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  1. 24 points
    Just stopped hyperventilating. Fuckers for putting me through this. My Gran passed away today so this one is bittersweet and beautiful. Redmen forever.
  2. 20 points
    They should do a Conspiracy version of We Didn’t Start The Fire. Clive Thomas, and Istanbul, Collina’s pockets full, UEFA, FA and Marc Clattenburg.. Kopites sacrificing kids, very high transfer bids, jealous of our imaginary ground, more conspiracies we’ve found. We would have won In Europe, but were always bitter and our team is shitter. We would have won in Europe, but the Redshite stopped us. We go on and on and on.....
  3. 19 points
    People's club, cuckoo clock, Fake new ground at Bramley dock. Loads of boos, throwing kids, Lonsdale slip ons for the lids. Dixie Dean, no things red, Wiping snot on womens heads. Got loads of money, Reds will spew, Turned the Liver Buildings blue. We didn't win in Europe etc
  4. 19 points
    No card, no present. Nine years I was there. Fucking cunts. Couldn't be happier to be out of there.
  5. 18 points
    Fuck off with the Neville Southall pisstaking you bunch of cunts. What are we? Loose fucking Women? Neville Southall is a proper decent human being. He is what he is, how he looks is irrelevant, the fella is a top example of human dignity and those shaming him need to give their heads a shake.
  6. 18 points
    "We voted leave, why are you still here?"
  7. 17 points
    It all kicked off when Pickford refused to give the barmaid a bit of extra money when paying for his drink. It's not the first time this season that he's had a bit of bother for not properly tipping over the bar...
  8. 16 points
  9. 16 points
    Sunderland police force have charged Jordan Pickford with a small arms offence in Sunderland on Sunday night.
  10. 14 points
  11. 14 points
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  13. 13 points
    Great report, as always. My problem with Henderson wasn't the foul, it was the way he turned his back afterwards and trotted away like some kind of labrador. He absolutely has to stand up and stop the quick free kick.
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  16. 12 points
    I think it's more unlikely that we are still top of the league against this man city team. They are incredible, the best team the premier league has ever seen (imo) Klopp isnt perfect and neither is this Liverpool side but i think it's important to realise what they are doing before we say it's all down to luck, bad management or poor play. We just don't give up, and that's what football is all about sometimes. A champions league final last year, Top of the league, going toe to toe with a financial powerhouse, still in the quarter finals of the UCL this season. The development of this squad is brilliant and that's down to the manager. Sure we could play better and Klopp could make better decisions but they are obviously feeling the pressure just like all the fans. Fair fuck's to them to keep pulling out results with the weight of expectation and hope they are carrying around from millions of supporters around the world. Not to mention their own desire and ambition to achieve something (especially since they've lost 3 finals in a row) "Heavy legged" Klopp said in his press conference. That's pure pressure, nothing to do with fitness. Klopp's tactics or substitutions won't really effect that at this stage. Maybe a little but not as much as you may think mate. They are doing brilliant and it doesn't matter how they play now, just dig in and grind through it and hope it goes our way. We aren't going to walk to our first title in 29 years by playing amazing football and blowing teams away for 38 games. The first one will always have to be won this way. I'm immensely proud of this side and our manager, i just hope they can win it for us and themselves, they deserve it.
  17. 12 points
    Over priced. Over policed. Full of cunts. Shite music. Shite booze. Been out for a mate's birthday after a meal and the second I got there I couldn't wait to leave. You can't talk to your mates, it's actually boring. I'm struggling to see the upsides. We're just so used to it being the only place to get drunk after 11 or fed the lie it's a great place to meet someone. Yeah I'm getting old and not supposed to like them but I'm not sure I ever was a big fan. Just make all night bars and pubs more common, a thousand times better
  18. 11 points
  19. 11 points
    Everything from this morning seeing my ex (his mum) and her face dropping when I tell her that I'm taking him to his first ever football match, to his smiling face when we first walk up the steps as he's faced with the massive main stand, probably the the biggest thing he's ever seen in his life. All the way up to seeing the excitement in him at stevie scoring the last minute winner. Fucking hell, I'm crying just writing this, if it isn't one of his best ever memories then it is certainly one of mine.
  20. 10 points
    On the bright side, I'm guessing he never had to hear one either.
  21. 10 points
  22. 10 points
    Captcha 'I am not a robot' security checks. "Here's a selection of pictures taken using a potato. Pick the ones that show the shadow of a worker ant hauling a bit of leaf from a Vermont Cedar tree over a quarter-inch piece of ordinary grey rock that's been eroded smooth on one side."
  23. 9 points
    Finally found this one, which is the one I got sent, its to classical music..........
  24. 9 points
  25. 9 points
    Think it depends what you want a club to be for. I haven’t been to a club night in years, but there was a time when I lived in them - sometimes out as many as four nights a week. For me, clubbing was never about getting pissed or off my head (although that was sometimes a part of it); it was always about the music, dancing and, at times, DJing. The right club, with the right tunes and the right crowd is one of the greatest experiences in life if you’re a music head. There’s no room in my life for clubbing anymore - and I wouldn’t fit in even if there was - but I feel a genuine thrill even now at some of my best memories of being in a great club. I’ve been to famous clubs, massive clubs and tiny dives; I’ve seen most of the biggest DJs in the world who were playing out in the post-disco golden age of clubbing of the late 80s and into the 90s and also sets played by mates in little back rooms. Great nights include Soul II Soul at The Fridge in Brixton (can’t claim to have been to The Africa Centre, sadly), That’s How It Is and Dingwall’s with Gilles Peterson, Metalheadz with Goldie, Renaissance in Mansfield, Golden in Stoke/Hanley, Back To Basics, Vague, Wobble, Cream, Bugged Out and more. These were all about a group of people who shared a love of a particular type of music and wanted to dance to it and, though they’re fewer and further between than they were, they still exist. If I was in my teens or twenties now I’d be getting myself to Deviation, the Co-op revival nights or some place I’ve never heard of because I’m too old and too far removed from that life. I fucking love/loved clubbing and always will. Despite all those great/famous places I went to - sometimes regularly, sometimes once - the best feeling for me was always being a regular at Make It Funky in Sheffield while I was a student. It was just a local crowd with local DJs but it felt like “ours” and the tunes were always right. The other great feeling is going to a one off special night, like Winston & Parrot’s occasional soul/modern soul nights back then that would draw a slightly older, more niche (for want of a better word) crowd. So in short, I fucking love clubs. Not those shit lowest-common denominator places for people to get pissed and pull though; no, they’re obviously awful and I don’t even think of them as clubbing. A great club though is one of the most deeply personal places on earth if you genuinely love music and dancing and I miss them even now as 50 approaches.