petition. Every small step and gesture helps whether you think its risible or not
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    Or just crush one of these and wedge it between the frame and tyre... instant motorbike upgrade.
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    Are people really still talking about that meeting? It was a pointless and meaningless waste of time. Since then, Corbyn has had a 20-minute phone call with the Prime Minister, to try to talk some fucking sense into her, and he's been to Brussels to talk to the grown-ups. That's more important than his refusal to take part in May's stupid games.
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    Complete rubbish. I’d say a vast majority of the country are sick to death of the politics in this country and the elite gobshites who have had a vice like grip over the direction of this country for decades. The only credible way of changing it is a Corbyn led Labour Party. Reselection of MP’s bringing about actual accountability is the only way to stop them thinking they can just get away with whatever they want. Taking the piss with my expenses, voting to bomb another country, abstaining on a welfare bill doesn’t matter really I’ll be voted in next time because they won’t vote Tory. Same goes for the tories the other way around. It doesn’t even matter whether you’re a socialist or a capitalist the only way politics in this country is going to change is if MP’s become actually accountable and the only way it’s going to happen is if one of the few MP’s in parliament who actually believes strongly in reselection stays in power. If you can’t see that then you can expect to just continue being a brain dead gobshite moaning about why all these knobheads in parliament never change and they all keep doing the same shit over and over and over again. Theresa May at the moment is a symptom of how stupid this country has been for decades. These people can and will do whatever they want because what’s the worse that will happen? Personally I don’t know who I’m more sick to death of. The ”just bloody get on with it” knobheads they love to interview on BBC it or the equally brain dead Corbyn bashers who just love to call him all sorts with no other reasoning other than he won’t conpletely ruin the chances of a labour government by backing remain.
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    Netflix are doing an 8 part series on the whole member monthly prize scam involving this site, I can't say too much as it's still in post production.
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    That Michael Gove's let himself go a bit.
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    Taking my lad to this tomorrow which will be his first Anfield game and he's really excited. I used to go quite regular late 90's early 2000's but been a bit sporadic since family stuff comes along. However, this will be my second "game" this season, the last time I attended more than one game in a season was 2004/05 in Rafa's first season and we won the CL. It's on.
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    He's an absolute prick. Self serving fraud and a fucking upstart. No different from 99% of the other cunts who sit in that house. I'm absolutely sick to death of every single one of those arseholes.
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    I'll put my bar in yer ma's vestal beef flaps, or something.
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    He could just change his name to Darth Maul so he doesn't have to fuck about with his appearance.
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    Got to be Harold Shipman. I've even got an official keyring to show my support for the big man.
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    The Orb at Glastonbury in 1993- I'd been drinking and smoking all day, and decided to do my first trip. Came up ridiculously strong during the Ozric Tentacles set, freaked out a bit as all these crusties were turning into vampires and had to go the side of the stage to try and calm down. I spent the entirety of the Orb set semi-comatose near some ditch, desperately trying to straighten out a bit. I also think I threw up on a tent at some point. Not a single gig, but I lost an hour and a half during the Stag and Dagger festival in Glasgow last year. We started drinking early, and I stupidly couldn't be arsed to eat and ended up just staggering around various venues. I also took a header on the way back to the station when I tried to vault over a safety barrier- twatted my head and scratched the fuck out of my glasses. About the only vivid memory I have is someone asking me if I was OK, and me replying, 'no, I've got cancer'.
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    It's a symbolic gesture. The government has tried to pretend for three years that it is doing the will of the people. Here is a timely reminder that there are millions of people whose will is being ignored. EDIT: And also, given it's already more than a million more people than voted Lib Dem in 2017, a reminder that the ultra-remainer vote is not limited to Lib Dem voters.
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    So you'd call for a second referendum. That's your master stroke, is it? He's a 'complete bellend' but you, in your infinite wisdom, would just make a declaration of what you'd like to happen, without having the power to enforce it. Such a shame you're not running the country.
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    It probably won't have the correct pineapple to grapefruit ratio for a man with Tony's refined tastes.
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    Watched Rear Window the other day, for my money probably Hitchcock's best but fuck me made a lot better by seeing Grace Kelly in it. I guess having everything on show (as enjoyable as that can be) all the time doesn't make you sexy.
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    Yeah he really rose to the occasion when he head butted Materazzi and left his team with ten men in a world cup final. 95 goals from over 500 games as an attacking midfielder, playing for teams that dominated their leagues. Bang average that. He fooled you all just because he had a great touch and could do lovely pirouettes. Basically a bald, French Adam Lallana, but without the great work off the ball.
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