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  1. Mendoza

    Cat Pics

    Great account https://twitter.com/evilbmcats
  2. Mendoza

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Shazam- a 'Big' rip off that generally just got on my tits- 4/10 Fractured- cliche ridden but solid enough Netflix thriller- 6/10
  3. Mendoza

    The weather

    colder than a nazis tit
  4. Mendoza

    The Irishman

  5. Mendoza

    The Irishman

    Very much enjoyed it. Great ensemble cast, but Pacino walked away with the film.
  6. Woody Allen- Sleeper Christian Bale- The Dark Knight Steve Buscemi- Reservoir Dogs Michael Caine- Educating Rita Sean Connery- The Untouchables Morgan Freeman- Se7en George Clooney- Three Kings Anthony Hopkins- The Silence of the Lambs Samuel L. Jackson- Pulp Fiction Jack Lemmon- JFK Eddie Murphy- Trading Places Sean Penn- State of Grace Sylvester Stallone- First Blood Christopher Walken- True Romance Robin Williams- The Fisher King Jon Voight- Midnight Cowboy
  7. Sandra Bullock- Gravity Cate Blanchett- Notes on a Scandal Jamie Lee Curtis- Trading Places Faye Dunaway- Chinatown Jane Fonda- The China Syndrome Jodie Foster- Taxi Driver Judy Garland- Judgment at Nuremberg Salma Hayek- Desperado Grace Kelly- Rear Window Janet Leigh- Psycho Helen Mirren- The Long Good Friday Marilyn Monroe- Some Like it Hot Michelle Pfeiffer- Scarface Susan Sarandon- The Player Elisabeth Shue- Leaving Las Vegas Tilda Swinton- Burn After Reading Meryl Streep- The Deer Hunter Charlize Theron- Monster Kathleen Turner- Romancing the Stone Sigourney Weaver- Alien
  8. Mendoza

    Favourite film the following actors appeared in?

    Marlon Brando- The Godfather Robert De Niro- Taxi Driver Leonardo DiCaprio- The Departed Clint Eastwood - Unforgiven Harrison Ford- Apocalypse Now Gene Hackman- The French Connection Tom Hanks- Saving Private Ryan Dustin Hoffman- Marathon Man Bill Murray- Groundhog Day Paul Newman- Cool Hand Luke Jack Nicholson- The Shining Al Pacino- The Godfayher Part II Bill Paxton- Aiens James Stewart- Vertigo Arnold Schwarzenegger- The Terminator Denzel Washington- Training Day
  9. Mendoza

    Christmas Adverts

    Her face is plastered over every bag of walkers crisps. A bag on every bag.
  10. Mendoza

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Le Mans '66- very entertaining. Damon and Bale are excellent, even though the latter's accent veers between Cockney and Brummie, and even occasionally Yorkshire and Scouse. Anyway, a solid 8/10.