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    How Klopp selects players is like an anti-matter Chelsea signing Torres from us. Abramovich saw a trinket he didn’t understand and like the charmless, spoilt vulgarian he is thought with a click of his fingers it could just be picked up and dropped in anywhere to the same effect. Not understanding enough to realise he never suited them in the first place. Aside from anything else, Klopp knows exactly what he’s looking for to fit his style of football like a glove and what will work perfectly within his system. He has such a high success rate with seemingly unglamorous signings precisely because that’s his main focus. Watching videos of Jota and how often he gets his foot in to nick the ball back, how adept he is at keeping it in small spaces, his tenacity and energy, etc, he’s another one which is going to help our whole system continue to be a nightmare for other teams to play against. Great timing too as particularly Bobby seems to have run out of wind. Few of these lads who must feel like Eddie Izzard when he did that back-to-back marathon challenge for Sport Relief can hopefully now get a bit of a breather this season without us completely losing our attacking shape and not even looking like the same side.
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    We told them how this end-of-empire thing panned out. But they knew better. Oh well.
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    A back-up LB, a creative midfielder and a versatile forward. It's almost as if we know what we're doing.
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    Si, I come from Colombia, like that fella what was in Narcos, who murdered people like der fucking redshite! There's a huge blue following here due to our, I mean, your worldwide status. The sales of Victor Anichebe shirts have trebled in Bogota, which - for your information, and to prove I'm really Colombian - is the capital and largest city of Colombia, administered as the Capital District, as well as the capital of the department of Cundinamarca.[16]
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    Pinched this of Total Longo on Twitter
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    Might I just say everyone today has a smashing blouse on!
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    We finally start building a squad and people want players bombed out? Lets actually have a squad and go out to win the FA and League Cup.
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    Really very pleased by this. Of all the Italian-born Brazilians who play for the Spanish national side, he is up there with the very best of them.
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    Just woken up. Enjoyed a wonderful egg salad over Zoom with Don Balon, followed by some seasonal fruits. He has assured me that our interest in Thiago Alcantara is genuine.
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    We went over 100 people on ventilators for the first time in a couple of months on 15th September. 127 on them now. Here’s my experience of what happens/will happen with the numbers though and it makes it pointless arguing daily on it to be honest with people who think like this. So, a month/Six weeks ago we had: “The cases aren’t rising, they’re going down so this is all a load of shit. Herd immunity, T-Cells etc...” Cases then rise. “Well, they’re hardly rising much are they? Besides, they were bound to rise as we open things. Come back to me when they rise a lot.” Cases then rise a lot. “Yeah but look at hospitalisations. They’re not going up at all. There are new strains of the virus, look at this orthodontist from Panama who thinks the virus is now less virulent. Come back to me when hospitalisations rise.” Hospitalisations then rise. This is where we are currently. And this is how it’s going to go from here: ”Yeah, well it’s still really low numbers. More people in hospital from Flu! Come back to me when loads of people end up in hospital with it” Loads of people end up in hospital with it. “Deaths are hardly going up at all though. We have much better treatments and it’s mainly young people catching it. Come back to me when it deaths go up a lot” Deaths go up a lot. “Well we’ll just have to live with it I’m afraid. The cure is worse than the disease. What about all the people who can’t get cancer treatment (please note - in the reality they’ve created, people are more likely to get cancer treatment if we let hospitals get overwhelmed with Covid patients for some reason) mental health problems are sky high (purely as a result of lockdown and nothing to do with loads of people getting sick and dying) the economy is going to be fucked which is even worse than Covid (again, for some reason the assumption is that letting this run unchecked and loads of people become sick and dying of it doesn’t impact the economy negatively) look at - insert whatever country is currently experiencing a low number of cases with completely different demographics and lower population density - we should have followed them all along! Very unlikely to chance anyone’s mind now. It’s like Brexit, people are entrenched in their camp and only time is going to tell who is right. But while we’re not sure who will be right, let’s err on the side of caution and not just assume things like people can’t get reinfected or have T-Cell immunity from other Coronaviruses. Let’s act on those things when it’s confirmed to be true.
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    Well they are used to not moving.
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    Not a player thats ever been on my radar so I'm hugely underwhelmed and he can join the list alongside the like of Mane, Salah, Robertson, Milner, Henderson, Gini of players I thought we should of been aiming higher than.
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    Some nice news in between all the transfer news.
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    Anyone who has ever done time in the Lower Kenny knows that being a Liverpool fan and being a miserable crying-arse are not mutually exclusive.
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    Genuinely giddy about this signing. My favourite type of player to watch is the playmaker. We haven't had one since Xabi and now we have one of the best in the world. Is right.
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    Fucking Hell. My arteries were hardening just looking at that, then I noticed there's half a cherry tomato on top, so it's almost a salad, really.
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    Hes the greatest man in football. Possibly the greatest man.
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    It seems a nonsense suggestion doesn't it? Especially considering that over 65s make up 18% of the UK population. What if we factor in 60-65, would we be up to 25%? Plus 0-60 with underlying medical conditions including obesity? We must now be pushing 40% or even more. So we agressively protect a huge percentage of the population from the rest? So okay we protect them, but who looks after them? Who does their personal care? Who does their shopping? Who looks after their mental health if they can't have visitors or socialise, or go to work and so on? Edit - some people seem to think that the vulnerable are a small group in this country, they're not, they are everywhere.
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    They have bought a Bentley. A David Bentley. Superstar as a young player then did fuck all for years.