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    In short, and though it’s no doubt been posted half a dozen times already but I haven’t read the thread fully, in the absence of Kevin D:
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    That's one of the greatest knee slides ever. I often think that the only reason I didn't become a world famous professional footballer is because I know I couldn't do a decent knee slide. Similarly I have not taken my coaching badges because I can't whistle loud enough.
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    In other news, if the points gap between Liverpool and Everton was a team, it would be fifth in the league.
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    Walking through the Kop after the game and hearing "we're going to win the league" felt right, it certainly wouldn't have at any point before in this season and I haven't heard it sung at Anfield before then. I've used "if" to qualify almost every single talk of the title so far and until it's mathematically impossible to be caught, I'll continue that. I heard Leicester fans singing it before xmas and thought what the fuck, how's that working out for them? On the way home I stuck Radio Merseyside on and a Liverpool fan was saying that 'when we won it, it would come as an anti climax' because he had resigned himself to winning it a while ago. I do not know what planet that particular fan lives on but no matter what or when we eventually clinch it, it will not be a fucking anti climax, anything but. There will be tears from grown men, most of them will be men that took the last time we won it for granted, I will be one of them. I never thought I'd live to see it, I never in a million years imaged that 'if' we won it we would do it this way. The season so far has been nothing I could have imagined in my wildest dreams. Years ago I used to play championship manager on shift on a 486 laptop, you could in those days reboot if you lost and go again. I did this sometimes to amuse myself and at one point by rebooting a fair bit. I was sitting in roughly the same league position as we are now. Whenever I look at the league table I'm reminded of that and have to pinch myself that we're in this position not because some slacker is rebooting but because we are fucking incredible and that as a Liverpool fan we are being spoilt on a weekly basis. I believe we will win the league, I don't see anything wrong with saying that. We haven't won it yet and as fans we have to continue the support and push the team on because they don't think we've won it yet and rightly so. Luckily we are blessed to have an amazing manager that won't let the players become complacent because that's the moment things go wrong and spiral. Before every game I say to my mate, you know what I'd love us to just have a game today when I can relax and we can wrap it up early and stick some of the kids on for a runabout. It rarely happens even if after the game you can look back and see that for all the worry we were rarely bothered by the opposition. Well maybe once the season is done we can do the same, I hope so.
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    I don’t know about the signature, Dave. I agree with you over all, a mediocre team, three more points, a dominant display, but ... But I really feel deep inside when Mo scored, I enjoyed it like an accomplishment. I mean I’m still cautious , old enough to remember the great old time and the missed chance , but there was something with the goal, the celebration and the atmosphere in the stadium. I’m watching games with my 11 years old son, a good red. He’s been watching almost every game since he’s 5. He’s been to Anfield. Right after the goal, he was standing on the sofa right behind me as I was sitting. He hugged me from behind for a couple of seconds, no words, no tears, just a strong hug.... that was a great dad/ son moment, something did happen. I agree with you on Neville’s comment, but somehow we know it’s coming and it feels great. What at a time to be a red.
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    He's an odd one. Part creepy fucker, part bravado and all Moyesian tragedy. In interviews he puffs up with Tim Sherwood levels of delusions of grandeur; yet, pitch-side he has none of the big gilet throwing legend's mental swagger to intimate he actually believes his own bullshit. Appearing more like a lad on work experience, who knows deep down his ill fitting suit and attache case - secretly carrying his Transformers lunch box - isn't fooling anyone.
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    I think we should spare a thought for the elderly Alex Ferguson. His life's work reduced to ashes before his eyes in a few short years, first his city neighbours and then his greatest rivals first burning his legacy to the ground, then pissing on the remains, his true love mistreated, abused and turned into a national laughing stock... I'm sorry, I need to pop to the bathroom and clean up.
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    The quickest way for a League to go from strongest in the world to shite is for us to win it.
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    The timing was perfect. Moment of the season for me. Their transformation into Everton is complete. Singing shit songs about atmosphere, Heysel and the Sun, and not getting a peep of a reaction out of us. Horrible, snide, small-time entitled gobshites. Their manager is like a pissed fan plucked from the pub and he's a total coward. They have one of the most promising young strikers in the country in Greenwood, yet when Rashford is injured they play Pereira. They go one nil down and drop deeper. They looked like the only instruction they had was to run around lots. At no point in the last 15 minutes did they look like scoring. I'd go as far as to say that they are as bad now as we have been at any time in the last 30 years. They have no direction and no hope as long as those fucking weirdos still own them. Long may it continue. The added satisfaction of winning despite a shocking VAR call is the icing on the cake. We're gonna win the league.
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    Dropped into the Jurgen Klopp thread on Red Café to have a bit (lot) of a gloat and stumbled upon this:
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    I think 30 years of frustration and hurt came out on the final whistle. It was like lancing a boil, not that Ive lanced one but I can imagine what it's like. It was like a champange cork shooting out of a bottle and the fizzy jizzy stuff following it. The euphoria was emotional. I can understand people believing in the old Liverpool way, it isnt won until no one else can win it. I dont judge or begrudge anyone who wants to hold onto that way of thinking. Yes, we've been there and seen us drop the title like a hot potato before. But it's not happening this time. No one and I mean no one, is catching us. As the song says, nothin's gonna stop us now. Celebrating titles and trophies is a funny thing, it's a bit like Christmas for a kid. They wait 364 non Leap Year days for the big day to arrive and open the presents. Then, in less than 24 waking hours, it's over, gone, not to be experienced for another 364 days. In a fleeting moment, it's just another memory. So, I say to the people who want to hold on to the old ways, embrace the moment, dont let this pass you by. This is what winning a league title feels like. Of course Jurgen and the boys cannot begin to feel like that. They have to keep digging deep just like they did in this game. The filthy manc cunts didnt waste much time showing us what sewer rats they are. I couldnt quite see the banner they held up at the start of the game but their repetoire during it probably gives a clue. They gave it the 'murderers' chant just before Virgil scored and later in the 2nd half, gave it the 'We won it 3 times' shit. I wonder whether that fat cunt custis will report that in his rag of a 'paper'? Will neville out his old fans? Will sky and tyler? Dont hold your breath. So, Im as pleased as fuck we gave them a real kick in the nads deep into stoppage time when their players looked like they might just nick an undeserved equaliser. Haha, have that you sewer feeding rats! In my mind, this is the biggest club game in Europe and the world. The two biggest clubs in English football, one, now a fast fading former giant, clinging to it's past glories but still a behemoth. The other, a club who had gone through the motions itself but is now picking itself up off the floor, standing tall and looking on a bright, golden future. We might not dominate like we did in the 70s and 80s but you know there's a new dynasty rising in L4 right now. Liverpool started brightly and from an early corner, van Dijk jumped like a salmon to power the ball home for 1-0. It looked like we were going to rip united a new one. Another ball into the box, an aerial challenge which de gea seemed to fumble, united unable to clear until Bobby got on the end of it and smash it into the net for 2-0. Until VAR stepped in. After a minute or two the decision was no goal. Why? No one in the stadium had a clue. Again. At half time people said neville said there was no foul and the goal should have stood. LiVARpool, eh? In the same half, we had another break and, although the lino quickly put his flag up, I didnt see anyone offside and the resultant goal chalked off. Now I didnt see too many united players claiming offside, I might be wrong but I dont recall any so half time we only had the one goal to show for it. At the start of the 2nd half, they couldnt live with us. Sadio, Mo and Bobby all seemed to have shots that rolled agonisingly the wrong side of the post. Note to Anfield ground staff, comb the grass towards the goal, please! Even hendo got in on the act with a pile driver that de gea tipped onto the post. We wanted a 2nd goal to kill them off and open the floodgates but it just wouldnt come. In the last 15 minutes, a combination of shit or bust by united and tiring legs in the Liverpool team saw us under more pressure than we'd like. One or two people were getting a little edgey but there was no wide spread dissent. And then I dont really know what happen even though it started right in front of me. A united attack broke down and the ball was with Alisson. van Dijk implored him to calm down and just hold the ball to run down a few more seconds. But Ali was having none of it. A quick throw out saw Mo scampering after the ball with a one on one, de gea came out to narrow the angle and Mo slipped it between his legs and into the Kop goal. Game over. Final whistle. Then the boil was lanced. Almost in unison and at once, it echoed around the ground. It didnt grow from a restrained chant with others joining in. It was full on, right there, right then. It was the moment everyone in the ground accepted and acknowledged the reality of it all. 'And now you're gonna believe us! And now you're gonna believe us, we're gonna win the league!' and yes, you know what, we are. Star man for me was Joe Gomez, the boy is as impervious as van Dijk and didnt put a foot wrong. Anyone connected with united saying they were in the game right up to the last minute is deluding themselves. I heard the gimp say it didnt look like there was 30 points between the sides. Maybe his rubber gimp suit obscured his view. Two very close decisions in their favour and a number of shots rolling agonisingly the wrong side ofthe post was all that kept them in the game. I hope they give the gimp a 5 year extension on his contract and £200m+ to waste, sorry spend on players. This was the day charlie championship found out where he'll be living for the next 12 months. At Anfield for the 19th time.
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    If that’s Baywatch, Ole Glazer Solskjaer is Alex Ferguson.
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    I am going to the game. I'll probably go into town first, drink copious quantities of a fermented vegetable drink (and not even need the toilet); fight with some army punks; shag some hotties then casually stroll to the ground. I'll be leading the singing so don't worry about the atmosphere. Have a listen. You'll be able to hear me. I am the one with the deep masculine baritone.
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    The attendance has shot up recently.