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    Sat with the missus having a coffee and had the following conversation: her: did you say you’ve got work to do today? me: yeah, few bits I needed to finish. Her: why don’t you do that now, pass the time. me: *shakes head*. Nah. *involuntary flicking of thumb against my other thumb.* her: *looks at me sideways* me: you don’t understand what today is about. It’s 99% about waiting, doing meaningless things I don’t have to think about, and feeling slightly sick. Then it’s 1% about not enjoying the thing you’ve spent all day waiting for until it’s over. me: I can feel my organs.
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    God gave Jürgen Klopp to us Gave Jürgen Klopp to us Gave Jürgen Klopp to Liverpool.
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    Klopp's got to earn his wages with this ht team talk. Stop fucking panicking every time we get the ball. Pass better, run faster, stop being so fucking stupid.
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    City fans look properly up for this, they've all arrived at the stadium early.
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    Fuck off, sky. A great example of the shitness of modern footy they are so guilty of being massively a part of.
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    This is the worst Utd team I've seen in over 30 years full of entitled twats with egos the size of their debt, whoever takes over in the summer has a huge fucking job on his hands and will need plenty of time which I'm not sure they will get . It really is glorious sit back and enjoy lads .
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    He should be banned from all Car Phone Warehouses for 10 years for that slap.
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    Stream died, then returned with coverage that didn't have Neville, Tyler, and Carragher. Celebrated it almost as loudly as when we scored.
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    The ref is far down the list of reasons for us having conceded. All of our problems has been our own doing, nothing to do with the ref.
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    Never seen a cook your own breakfast buffet before.
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    Dunno if I've said it before, but if Nick Pope doesn't call his car "the Popemobile" he deserves to be relegated.
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    I used to have a soft spot for Manchester City. It stems from being at Maine Road the day Luton Town relegated them and David Pleat danced a jig on the pitch. They were a club who seemed to be able to fuck things up from seemingly unfuckable situations. I admired that about them. Of course that club is dead and gone. This lot we’re playing now are Manchester City in name only. They represent much of what is wrong with the modern game and as such need a sound thrashing today and every time we play them. Smash ‘em Reds.
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    Fuck that. Band of Gold's on.
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    Fucking massive isn't it this. Can honestly see any result here. They could twat us badly with our high risk/reward style of play - we do give up a few chances even to shite teams and these have of course loads of quality to punish us. But could also see us twatting them with a blast like we hit them with in the European Cup at Anfield. My gut feel is though it could end up tight and cagey - they may feel with the easy run in they have that a draw is a decent result and back themselves to win all their remaining games. An odd goal either way, a moment of magic or luck is likely to decide this....or of course a fucking shite decision from the incompetent clowns officiating.... It's massive, it is likely to be stomach churning and nerve shreddding - but hey this is what it is all about - think about all those years we had to sit and watch the mancs/arsenal or chelsea then these cheats battling for the title in these massive games, whilst we were nowhere - this is what it is all about. Into these, redmen.
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    I like Jack White a lot. James Dean Bradfield is hugely underrated. I used to like The Edge - he was like the anti guitar hero...no shredding, no fancy playing but created his own sonic soundscape with the delay and the minimalist approach...but sadly he and his band turned into an absolute pile of shite about 20 years ago and never recovered. Johnny Marr is boss. I really enjoy Carrie Brownstein's playing from Sleater-Kinney and her band mate Corin Tucker.. The thing with Sleater-Kinney as a guitar band is the way the two guitarists play off each other. There is no bass guitar but there is basslines, which Corin Tucker played through a harmonizer when she wasn’t playing the trademark rhythms. Annie Clark (St. Vincent) is someone i admire too. Kim Deal may be known more for Bass playing - but she does it brilliantly IMO and is an underrated player on both bass and lead/rhythm...I love her off kilter style. Jonny Greenwood is genius, very very versatile... Others include - PJ Harvey, Thurston Moore, Black Francis, Nick Zinner, Prince, Graham Coxon, Will Sergeant and John Squire.
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    I sang this to Downtown
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    Daughter asked for dumplings the other day, I think she means the Chinese ones… Not on my watch!
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    Nah I genuinely have no ill-feeling to him at all, I'm indifferent. My granddad filled that role for me and filled it brilliantly. He could fix anything, picked me up from school when I was sick, always came to sports day with a bottle of juice, and when he worked in the railway used to stand outside the signal box in Garston every morning and wave to me when I was on the way past going to school. All my happiest childhood memories involve him.
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    Not the first time he’s smashed something without consent.
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    Ritchie Blackmore. I love that mad cantankerous old bastard.
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    I love the way Ronaldo is limping off, as if he’s saying ‘I was injured. Defeat was nothing to do with me…’ As for smashing the kid’s phone - fucking entitled gobshite.