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Premier League Round Up (Mar 9-10 2019)

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Everton continue to be the gift that keeps on giving. 2-0 up at half time at Newcastle, they somehow managed to fuck it up and lose. In fairness to the Blues we’ve seen this happen to loads of mid-table teams who play in a cup final and then can’t lift yourself for run of the mill games that follow. 


They achieved their goal for the season last week by knocking us off the top of the table, so a hangover was inevitable. They might not win another game all season. Lucky for them they had a decent start and have a seven point cushion from the bottom three. 


They started well enough against Newcastle though, and Calvert-Lewin headed them in front. Pickford then conceded a pen when he flapped at a cross and then rugby tackled Rondon. Probably should have been a red card too, although there was a defender on the line and refs are always looking for an excuse to not send the offender off in these situations (like Harry Maguire at Anfield). 


Pickford then saved Matt Ritchie’s pen, much to the fury of the Geordies who hate him anyway because he’s from Sunderland. 71 seconds later it was 2-0 as Richarlison tapped in from a couple of yards out.


Pickford then denied that Ayoze Perez loser, which prompted the MOTD commentator to say “Pickford is going to have one of those games isn’t he? He’s going to keep everything out.” Hahaha! Classic commentators curse.


Pickford was acting the twat all afternoon though (should have seen him strutting off at half time like Connor McGregor, the knob) so what happened in that second half was extra funny. I mean it would have been hilarious anyway, but Pickford’s antics just added to the whole hilarity of it all.


First he came charging out of his goal and got lobbed by Rondon. He had to go chasing back and wouldn’t have gotten there had it been on target, but the ball drifted just wide of the post and Pickford was grinning and pulling tongues at the fans in the Gallowgate End. If you’re going to be that cocky you have to back it up, and he didn’t.


He wasn’t grinning a few minutes later when Perez and Rondon combined brilliantly for the big man to score with a volley that went smack bang in the middle of the goal. England’s Number One eh? 


He was even worse for the Newcastle equaliser. Their new signing, the worm with eyebrows, hit a stinging drive that Pickford made a right dog’s dinner of, palming it down perfectly for Perez to fire home. I’ve always liked that Ayoze lad, good player, very under-rated, and certainly not a loser. 


It got even better with six minutes remaining when an up and under found Rondon, who was one of FIVE Newcastle players clearly offside, and although Rondon’s touch was a little heavy, my boy Ayoze was on hand to smash it in for the winner.


No idea how the linesman failed to see the offside there though. It could just have been that there were so many of them offside that it obscured his view of Rondon. Perez was offside from the initial ball in, but not when he latched onto Rondon’s touch. Things were so much simpler under the old rule, but never mind, eh?


I actually think there’s something wrong with Pickford you know. Initially I suspected he might have Tourette’s but it’s not that. He might just be a bit thick, but I’m not sure it’s that either. I reckon he’s on the spectrum of something, as there’s something just a bit off about him. 



This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article


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Cheatarito. Ha, love it!

Each week's MotD is just a procession of refereeing howlers. Increasingly these days, I'm questioning the competence of these people less and less and their integrity/honesty more and more. I'm pissed off that there's not been more of a fuss about Tierney, and of course, he's not required to explain his decision. Would have been interesting to see f he'd been dropped this weekend - as was the linesman who allowed our goal at West Ham - but there's not a full set of PL matches because of the cup.

And then there's Kevin Friend. How the fuck does he not send Sissoko off? And how does he not give a penalty when Vertonghen boots that guy in the head in the penalty area when he was hacking it clear?! 

I also question Marriner's integrity on that first Burnley goal, as replays confirm he had an absolutley perfect view of it, no excuse of having a crowd of players to squint through.


Craig Pawson at the weekend - need to make sure we don't leave ourselves at the mercy of any of his weird and wonderful decisions.

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"Vardy did get goal number 100 when he raced onto a Maddison through ball and finished in typical Vardy style. Goal number 101 came soon after. Brendan was all over him on the pitch afterwards, the creepy bastard."


So true. He had his fat little hands all over Vardy's face. Facial hand rape, I'd call it...

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Brighton and Palace met at Selhurst Park in a game that for some reason is the biggest grudge match either side has. These teams hate each other. Not sure why, something about Gus Poyet having a shit on a dressing room floor or something.


It's a Seagulls - Eagles thing and it dates back to late 70s early 80s - so go figure!

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Great round up, Dave.

It is getting worrying that referees don't have to explain their decisions, when they are constantly gainsaid by ex-refs in the press after the games.  Tierney, Mariner & Friend should all have to explain why they "gave what they saw"

No wonder Baldiola will be worried about playing an English team in the CL with a truly neutral referee.


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