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    That's Cuh Uh Nuh Tuh in case anyone was struggling.
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    We should have rioted before every game until Virgil was fit again. The game should be played played the day of the UEFA final. There is a precedent for clubs being required to fulfil domestic fixtures even if they are playing in finals abroad at the same time.
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    No choice at the moment! I first came over here 3 years ago to take advantage of cheap dentistry (in a surgery light years ahead of any I'd seen in northern NSW) and fell in love with the place. I made a few more trips traveling all around the country when I was asked buy some friends if I would talk to a class of small children. I absolutely loved it and came back to do some more. I went back for Christmas 2019 and came back to Vietnam about 2 weeks before covid. Unless I stump up about 10000 quid to return to Australia I'm pretty much stuck here. I would have to get permission from the Australian government anyway which would put me at about 40001 in the queue to return which the present rate would see me returning in about 2025. Fortunately I really love Vietnam and I spend most of my time helping poor kids in some of the small country towns around here with reading and speaking English. The most enjoyable and rewarding thing I've ever done. View from the classroom
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    We got more shit for breaking a sacrificial outer window on 2 coaches. This mob broke into the ground, clashed with police, destroyed a couple of cameras and fired a flare that just missed the sky presenters platform by 4 feet. Yet this is 'peaceful'? Fuck off. If you say we should be doing the same you must want a world of anarchy. Protest by all means. We did against the 2 cowboys but we didnt do it like this. Sky, carragher, neville and the rest giving united fans an easy ride are cunts and sell outs.
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    My dinner is nearly ready and I’m going to enjoy some nice wine and turn off this nonsense.
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    Wasn’t a bad 12 months though was it
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    I quit a job on a significantly higher wage than I’m on now to take this job. My previous job was stressful as fuck. I was working six or seven days a week and could go six months or more without any days off except for the odd Sunday. For a lot of people it’s not all about money and constantly striving to get promoted and I think some people of a certain mindset can’t get their head around that. I’ve dropped my working hours further the last few years because I have to look after my daughter and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve still got enough money to be comfortable and I’ve got loads more time to myself and to spend with my daughter. The other benefits of working in our place vastly outweigh any loss of wages, for me. The most holidays I’ve had in any job, no weekends or bank holidays in work ever again, I can start and finish whatever time I want every day, working from home. All of that is much more important to me than getting a bigger wage.
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    They should boycott club meechandise and hand over their season tickets if they want their club back. I remember getting to know this lovely Manc couple on holidays. My wife and the other wife hit it of first and me and the husband got friendly after a short bit of the old Manc-Scouse rodeo. This was around 2003 when they were top dogs. Told me he gave up his season ticket because of the greed of the owners (probably pre-Glazer) and how sterile the game was going etc. Had a proper rant about Sky too. Lovely old school football man who lived through the hooligan times etc and them being relegated. Told me he met Stanley a few times - funny enough had a proper laugh about getting chased around Scotland Road in the 70s and an old dear letting him hide in her garden. No malice like all the internet hardmen these days. That's a real football fan. More than 98% of those Mancs would jizz themselves off for a Saudi owner. They just want to be top dogs again and don't give a fuck about the game. If they acknowledged that, I'd respect them more.
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    Staggering how media are painting them as peeceful, in the right and having 'won' Imagine if it was our fans at Anfield....
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    Guardiola is going with his second first XI today. Can rely on the first first XIers from the bench if it's not going to plan. When you look at their line up and bench today it makes you ask what's the point anymore and makes you realise what an absolutely monumental achievement winning the league last season was. It also raises the question of whether our drop off a cliff this season is due to both injuries and the monumental efforts that we're needed to beat a team effectively playing on cheat mode.
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    Sounds like something straight out of Alan Partridge’s autobiography.
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    I really can't convey in language how much I hate the fucking mancs, from absolute top to bottom.
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    Fuck them if they had city's owners they wouldn't be protesting them over the ESL debacle. Its clear as shit Liverpool gets different press from Manchester thats no conspiracy.
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    I visited My Lại (known here as Son My) recently.It's a breathtakingly beautiful area and the village is preserved as a monument to the victims.Most of the bodies were too decomposed for identification by the time they buried them so relatives of the victims pray at each of the over 100 graves.It would be a nice gesture if the Americans used their forensic teams to use DNA to identify all their victims. Murdering cunts. The last photo is the Mother monument in what is currently my hometown, Tam Ky. Seven sons lost fighting the French and Americans
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    An eighty seat majority, a complicit media, a bunch of spivs changing the rules to suit them, money being freely moved around. We haven't got a chance of changing this, it's on infighting and mistakes. We can make inroads, but the odds are stacked and very knowingly so. You have people cheeing their own hardship, it's amazing how they have stitched this country up. I fucking hate where we are in history.
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    Pity he didn’t speak so publicly about our owners when we were trying to get rid of Hicks and Gillett.
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    I’ve been repainting the hall, stairs and landing since I finally got round to installing the new bannister a month or two ago, and in the process decided to swap out my old, ugly doorbell with a new wireless one. So part way through removing the old chime I snipped the 8 inches of now redundant cable and chucked it toward her stood in the doorway and shouted “don’t touch that cable it’s still live” and she reacted perfectly batting it to the floor, letting out a scream and jumping 3 feet backwards into the kitchen. I laughed and laughed and laughed and then she hit me!
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    Dave U and Anubis in threads like this.
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    The Vietnam War series of ten one-hour episodes was some of the most compelling, educational, brilliant, horrifying, upsetting and deeply emotional TV I've ever had the privilege to watch. I'm sure you lot will know how to download it, but it's on Amazon Prime and well worthy of your money.
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    Some people need to know thier audience, if you want sympathy or someone to say "there there you poor thing" you're on the wrong fucking forum.
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    Just check the results on flashscore, you fanny.