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    My sons birthday today. He's just won his cup game 5-2 and his now desperate for us to win
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    Just had my second AZ one and I’ve never known someone given a vaccination like it. Extended her forearm back as high as she could then stabbed it down as hard as she could. Should have taken a fucking run-up in a crash helmet or had Raymond van Barneveld lash it at my arm from the other side of the room, the mentalist.
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    I’m done with it untIl VAR is binned. No fans make footy shite anyway, VAR makes it an experience so devoid of anything good at all. I’m out. See yers on the other side.
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    Var officials are corrupt to fuck. Nobody gets that much scrutiny they moved the lines added lines everything they fucking could to make that off.
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    Codes currently working out how much space he had given the trajectory of the ball, spin on it, angle of the keeper, reflection of the sun off a white advertising hoarding that caused him to miss by a pubes width so he can tell us all off
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    Robbo looks as sharp as in the opening 10 minutes as he's been in months.
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    *Morgan Freeman narrating* "But there was no post after this post. Not for another 18 years."
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    Surprised they didn't try to claim that Mo Salah's aura was offside.
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    Anyone giving Kenny shit isn't a Liverpool supporter.
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    Shame somebody didn't shoot the old cunt in response. Tigers are fucking awesome and shooting them should be followed with the hunter becoming Tiger food.
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    Unrivalled imo. Had the privilege to see Cream live in 2005 . Jack Bruce simply the best ever.
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    There is nothing about today that hasn’t strengthened my resolve to see a Republic before I die. Fuck ‘em.
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    Ive said this for years, weve ruined many a decent keeper since hes been here.
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    I'm missing him already, this grief has driven me to verse.... Seems to me he lived his life like a loafer on the scrounge Never knowing, when to wind his fucking neck in Though I wouldn't have liked to shag Liz Coz she's a slag The freebies burned out long before, his racism ever did
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    My new next door neighbour who works on the oil rigs, thinks hes a bit of a rough and tough guy, was due his first one yesterday and was asking me how I got on with mine. I told him that the next day I felt a bit tired and had a headache. Saw him this morning and apparently he has no side effects at all because he told it to fuck off.
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