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    What a hero. Dutifully defending elite interests. On a football forum.
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    When I said Die Boris, Die, I was simply speaking German. It means The Boris, The.
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    Toast: Triangles. Although, Toast with a boiled egg: Soldiers. Toasted bacon or sausage butty: Rectangles.
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    It’s my job to make people well. I wouldn’t wish death on him. If he were a patient under my care he would get the same treatment as anyone else. I wouldn’t pose in a newspaper holding up a placard saying “get well soon Boris” to a man who applauded and cheered a bill in parliament to deny me a pay rise. I don’t really see that as “fucking mental”. Quite the opposite actually.
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    It is there job to make people well, including him. I just find it odd to say the least how anyone within the NHS can support him and his party after the part they played in reducing it to it's knees. They can't even be supplied with the proper PPE to protect themselves. Their colleagues within the NHS are dying because of it. Each to their own but if it were one of the persons responsible for making my job a living hell while earning a shitty wage, the last thing I'd be doing is sending them a get well soon card.
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    Would have been anyway. If Bernie had won the nomination the Democrat establishment would have put as much energy into sabotaging his campaign as they have into fighting any Republican.
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    TK at work, tomorrow.
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    He's working from home.
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    Thoughts on this @Strontium Dog™ ?
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    Both FIFA and UEFA have accepted that this season can be extended. The Prem want to finish it and a lot of them will face bankruptcy or at least severe financial problems if they don't. The only people now talking about voiding it are crazed opposition fans, a few ex-players and club reps with a personal axe to grind and the sports media anxious to fill columns or airtime while nothing else is happening. There is no logical reason to think it won't get finished bar a second surge in the virus over the summer.
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    Hi res Jupiter photos Some nice photos of Jupiter.
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    “This Was” by Jethro Tull I don’t think I’ve ever listened to a Jethro Tull album in full before, so score one for GF Music Review club right off the bat. Anyway, bluesy psych rock with added flute, I quite like it. A bit indulgent for my taste at times and none of the tunes really grabbed me by the bollocks and made me say “this is fucking good”. Would I listen to it again? Yeah probably, would be good listening for a sunny afternoon lazy drinking session I reckon. Hang on, it’s the afternoon here, sun’s out and I’ve got the day off...
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    I’m getting to the point where if they don’t get a grip on this properly, I’ll have to fuck work off for a while. I’m not too proud to go off sick as an underpaid (private sector) ‘key worker’. I didn’t sign up to be put in the firing line by a Tory government‘s botched response to a crisis they could see coming a mile off. It’s done a number on my mental health and I’d rather the physical doesn’t follow.
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    My captain. A different breed. A magnificent footballer, and an even better human being.
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    Are you a medical professional or have you ever had anybody close to you admitted to an ICU? I have. And about this Johnson should or shouldn't be admitted to the ICU nonsense: in every fucking country in the fucking world the PM or the President gets the best possible health care available, precaution or no precaution. Even if there is an actual shortage of ICU beds or ventilators, which in London ant the UK, at this moment of time, there is not.
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    Don’t want to hear any of this bollix fighting talk “we’ll win it next year.” Fuck off we’ve won it this year and we can’t let anyone take it away from us, 30 fucking years we can not even consider the possibility that this is taken away from us. I love all the cunts saying about an asterisks or how it’ll be regarded as a joke. They care more about us than their own club, it’s absolutely pathetic, they’re in a frenzy seeing decisions being made in Belgium and Scotland.Fifa and Uefa look on board with us, so have it you fucking bitter mongs.
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    An explanation of how the virus works by a professor at University College London: Seems to tally with what has happened with Johnson, particularly re the ten day time period prior to his admission to the ICU.
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    John Arne Riise swerving and missing the wall... John Arne Riise not swerving and hitting the wall...
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