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    I spoke to a fellow union rep yesterday, 40 and lives with her parents in Rochdale, her parents are urging her to vote - great. For anyone but Corbyn! The reason for this - 'he'll let all and sundry in to the country'! This is the kind of shit that destroys my head about the working class in this country! All that matters is immigration and Brexshit, not the NHS, not workers rights, not green issues, not redistribution of wealth! Just get out of Europe and keep the foreigners out! Turkeys voting for Christmas!
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    Alex Iwobi has a habit of saying to his shoelaces "Iwobi tied you if you come undone".
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    This should lose him every seat in Devon though.
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    Our results have been fantastic so far this season so I have no criticisms when we have the occasional blip , but my worry is that we look jaded already with a shedload of games coming up thick and fast. Jurgen has been very conservative with his use of the squad and certain senior players look on their knees. His main task up to Xmas will be to integrate the likes of Origi, Shaq, Keita, Lallana and Ox on occasions and still keeping the results rolling in.
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    Jesus was a carpenter by trade, wasn't he? Come in handy when they need to make repairs to the stadium.
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    Excellent piece by Michael Rosen. https://michaelrosenblog.blogspot.com/2019/11/im-jewish-im-voting-labour.html?spref=tw&m=1
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    Bet that cunt pronounces scone as scone.
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    Just finished brekkie at our guest house in the winelands, and it was just the ticket. your usual continental mix of bread, cheeses, croissants, fruit and yoghurts, followed by “The Big Bang” breakfast. lacking some of the elements you’ll look for, and therefore questionable how big of a bang it is, but actually, it’s hot here and so my appetite is less. im stuffed after eating it and thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful.
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    Jordan Pickford's first World Cup experience was watching the 2002 edition on TV. He was so enamoured of the Cameroon team that he asked his parents for a long-sleeved Cameroon shirt. Like this one.
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    How are we pronouncing his surname here?
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    2 good posts. Agree with both. I still believe it was a massive gamble to not bring in a forward in the summer. Brewster, despite, all the hype is clearly miles off as anybody could probably have predicted. Salah is playing with an ankle issue, Robbo too. 10 games in December including a trip to Qatar a week before Christmas is unrelenting. Biggest worry for me is that trip to Leicester on Boxing Day, fear we’ll be running on fumes by that point against Vardy and co unless we can integrate more players into the starting 11 more often.
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    If it's better than this than I'll give it a whirl
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    I tend to believe Klopp does read the forum, and all the things he picks up here is the main reason behind his success.
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    Work-rate. Incision. Nous. I don't ask for much. Don't let's assume we just have to turn up to bag the 3 points because it isn't as simple as that. The effort from the players is there in every game. We just need to convert it into a comfortable afternoon where we rack up the goals early instead of only just eking out the victory through the Mentality Monster Effect.
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    Or burn it down the first time he does breakfast.
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    Awwwww, cheers hombres. I'm saving the festivities for the weekend. I'm gonna have a cheese/pickle/sausage hedgehog then a massive mixto kebab.
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    I think that’s seriously harsh. What basis are all do you have for saying the lad is sulking. when he first came in to the team playing fullback A few years ago he looked decent there but his defensive positioning was always suspect and everyone talked of him being a centre half. going forward he was just ok. that was before we had the two best attacking (possibly all round) full backs in the league, and so his attacking limitations are more contrasting.
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    We were even worse with Trent. We lost all the momentum we had built the minute he stepped on the pitch.
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    Yeah and apparently it’s a healthy majority for the Tories.
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    It makes you wonder what the fuck our so-called investigative press are doing. Christ, three-quarters of the articles produced are just cribbed from Twitter, Facebook or Reddit.
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    Fighting over David Moyes? "You have him!" "Fuck off. You have him!"
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    £6.75 from North St Deli in Wetherby, including coffee plus an extra £0.60 for two hash browns which we shared. sausage was lovely but the skin wasn’t browned on the bottom so a mark off for that. Everything else was spot on. Egg was perfect.
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    That reminds me, we need a season 2 of The Alienist.