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    Being in the Common Customs Tariff is actually the best thing for the UK. What with the EU being the UK's biggest export market by far. Likewise, the best trade deals the UK can get is going to be as part of the EU. No big country is going to care to have a free trade deal with the UK. They are all likely to be one-sided in favour of the country with the clout. The UK would have to accept shit like chemically enhanced chicken from the US, massively long patent extensions on medicines manufactured in the US, dodgy milk powder from China, etc. in order to get anything through the door. The EU is a big enough bloc - the largest single market in the world - to be able to negotiate better deals. The UK on it's own would get massively fucked.
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    I'd like to boil her knickers up in a big saucepan then stick the saucepan containing the knickers up Mook's arse.
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    You must be so proud of him.
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    No disrespect to any Americans, but when it comes to safety and health regulations, if the choice is between morphing into the 51st State or agreeing to Europe's rules, then stick a baguette up my arse and call me René.
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    My first experience of unisex toilets was on a school trip in Belgium. We were in some cafe in Bruges and I had some syrup pancakes for breakfast. Fuckers went right through me. Hurried downstairs to the toilet and the most beautiful flemish female specimen ever to sniff the froth off a Leffe was washing her hands. Anyway I was too occupied with emptying my body sharpish to acknowledge a woman there and locked myself into the cubicle. I waited a minute or so until I heard the door go and proceeded to deliver a full blown shitbreak from american pie explosion. I was sweating and everything. Next thing I heard my mates voice and asked him if he saw that fit woman who just left the bathroom. he just said "yeah". I then said something along the lines of "I'd love to fuck her" or whatever a 15 year old lad would say about such a beauty when I heard him start laughing. Turns out she had been there the whole time doing her make-up in the mirror or something and the door noise was him coming into the bathroom to wait for the cubicle. I refused to leave for about 15 minutes.
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    Like a mildly tough Keith Chegwin
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    I've got no problem with people not liking Corbyn or even hurling insults at him, I just think accusing people of racism and antisemitism without justification is disgusting, it's probably only one step away from accusing people of paedophilia. Racism is such a slur in our society that we can think of lots of people who've never worked again in the public eye when they've become embroiled in it. There's no coming back from it unlike a lot of other transgressions. Think about how you'd feel. If someone called you a cunt, or thick, or full of shit you'd probably take it on the chin- but if someone accused you, baselessly, of being racist or antisemitic, I guarantee you'd fly off the fucking handle- and you'd be right to do so. People, especially Jewish people, throwing the word around so carelessly, often to push an agenda, debase themselves and sully the memory of all those who died in the holocaust or have ever been the genuine victim of such abuse. Seriously. Imagine how you'd feel having survived Auschwitz and then seen an absolute twat like Sugar (himself no stranger to displays of racism) casually tweeting images of Corbyn and Hitler just to push an agenda? These people are disgusting, and a disgrace, and they've done FAR more damage to the memory of those who suffered and continue to suffer than Corbyn ever has.
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    Every time they talk of hitting 60,000 capacity I think of Macaulay Culkin's pretend party in Home Alone. As the camera pans across the Moshiridome, it picks up 20,000 Michael Jordan cardboard statues and mannequins taped to oscillating fans.
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    I wouldn't swap VVD for a single player on the planet
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    "If its not broke don't fix it" FSG
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    Much as I like you Boss, I can't believe people have let this slide. No deal is as bad as it gets. The May deal is shite obviously but it is still better than no deal at all. Remain > Maybot deal > no deal As in degrees of harm.
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    You don't have to put a spade in the ground to have a spade in the ground. But they have a spade in the ground.
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    Been learning the ukulele the last couple of months. I played and sang octopus's garden to MrsD and she said "That's the strangest song I've ever heard, did you just make it up?" I did love, and that one about letting it be.
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    JJ has completely dismissed blue passports there.
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    Although listing the CBs before the full-backs is just wrong.
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    Keith Harris said at last nights AGM "We expect there will be an instruction for safe standing. It could increase capacity by 10,000." He actually said about capacity "We wish it could fly right up to the sky but it can't" There they go again, hopes and dreams. If the city got the commonwealth games, now if safe standing. Obviously they're apoplectic at the thought they might have a stadium with a lower capacity than us, so this might shut them up. The truth is those that run this shit show know they haven't got the support for a higher capacity, they haven't got the support for the capacity now really. Well until the bitters realise if state standing is ever approved then most clubs would get the same benefit too, including us.
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    Liverpool defender Rafael Camacho is reportedly set to leave Anfield - just days after being handed his senior debut. https://t.co/RJkdu8ZLPO https://t.co/oy0qNKsXJC Plays one game with Moreno and Mignolet and he's had enough.
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    BBC were soooooo pissed off with us last night, turning their big showpiece of the 3rd round weekend into a couldn't-care-less shitfest, instead of a classic,thrilling cup tie. The commentary team just dripped with negativity towards us, especially Jenas. The laughable/annoying bit was how they bigged up the Wolves performance. they were just as shit as us, with less excuse. Imaging picking your near-strongest line-up and only having THREE shots on target against the defence we had out. If the situation had been reversed, and we'd been that cautious/feeble against a young reserve winger, a 16yr old, a midfielder and Moreno, we'd have been going spare. A reflection of how little we cared about this - by design, or just poor attitude - was that only TWO fouls were given against us all night.
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    I don't forgive easily so it's a no from me.
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